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Apr 28, 2016

Have you ever had something bad happen to you?  For me life was great, but on May 21st everything changed!!  I was diagnosed with leukemia, no child my age or younger or older should ever have to face something tragic like this.  With your support and all your donations maybe someday no child will ever have to face something so tragic and life changing.  Make a difference and you might be saving lives!!!

           Haley Marston


Watching my sister go through this has taught me I can be stronger than I ever thought!!  Also I am  great at selling  bracelets to help raise money!!

                Karys Marston


Everything above is a testament to how strong an brave Haley has been.  There is no mention of the treatments or the hardships just the focus of moving forward an thinking of others.  To be honest I have questioned an doubted everything, Haley always brings me home an makes me realize how can I be so weak when she is so strong.

Karys has the strength to take any bad day an make me smile an realize God has given me everything I need.  Watching her strength as she has watched an dealt with all the changes we have gone thru is truly amazing.

Working together we can work to find a cure for children an adults.  Working together we can also help all the people out there that are like me that have to watch a loved one go thru this.

To help raise money I am running a half marathon in November in Las Vegas!!

At the end of the day I just really need you to donate smiley so pass this on to everyone you know and support this wonderful cause.   


                Mike Marston




Thank you!


Supporter Comments

    "God bless you! The Dashows'"

    Shirlee Dashow

    Fri Nov 11 12:00:21 EST 2016

    "Best wishes for a great run. "

    Tom & Carol Keljo

    Thu Apr 28 10:45:47 EDT 2016

    "Hi Mike, However we can help. Stac"

    Stacy Conner

    Fri May 06 11:15:24 EDT 2016

    "Keep up the fight! You are forever in our thoughts and prayers! "

    The Pupo's

    Thu Aug 04 11:03:31 EDT 2016

    "We are so proud of you! We love you so much. "

    Rob Howe

    Wed Sep 07 05:55:52 EDT 2016

    "Mike your the best"

    Adam roberts

    Sat Sep 17 11:35:43 EDT 2016

    "Run Mike Run!"

    Marsh Family

    Sat Sep 24 11:34:29 EDT 2016

    "Our prayer is for your complete recovery."

    Onedurr Painting

    Tue Sep 27 06:25:16 EDT 2016

    "Praying for a complete healing for your daughter, Haley and good luck on your runs!"


    Thu Sep 29 03:48:51 EDT 2016

    "My sister is faced with similar health issues. Family is so important at time like these. "

    Remond Arseneault

    Thu Jul 21 08:40:27 EDT 2016

    "Godspeed little one!"

    Jason Dashow

    Thu Nov 10 09:32:52 EST 2016

    "Goooo MIKE!!! Have a wonderful run this weekend."

    Rebecca Dashow

    Fri Nov 11 12:09:37 EST 2016

    "Prayers for you and your beautiful family"

    The Knight Family

    Fri Nov 11 12:58:15 EST 2016

    "it's humbling to be a small part of your courageous journey - best wishes go out to you and your family - stay positive"

    Linda Lagerquist

    Fri Nov 11 01:49:56 EST 2016

    "Hope this helps Mike! Good luck with the run. - Dave Buck"

    David Buck

    Fri Sep 09 12:01:04 EDT 2016

    "Good luck Mike, on your fundraising efforts. Such a worth cause. Associated Petroleum Products"


    Mon Aug 08 02:56:21 EDT 2016

    "Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. "

    Marlo Oesch

    Tue Nov 08 11:39:44 EST 2016

    "Sending you wishes of health, strength and happiness! Kick that cancer's butt!"


    Mon Oct 03 05:58:25 EDT 2016

    "Wish you all the best with your fundraising campaign. "

    Mariam Anderson

    Tue Nov 08 04:10:52 EST 2016

    "From our family to yours"

    Zetterberg Custom Homes & Remodeling LLC

    Tue May 03 11:34:09 EDT 2016

    "Good for you all. Hope things keep getting better ! Grant"

    Grant Gullikson

    Tue May 17 08:36:25 EDT 2016

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