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May 23, 2016


Thank you for visiting my page.


I am honored to be a part of TEAM HALEY.  I have been family friends with the Marston family since 1987.  Jenny and I took Michael to his first rated R movie.  Michael’s daughter was diagnosed with ALL at nine years old and his family is committed to raising $100,000 to help fight childhood cancer.  As a part of TEAM HALEY it is my goal to raise $1000.00.


Important notes:


  • This is a 100% Tax Deductible opportunity!
  • On May 21, 2015, Haley (9 years old), was diagnosed with High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and her journey with ALL began.
  • It has been brutal.
  • Haley has endured hundreds of oral chemotherapy doses at home
  • 100 rounds of intravenous chemotherapy
  • 1 body scan
  • 2 emergency room visits
  • 25 spinal tap chemotherapy injections
  • 5 blood transfusions
  • 2 surgeries and numerous inpatient admissions
  • She endured hair loss twice
  • Haley and her family have continued to fight and look forward.
  • Research is the best option and research takes money.
  • Due to research the survival rate for children with ALL has increased from less than 5% in the 1960’s to a survival rate of over 92% today.
  • To quote Haley’s Mom, Kressent Marston, “Now 92% sounds pretty good, right? However, when it's your child and there is an 8% chance that they may not survive, I for one, do not like that. I want to live in a world where I can say, "there is a 100% cure rate for childhood cancer!!!!".
  • I will be jog/walking the Girlfriend’s Half Marathon in October. It is my goal to raise $1,000.00 for Team Haley.
  • Every Dollar HELPS!
  • Thanks!

Supporter Comments

    "Happy Birthday BTG!"

    Rob Howe

    Thu Sep 01 02:01:01 EDT 2016

    "Happy birthday Barbie! My dad has a type of blood cancer called MDS and I too am anxious for a cure. "

    Rachel Drechsel

    Thu Sep 01 02:36:36 EDT 2016

    "Good for you Barbie. Happy to donate to such a great cause. Our son's best friend lost his battle with cancer at age 12. Good luck to you. Go get em!!!"

    Gail Patterson

    Fri May 20 12:08:38 EDT 2016

    "My grandma died of Leukemia about 18 months ago. Love that you are doing this. Happy birthday, Barb and best wishes Marston family!"

    Kristine Lange

    Fri Sep 02 12:29:39 EDT 2016

    "Happy Birthday! Wish I was working and could do more"


    Fri Sep 02 12:21:58 EDT 2016

    "Barb, what a great idea for your birthday! Glad you're still living up to your name BTG. May you AND Haley have many more happy, healthy birthday celebrations! Kallgren "

    Karen K

    Thu Sep 01 10:45:19 EDT 2016

    "Good luck Barb- and happy, happy birthday!"

    Tricia Hughes

    Thu Sep 01 07:20:44 EDT 2016

    "Thanks for doing this, Barb!"

    Amber Perkins

    Thu Sep 01 06:26:43 EDT 2016

    "Happy birthday Barb! I'd buy a drink for the both of us so figured $5 times 2!!!"

    Rachel Morgan

    Thu Sep 01 04:51:59 EDT 2016

    "What a great idea Barbie to help this family in this way. So happy to donate to such a worthy cause. May your birthday be extra special today with lots of donations coming in. Good luck on reaching your goal. You have a very caring heart."

    Gail Patterson

    Thu Sep 01 04:29:50 EDT 2016

    "Happy Birthday Barbie! Cheers to a glass of wine this evening. "

    Lori Nelson

    Thu Sep 01 11:47:24 EDT 2016

    "Have a cup of coffee on me, Barbie. Happy Birthday. "

    Claudia Marston

    Thu Sep 01 11:30:39 EDT 2016

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