Disneyland Half Marathon & Cancer's defeat!

Recent run 10 miles...
Jan 07, 2013 by Jason Olson

A short while ago we completed a 10 mile run. It is funny to look back at when I got started to think that running 3 miles or 30 minutes was something huge, like it was going to be an accomplishment to do it. Now we run over 2 hours and over 10 miles and while it's still hard work, it is really enjoyable. Running for 30 minutes feels like I'm just getting warmed up. It is amazing how not that long ago it seemed like it was really something to run for 30 minutes... And in such a short amount of time, it has become so much easier to do...

As for this week, it is about simply staying flexible, stocking up on fuel, and hydration...and avoiding injury at all costs...

I'll post again about some out other preparations... Oh and one last thing, today is officailly the last day to donate towards our official goal... Thank you so much for your support.

With those numbers my predicted half-marathon finish time is around:

Team Results - $141,000
Jan 06, 2013 by Jason Olson

I just received exciting news that our small team of runners that will be with me in Disneyland on the 20th, has, as a team, raised over $141,000 for cancer research is very exciting! The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) has a specific fundraise arm called Team-in-training, which has trained over a half a million runners, walkers, triathletes, cyclists and hikers and raised over $1.2 billion to fund lifesaving research with only 7.2% going to administrative costs.

Thank you everyone... I'd still love to see what we can do to help reach my personal goal of $5,000 - we can do it...

Also a huge thank you do a couple of corporate sponsors who's check-based payments haven't hit the website yet.

Introducing John Bennett
Jan 06, 2013 by Jason Olson

In preparation for the race and our Team in Training meeting, I went through the old (pre-digital) film albums to find a photo of my uncle, John Bennett. I will be running in memory of him on January 20th. Of the many fond memorys of him, I have recently been retelling the stories of him providing me my first "real job" working in the office of his tax complany. Helping him with the vast (pre digital) paperwork associated with filing taxes. While he was very computerized for the mid 90's, everything was still brought in on paper. We also did financial planning and working with mutual funds. I had to manually enter in data from paper statements we received from various investment firms for our clients.

When I stopped working for him, because he only really needed help during the tax season rush, he gave be a little bonus with instructions to invest it. Years later, I still keep a little bit of money in the market and it has worked really well for me over the past 20 years. I also cannot get away from filing my own returns after learning the ropes from him so long ago... There has been a lot of fond memories. And while I always loved coffee, I think it was really drilled in after drinking around 24 cups of coffee between the two of us in a regular day. Then again, we both believe that the office plant was also hooked on coffee because it did better on old coffee than on regular water.

More stories to come... :)

Turkey Trot 2012 - Silicon Valley
Jan 06, 2013 by Jason Olson

I neglected to update a post here in a short while. Here is a photo of Jaimie and I post race for the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot which was a 10k, 6.2 mile run. It was out longest at that point. It was a great practice run for Jaimie and I participating together in our very first race together. I was very satisified with how we performed and it was a huge confidnece boost for our 13.1 miles coming in January. The other great part was that we finished inside of our goal time to provide us a better start placement for the marathon.

Also here is our during the race photo courtesy of brightroom:

Best run yet
Nov 14, 2012 by Jason Olson

I started off a bit nervous today as I realized that we're only 8 days from the 10k and I am just getting over another minor setback (ancle injury on Saturday) and we're just barely getting up to 5 mile runs.

However, today was my best run pace so far! If I can sustain this pace, with the expected attrition over the course of a long run, I will be at my target times for both the 10k Turkey Trot next week, as well as for the half-marathon. Jaimie and I did calculations, and our primary goal for the half-marathon (since it is our first) is to finish. But to help get out of the typical bog down with walkers, we decided that moving up from the last-place coral would be a great idea. To accomplish this we need to have an estimated finish time of 2.5 hours. Working backwards, that means that we need an official chip time for the 10k to be no longer than 1 hour, 10 minutes... And based on today's time we are on track for that.

Saturday will be the big test as Jaimie and I will run together for 5 miles to see what sort of time we can make. Since we were able to do 5 miles in 1 hour 5 minutes, I am sure we can shave a couple of minutes off of that, to bring us to an estimated 1 hour 10 minutes for 6 miles, or 10 km.

Here is the calculations I have so far, see the last line...

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Supporter Comments

    "Great way to honor your uncle's memory, Jason!"

    Terri & Jim Hatlo

    Wed Oct 17 02:21:45 EDT 2012

    "Way to go Jason! Next late night project when everyone is tired we should all go out on a run to revitalize!!"

    Dana Hollmer

    Thu Oct 18 11:54:13 EDT 2012

    "Good luck! We're pulling for you on your run and everyone fighting their own battle with Cancer. Thanks for doing this!"

    George Passidakis

    Thu Oct 11 04:49:18 EDT 2012

    "Running for a cause! I love it! Wish I could join in."

    Sheral Thorlaksson

    Tue Oct 30 04:48:32 EDT 2012

    "Jason, thanks for this opportunity. I hope you reach all of your goals and thank you for participating for those who can't. I'm dedicating this donation to Laura Toby. Laura is a blessing to all who know her. Her strength and faith inspires me. Praying for a cure Laura!"

    Michelle McCormick

    Tue Jan 08 01:32:41 EST 2013

    "Thank you Jason for your dedication and for running for a great cause!"

    Scott Putnam

    Wed Dec 19 07:50:45 EST 2012

    "Good hearing from you Jason, Good Luck! "

    tony tropea

    Wed Oct 17 09:26:11 EDT 2012

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