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Dec 07, 2010 by Liana Shanes


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Of the 7618 who finished, 58% were women and 42% were men.

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For the record, you were ahead of about 2% of men finishers.

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Your start delay: 7m 11s.

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Result in Entire Field - 7292th place. (307 finishers behind. About 96% of finishers ahead.)

Result in Gender (Women) - 4126st place (240 finishers behind. About 94% of finishers ahead.)

Result in Division (F3034) - 764th place (37 finishers behind. About 95% of finishers ahead)

(Image shows gun times, these listings are for chip times)

During 2nd Half I passed 136 runners and 19 passed me.

Life Goal item Accomplished
Dec 01, 2010 by Liana Shanes

posted to Facebook on Monday, November 29, 2010 at 6:08am because I was too lazy to find my laptop and post from there and instead used my phone again.

19 hours and a handful of minutes ago, I was breathing hard and trying to pull the last few reserves I had left to the top of the bucket as I crossed the finish line in my first half marathon. The cheers of the on lookers was awesome and to hear the fiancé of one of my best friends cheer me on in those final moments helped. It also didn't hurt that they were announcing the imminent arrival of the first marathon finisher. I was in the chute and so so so very much wanted to walk and slow down. My feet hurt and were cramping and my shins were on fire yelling at me to quit. (not to mention those last 13 miles...) but I pushed because the finish was so close and I wanted to be able to say that I crossed before the first full marathoner. (who cares that he started a half hour after me...) ;)

As I crossed, I collected my first real medal from the wonderful Army guy at the finishline. I got a hug and flowers from the awesome Doug, fiancé to Michelle who took this awesome journey with me and then got hugs and congrats from Justin who came and waited almost an HOUR so he wouldn't miss seeing me accomplish this awesome goal.

I always wondered why runners got those foil blankets when they were done running and yesterday I learned. After slowing down, my body temperture dropped crazy fast and I was ushered into warmer areas. I did after all, still need to check in with Team in Training to let them know I had finished. The warm recovery area was swarming with people and if you didn't know any better, you'd think this was some kind of sports expo. Darigold was there with some awesome lactose free chocolate milk. Dole with tons and tons of snacks.... I'm sure there were others, but I was still in so much pain that I just wanted to get back to the Team in Training area and get off my feet. I hobbled and shivered and slowly got there.

Recovery was so much easier once I had changed out of sweaty things and I was ravenous for the delicious chowder provided to us by Duke's Chowder House (best seafood!!!). I sat and ate and waited to see Michelle walk through the door. We had joked about me going back out to re-cross the finish line with her, but at 730 this morning, I truly had no concept of what this race would take out of me. (my hips and legs still hurt...) She was at Mile 11 when I crossed so I assumed she was only 20 or so minutes behind me. But I got worried when an hour later, one of our mentors said she hadn't crossed yet!!! I struggled to get my shoes back on but just as I did, we got word that she'd finished and I sat back in relief. Michelle hadn't quit and the limitations of her injury didn't stop her!

It's funny because with all the mileage I've put in the last few months, I didn't realize and wasn't prepare for wanting to quit so early and so often. At mile three point something-ish as we headed uphill along the I90 expressway. At just after Mile four when I watched the first few full marathoner pass us and make it look so effortless. The brutal hill and steady inclining grade in Madison Park before mile ten. (I only saw three people attempt to run up that brutal two blocks and I joked that they were all asian and us asians are such BAD over achievers) And just past mile eleven as we headed uphill towards Stewart and could see the Space Needle in the distance KNOWING that it was ONLY 1.5ish miles away. Never had a mile seemed so long....

But there were awesome experiences along the way as well. Joking with Michelle as we walked up the I90 ramp. I asked her if THIS is what they meant by playing in traffic? (now we can say BTDT when ppl thell us to go play in traffic.! ;) ) Approaching the water stop at Mile four and seeing my awesome Team In Training teammates cheer us in. Seeing a sign that I'd reached mile 18 even before I'd reached mile 5. The guy and his daughter who offered us our choice between Budlight and water in one of the residential areas. The fun and or encouraging signs from watching family members like the one near mile six that said "we could be SLEEPING!!" propped up in front the stroller of a sleeping baby. The army group waiting in Madrona Park area who lined a portion of our route with flags. (I wish I had a picture of that) and the many many strangers who cheered EVERYONE on but especially those that recognized the Team In Training jersey and cheered on our team. But the best part was seeing the Mentors and coaches along the way who would run or walk portions with us. So Many many times I wanted to quit and stop brought a coach in my view at just the right moment to push me just a bit further. I'm truly greatful for their presence.

Now I'm done. I ate, I showered and even took that dreaded ice bath. I babbled incoherently as I tried to talk on a variety of subjects and then crashed out in front the TV in the middle of an episode of Lie to me that I've tried to watch twice. 19 hours ago, I laughed hysterically at the idea of doing this again, but really? I might just be out there again on Sat with the team as they gather and practice for the next event.

Thanks to all of you for being there virtually for me. :)

Cancer doesn't take a holiday
Dec 01, 2010 by Liana Shanes

Posted to facebook on Sunday, November 28, 2010 at 3:51am because I couldn't get it to post anywhere else via my phone...

