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Mission Accomplished for 'Goin' Commando'!
Apr 16, 2012 by Vicki Hanna

We did it! My triathlon teammate, Sara Reynolds, and I joined forces and took on our competitors in the coral-filled waters of Hawai'i, the Queen K Highway and one of the toughest run courses anywhere! We completed the Lavaman Waikoloa Olympic Triathlon and personified the battle against blood cancers. Thank you to the many people who supported us along the way. We appreciate your continued support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Team in Training. We are immensely grateful. Go Team!

'Goin' Commando' -- 2 Tough Mothers!

Vicki and Sara are 'Going Commando' to help end cancer!
Mar 02, 2012 by Vicki Hanna

Working to End Cancer, One Swim Stroke, Pedal Rotation and Footstrike at a Time

On April 1, I'll represent the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training by competing in the Lavaman Waikoloa Triathlon as part of a 2-person Relay Team we've named, 'Going Commando.' Like a mermaid on a mission, I'll swim a mile-long route of the not-so-pacific Pacific Ocean along the coast of the Big Island, dodging competitors and coral fields, alike. I'll then pass the timing chip to my teammate, Sara Reynolds of Lake Stevens, who will cycle the infamous Queen K Highway, then run a 5K route of concrete, lava beds and broken coral. Together, we'll run out the final, sandy meters of the race and cross the Finish Line, all to raise funding and build awareness for blood cancer research.

You don't have to swim, cycle or run to be a part of the excitement and have a positive impact. By making a tax deductible contribution to help me reach my LLS fundraising goal, you can make all the difference for cancer patients and their families. From research grants to patient services, your donation will fund programs that improve the quality of life for people battling these devastating diseases.

I joined Team in Training a year ago and competed in my first tri at Lavaman 2011, followed by the Victoria Series 100K Half-Iron Triathlon. Sara has been involved with Team in Training for many years and also compted in the Victoria Half-Iron last year. She and I will make a dynamic team of cancer-fighting 'Commandos.'

Please join our team -- make a potentially life-saving donation today. We look forward to having you in our hearts and thoughts, every stroke, spin and step of the way. Go Team!

* Our Relay Team name, 'Going Commando' represents our attitude toward battling cancer on behalf of others, but it also comes from our past and present connections to the military, particularly the U.S. Army. Sara is an Army Mom and, thankfully, her son just returned home safely from tours in Afghanistan. Hooah!

I'm all for fair play, but cancer isn't fair. If there has to be a loser in this race, it should be the cancer.
Feb 29, 2012

It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game. Maybe. But in the race against cancer, our friends and family members' lives depend on that WIN. Join me as I help the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training put the "W" in the books once and for all.

To raise funding and build awareness for blood cancers, and cancer in general, I will again compete in the Lavaman Waikoloa Olympic Triathlon in Waikoloa, Hawai'i on April 1, 2012. You can be a part of my personal support team (which needs a name, by the way) by making a tax-deductible donation today. Also, if your company has a matching funds program, apply to have your gift matched to double your support!

I joined TNT at the end of January 2011. Since then I've learned to swim face-down in the open water, ride a road bike with clipless pedals, and run 'til my bones crack (literally). I've seen the agony caused by a grueling training schedule and the agony of a friend losing his mother to multiple myeloma. I've seen tears of celebration shed at the Finish Line and tears of elation shed by an honored teammate announcing her remission.

With TNT, I finished my very first triathlon, the 2011 Lavaman Waikoloa Olympic Triathlon, and then ramped up to successfully complete the Victoria Series Half-Iron (100K) Triathlon in Victoria, B.C. But I did not swim, bike and run those many miles alone -- with every stroke, spin and foot strike, I carried the hopeful spirits of those racing against cancer and those who supported my efforts by contributing financially to the cause. Together, in 2011, we raised a hair under $11,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. And every time I came out of the water or crossed a Finish Line with "Team in Training" emblazoned across my chest, I was proud of my race and proud of this important work.

But there is no cure, so the work continues.

While researchers have made great strides toward creating more effective treatments and finding possible cures, more support is needed to fund critical research and services for people with leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. I’m improving the quality of my life by participating, and with your support, together, we can help improve the quality of life for patients and their families.

Thank you for your continued support of me as I 'pay it forward.' We're closing in on cancer and getting closer to the ultimate Finish Line -- a cure. As triathletes say about the Finish of a long course, "It's so close you can smell it!"

Go Team!


Supporter Comments

    "You are an inspiration!"

    Sherri Ashlock

    Fri Apr 20 08:55:05 EDT 2012

    "Thank you Vicki for everything you are doing for the cause!"

    Bruce & Melissa Russell

    Thu Apr 19 10:58:19 EDT 2012

    "Love you Vick! Thanks for all that you do and sorry for being tardy. Gruber"

    Michael Gruber

    Thu Apr 19 09:52:24 EDT 2012

    "Happy Birthday Vick! I know you will be awesome! Love, Jacquie"

    Jacquie Thomas

    Thu Mar 29 05:55:30 EDT 2012

    "Go Vicki Go! You Rock!"


    Wed Mar 28 04:39:26 EDT 2012

    "Go Vicki! We are so proud of your perserverence and determination, not to mention your dedication to this amazing cause. You are going to rock the Lavaman! Go get 'em!"

    Andrew & Michelle Primley Benton

    Mon Mar 26 06:50:38 EDT 2012

    "Vicki, I believe in you with all of my heart. You are going to rock this swim... in beautiful Hawaii and have the time of your life. You have made it soooooo far this season and this is just one stop on your journey. Have compassion and love for the amazingness that is you and your resilient body. Have faith that all of us back here will be cheering you on and that we believe in you. Thank you so much for working tirelessly to raise awareness, support, and funds for thos patients who need it. I can't tell you how dear this cause is to my heart and how much respect I have for all of you. Go Team!"


    Thu Mar 22 01:57:54 EDT 2012

    "Thank you for taking charge of the mini march at March Forth!"


    Thu Mar 22 12:27:55 EDT 2012

    "Good luck Vick!!"

    Jacquie Thomas

    Wed Mar 21 02:25:57 EDT 2012

    "Good luck, Vicki!!"

    Debbie Strain

    Wed Mar 21 11:14:31 EDT 2012

    "Rock it, Vicki! You are one of the Bold Ones. Love, Scott, Brenda and Chester"

    Scott and Brenda Haugaard

    Fri Feb 10 10:07:25 EST 2012

    "Thanks Vicki for all that you do to help find a cure for this terrible disease. All of your efforts, even through the many obstacles that have been hindering your path, are so very much appreciated! We are proud of you......YOU GO GIRL!"

    Mark Wathne

    Fri Feb 10 11:31:35 EST 2012

    "We're proud of you, Vicki, and we're glad we can play a small part in making a BIG difference for this very important cause. GO, GIRL! "

    Wendy and Jerry Marcec

    Fri Jan 06 07:27:01 EST 2012

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