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Sep 03, 2013 by Ali Daniels

This October I will be running my 9th marathon with Team in Training. 9th! That number still shocks me. I'm not a long distance runner. At no point in my life did I think I would run farther than a 5k.

All of that changed when a coworker and friend of mine was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and I was introduced to Team in Training. While my friend went through treatment to put this terrible disease into remission I trained to run a marathon in his honor. To say that experience was an emotional one is an understatement. His last treatment was on race day - and his strength and perseverance is what helped push me through 26.2 miles.

That was 8 years ago. Today my friend is living happy and healthy and in remission and I am officially hooked on Team in Training. This program gives people an outlet and hope to do something for the people they care about that are dealing with blood cancers. These 8 years have been quite a journey for me, I've lost loved ones to these terrible diseases and I've seen medical miracles.

My journey continues. I'm training alongside some incredible people this season, including some amazing coworkers. This October we will run the distance to honor all patients whose lives are affected by blood cancers.

I’ve also joined the Board of Trustees for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society so that one day we can put an end to blood cancers.

Thank you for your support in this journey!

My Fundraising Page
Apr 23, 2013

We are at it again! The 5th Annual Run with Abe 5K is Sunday, April 28.

Join us - visit for more information.

To pay your race registration online, please donate $30 per entry and email your name and tshirt size.

To enter the raffle, tickets are $5 each, please email to let us know how many tickets we should count you in for!

Thank you for your support!


Supporter Comments

    "I am so proud of you and all you do!"

    Jill Hummels

    Thu Apr 25 12:13:02 EDT 2013

    "Hope you have a beautiful day for your run! Dan and Adriana"

    Dan and Adriana Dorsey

    Thu Apr 25 02:35:03 EDT 2013

    "This is my fee for the race"

    Antonio Smith

    Mon May 06 11:14:59 EDT 2013

    "Go, Ali!"


    Fri May 17 05:11:02 EDT 2013

    "You go girl! Thanks for running for the cause. xo"

    Amy Vroom

    Tue Sep 10 12:18:06 EDT 2013

    "Happy Birthday Meyopee!"

    Zachary Daniels

    Sat Sep 28 05:34:45 EDT 2013

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