It's 315 am and my body has decided yet again it's time to get up. WTH. My nose is runny, there's a slight pain in my left knee and this stupid cough won't go away. Oh. And three hours ago Lisa posted on her wall that snow was sticking to the ground in her end of town. Wonderful. (yes i ran for a window) Yesterday, I went thru at least 2 panic attacks. I was running late, I FORGOT to pack my running shoes, I kept forgetting things and the day kept me constantly behind schedule and I don't think I ate nearly enough. (barely anything unfortunately)

But the race will still happen. I'll get up and run in thirty degree weather while all my loved ones are snug in bed sleeping or contemplating breakfast choices because it's frankly warmer there than in front of the fridge. I'll join Michelle who runs in memory of her Dad and Jean who runs for her nephew Dillon (a cancer survivor) and Steve whom I met last night who runs for a friend who can't because he's wheelchair bound. I'll follow in the footsteps of Carmella who raised over ten grand in the name of cancer on her own and her friend Judy who are walking the full marathon and so many countless others. It's because of my friends, family, co-workers, teammates and even perfect strangers that I'm constantly amazed and inspired to continue on. Because cancer doesn't take a holiday. It fights back at us every step of the way and if we don't fight back who will?

My race day jersey is bright purple and the back reads that I run this in honor of Liz and Sweetie. Sweetie lost her battle and Liz is winning. I run for them because they never gave up. I run for you because you inspire me. But mostly? I run for myself because I won't let life become a roadblock.

A year ago
Nov 15, 2010 by Liana Shanes

A year ago, the family of the lady in the middle of this picture awoke to a new life. Sweetie, yes that was her name, had passed away the previous day. A husband, a daughter, a granddaughter awoke to a new life that did not include her smiling face anymore and they all blamed cancer.

Meet Jess
Nov 02, 2010 by Liana Shanes

Meet my friend Jess. I've been friends with her practically since I got out of high school. In fact, I'm pretty sure SHE was still in High School when we met. We were both employed by a lovely company called Suncoast in Tacoma selling movies and movie related schtuff retail to the general masses. She's smart, inventive and vivacious. Sadly we don't spend as much time together as we used to, but tend to pop in and out of each others lives occasionally. Ships in the night and all. (This picture is from back then. She's even more awesome now.)

I want you to meet her because she's the one who pushed me over the top of my last goal of $1800! I was $35 short of it and posted a tweet and FB notice to my followers and friends letting them know they didn't have to RUSH to be that one person. ;) Jess was awesome enough to donate ON HER BIRTHDAY to help support this important cause and one upped it by donating MORE than I needed to meet that goal. So Mahalo Jess and LOVE YOU!!! But it's not just her. It's thanks to all you wonderful people in the Lockergnome community , to Chris Brogan , to my family who are admiring each step I take and to the awesome people in our local Social Media community that I've been blessed to be able to meet such as Matt Wakefield and Leann Underwood. To people from my work like John Clausen and Jeff Merten who make sure to check on how my training is progressing. To people who are like family to me like Justin Yorke, Ray Minchew and Liz Roland who have pretty much been there since the beginning of my running journey with encouragements and cheers (From bed since they believe that 6am is too damn early to get up and run) and most importantly to Michelle Gamboa for encouraging me to undertake this adventure with her. My end goal is always to run a full marathon and in less than four weeks, I'll be half way there. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support and generosity.

Two weeks ago, we ran my favorite path. I use that term loosely as really, it's been my favorite only because it's a few blocks from where I live in Redmond. We met at Marymoor in the dark of the night err morning. Winter is fast approaching here and no longer am I leaving the house with the sun to go run. Instead, I meet the rising sun half way through and enjoy watching it wake up the world around me. It's neat. Next week, we'll be back at the Redhook Brewery and I'll be able to hear the Salmon jumping in the stream next to me. (Hear that dad?!?) I have this love/hate relationship with nature. I love the smell of dew on the grass and the sight of it on the tips of plants and spiderwebs as the sun crawls its' way up the sky. But honestly? It's freaking freezing sometimes! When we ran at Marymoor, it was freezing and i realized I'll need to invest in winter run gear. Longer compression pants to keep my legs warm, gloves to keep my fingers from freezing and a coat to keep the illusion of dryness for when it rains. Which it did. in buckets.

We ran that week as part of Coop's Clan , a group in Arizona Cooper is a young 13 year old boy who, that weekend, took his last dose of chemo. Three pills of Mercaptopurine were washed down in one big gulp! Hooray and cheers from the crowd followed! Cooper is one of those amazing stories we hope to hear about on this journey. Three years spent fighting a daily battle against Leukemia. He went from an active boy like any you would see on the streets to a child who refused to be crippled by this disease. The Caring Bridge site built and maintained by his family has been heartwrenching to read. It's definitely not been an easy journey on any of them, but because of the support of family, friends and the community around him, he overcame it and had his port removed last week. Would that all cancer stories could end like this, but they don't. Your donation helps though. Take a few moments and make one .

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    "maika'i loa!"

    Uncle Ah Kong

    Fri Sep 17 09:35:24 EDT 2010

    "Run Liana Run! I am so proud of you and I think the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society does amazing things. Best of luck to you in your training! "


    Tue Sep 07 08:15:47 EDT 2010

    "First! :) :)"

    Michelle Gamboa

    Thu Jul 08 04:05:28 EDT 2010

    "Congratulations on raising awareness and money for this great cause. You weren't afraid to ask your extended social network for support. By sharing the story about how you became involved, you gave us the opportunity to contribute our support and stories. Thank you."

    Kirste Mitchell

    Wed Nov 03 12:26:21 EDT 2010

    "So proud of your efforts!! You've come a long way, baby!! Keep blogging, your stories do make an impact and I love to read them. Love you first!!"

    Mom & Dad

    Wed Oct 20 05:42:50 EDT 2010

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