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    "Yay Jenny! It's fun to read your training updates and very touching to read the stories of your teammates on your blog. I'm so proud of you! -Kathy"

    Kathy Crabb

    Wed Sep 17 02:50:36 EDT 2008

    "Way to go Tanya, you worked SO HARD on the gorgeous jewelry - I am so proud of your dilligent effort. Don't ever forget the reason we are running - RELENLESS FOR A CURE. xoxoxo"

    Audra Ramerman

    Wed Oct 05 11:36:38 EDT 2011

    "I'm very proud of you! I've always wanted to do this but I'm a chicken...go girl!!!!"

    Audra Ramerman

    Tue Sep 13 02:21:37 EDT 2011

    "you know, i should have been checking your blog page more often: it is awesome. you are awesome. i have given you too many 'stand up and be tough' speeches, and not enough 'hooray for you, you superstar' praise. so, here is my humble part, in support of your awesomeness. you rock. --h"

    h theixos

    Sun Aug 31 12:01:31 EDT 2008

    "Go Gators!"

    Tue Sep 20 09:23:35 EDT 2011

    "Go for it Jenny! I hope you explained your commitment expectations to Manny; he seems kind of ambivalent in the picture. (:"

    Jeff Catlin

    Sun Aug 10 03:56:00 EDT 2008

    "Great for you Jen. I wish you all the best in raising funds for this very worthwhile cause."

    Carrie Lane

    Sat Aug 02 03:53:26 EDT 2008

    "Hooray, Jenny! You're doing such an awesome job running and fundraising. Just remember as we get closer to the winter months, with all the rain, you don't even need to shower! Just kidding. :)"

    Tracy, Tony & Tyler Martinez

    Thu Oct 09 06:10:38 EDT 2008

    "Good luck in your half iron man!! I love your sister!"

    Fiona Preedy

    Fri Jan 13 10:23:05 EST 2012

    "Good luck, Dawn! And thank you for giving of your time to this cause. "

    Thu Oct 27 04:47:12 EDT 2011

    "GO BOWMAN!!!"

    Sun Nov 13 04:50:46 EST 2011

    "Best of luck with your training, Kelly! WE hope to come cheer you on! Charles, Michele, Meredith and Clara"

    Tue Oct 25 12:07:15 EDT 2011

    "wipe out leukemia with your dashing good looks, reowr!"

    Mon Mar 05 02:48:19 EST 2012

    "In honor of our wonderful daughter-in-law, Traci Viau."

    Fri Nov 18 10:42:54 EST 2011

    "Good Luck!"

    Tue Oct 25 11:33:59 EDT 2011

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