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Jul 17, 2016


About 20 years ago my cousin, Sarah Jane, underwent treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and my cousin, Christopher (her brother), provided his bone marrow for a stem cell transplant that saved Sarah Jane's life. My cousins have always been an inspiration to me and thanks to organizations like the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society that fund ground-breaking research, my cousin Sarah Jane is now a happy and healthy mother of two.


My family was struck a second time with blood cancer when my Uncle Bill died of Lymphompa in 2008. 


And now, my family has been struck a third time with leukemia. In May 2015 my ten year old niece, Haley, was diagnosed with High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Since Haley was a baby, she and I have always had a special connection so it's been very difficult, to say the least, to watch her endure everything she has had to go through. She has endured over 100 rounds of intravenous chemotherapy, hundreds of oral chemotherapy, 25 spinal tap chemotherapy injections, and spent more than 70 days in the hospital. She is now in the maintenance phase of treatment which last for two years and includes oral chemo daily and chemo through her port at the clinic once per month.


Last fall, I helped lead a Microsoft fundraiser where Haley shared her story. We helped raise about $17,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Then I cheered my wife on at the Marine Corps Marathon in DC which she ran in Haley's honor. 

AND NOW IT'S MY TURN to run a race in Haley's honor and my cousin's honor, and my uncle's memory. I'm on TEAM HALEY and our goal is to raise $100,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society so that they give us the opportunity to put the money directly towards the childhood leukemia research portfolio.


Thanks to organizations like LLS, the survival rate for children with ALL increased from less than 5% in the 1960's to a survival rate of over 92% today. To quote my sister-in-law, Kressent, (Haley's mom): "Now 92% sounds pretty good, right? However, when it's your child and there is an 8% chance that they may not survive, I for one do not like that. I want to live in a world where I can say, "there is a 100% cure for childhood cancer!!!"


The battle against blood cancers is far from won. Despite progress more than one third of blood cancer patients sadly do not survive more than 5 years past diagnosis. More funding is needed to advance research and help save more lives.


So, I'M FIGHTING for Haley and other blood cancer patients. I want Haley to know that I've done everything I can to help find a cure for childhood leukemia! 


Every donation is greatly appreciate! Every dollar makes a difference and is fully tax deductible. You can donate online or you may send a check made out to LLS to me at 2832 West Elmore Place, Seattle, WA 98199.

Here's a short video of Haley's journey with ALL:

Thank you!



Supporter Comments

    "Way to go Robert!! This month is your cousin Sarah's 16th year in great health because her brother, Christopher gave his stem cells to her. All due to people like you raising $$$$ for research & a cure! Love you & your family for taking the time & effort to support the LLS. Big hugs to you...Aunt Lin"

    Linda Gauchat

    Tue Jul 19 10:04:48 EDT 2016

    "for you, Uncle Rob."


    Tue Jul 19 11:08:56 EDT 2016

    "What an inspirational fundraising page you have Rob. Thank you to JC, your team and you for your fundraising. Cancer must GO!"

    MaryBeth Collins

    Thu Aug 25 09:17:56 EDT 2016

    "Go Team Haley!"

    Amy Hirsh

    Fri Sep 09 06:26:44 EDT 2016

    "Proud of you Cuz! We love you and ALL of our extended family very much! Rock on!"

    Christopher Cochran

    Thu Oct 20 10:23:13 EDT 2016

    "To the loves ones we have lost to cancer and the ones who are fighting for their lives today. "

    Moore Family

    Wed Oct 12 07:21:31 EDT 2016

    "God Speed Rob!"

    Getting To Green (G2G)

    Thu Sep 15 06:46:25 EDT 2016

    "Home run, Rob"

    Andrew & Jennifer Brown

    Fri Aug 26 12:43:01 EDT 2016

    "Microsoft Vol hours"

    Microsoft Vol Hours - Rob Howe

    Wed Aug 17 02:53:05 EDT 2016

    "Microsoft Vol Hours"

    Microsoft Vol Hours - Rob Howe

    Wed Aug 17 02:52:19 EDT 2016

    "Go Rob!!!!"

    Susan Salo

    Thu Nov 10 12:35:39 EST 2016

    "Glad to help, Rob!"

    David Jensen

    Tue Nov 08 04:45:58 EST 2016

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