My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jan 06, 2009 by Karen Predmore

Call It A Come Back

I'm back - and this time I'm running.

After taking a few years off from TNT to have a baby and get my parenting legs under me I decided that it was time to run another race. I've always wanted to do an "official" marathon and with the Rock-n-Roll event coming to Seattle in June it was a clear choice. I looked at several on line training programs I could do to train myself for the event - but then I received an email from Team In Training and my mind started turning.

I wasn't sure if I was ready to take on Team In Training again - the training itself takes a lot of time but throw in the fundraising and you have quite a commitment. It wasn't until I was cleaning out my files for the new year and I ran across my old TNT forms that I knew for sure this was what I needed to do.

I was reminded again of the millions of people out their who are battling blood cancers. As a new mom I now know how heart wrenching it is to see your child suffer and to not be able to make it better. And here I am, with the ability to do something about it. Why wouldn't I ?

So on June 27, 2009 I'm going to run, walk or crawl my way to the finish line. By then I will have logged hundreds of miles in the cold rain, set the alarm for many Sat. mornings, worked my way through at least 2 pairs of shoes and endured many aches and pains to help find a cure.

All you need to do is donate.

Donations are tax deductible . EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR HELPS.

Come back to my site to see how I'm doing and send me lot's of fast running vibes while you're at it.

If there is one thing that I have continually been reminded of in the last couple years it is that it truly does take a village.


Supporter Comments

    "run girl run!"

    Erik Flink

    Tue Apr 28 01:31:38 EDT 2009

    "Her memory lives on! Keep making her proud!!"

    Fri Oct 21 11:08:24 EDT 2016

    "Good luck Pam! I've done some walks like these they are very empowering and healing. I'm sure your mom would be so proud of you!"

    Fri Oct 21 09:41:45 EDT 2016

    "Good Luck"

    Sat Oct 15 07:28:49 EDT 2016

    "Forever in our hearts. "

    Sun Sep 11 06:15:04 EDT 2016

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