My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Dec 16, 2016




I believe that every one of us comes to a crossroad in our lives where we have the choice: do we give up or fight on. My crossroad came last year on November 10, 2015 when I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. At that moment I had no idea what to think. I had a million things going through my mind. What was going to happen to me? What was next? Was I going to die? The doctors started talking about chemotherapy and the long process it was going to take. Then they told me the only thing that would save my life was a bone marrow transplant but finding a match could be difficult. I started chemotherapy the next day and the long fight began. It was a struggle. Some days I could not even move. The day I remember the most was the day after Christmas when my fever spiked to a 106.2. It was at that moment, I looked at my father and said, "If this is what it is going to be like, please just let me give up." But I didn't, because I couldn't. After several rounds of chemotherapy, transfusions after tranfusions, and bone marrow biopsy, after bone marrow biopsy, I received my second chance at life on March 2, 2016 when I received a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor and a person to this day that I have never met. For those of you that know me, running has always been a part of my life. Yet, what many of you do not know is,  that running the Boston Marathon is the #1 thing on my bucket list but I never believed that it could happen. It was not until I found out that Team in Training, an organization with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, was going to be running this years Boston Marathon on April 17, 2017. So I put in my application. Knowing there were only 60 spots on the team, I honestly did not think that I would be chosen, but someone once told me, you will never know unless you try. On November 10 of this year, I was doing the second thing I love to do most: golfing. I was on a golf course with a bunch of friends when my phone rang. I looked at the ID, and it said Massachusetts. I answered it, and instead of hearing, "You have Cancer," I heard, "You're running the Boston." In exactly one year, I went from having cancer, to being told I am going to be able to fulfill my dream. 

Running the Boston Marathon with Team in Training is more than just accomplishing my bucket list dream. I am running the Boston for everyone who cannot. I am running for my grandmother who died of AML 5 years ago. I am running for all the patients suffering from blood cancers. I am runnning for the ones who escaped like myself but even more so, I am running for those who did not. It is their outcomes that remind us of the very reason why it is so important to run: to raise money, and to continue this fight against Leukemia and Lymphoma. Running is my escape from the world. When I run, everything goes away and for that entire time, I am free. I ask that on April 17, 2017, you give me and the amazing Team in Training athletes the opportunity to run for hope, to run for a cure, but most of all, to run and become Boston Strong. Combined, we have a goal of almost $1,000,000. That is enough to fund an entire research grant for leukemia/lymphoma awareness. Please, help us run for a cure.

Thank you! 


Supporter Comments

    "So proud of you!!! Love Doug & Lisa"

    Douglas Harris

    Fri Nov 11 09:40:56 EST 2016

    "Good luck Timmy. So glad to hear you were selected to run the Boston Marathon. Continued prayers for you to continue to beat this horrible disease. I know Tim is still on your side also!!"

    Sandy Schaffner

    Fri Nov 11 11:06:46 EST 2016

    "Best of luck to you! - The Kramers"

    The Kramers

    Sat Nov 12 08:47:03 EST 2016

    "Prayers for good health Tim! Lori and Jim"


    Sat Nov 12 09:21:27 EST 2016

    "I am donating in honor of you. So happy you are getting a chance to do this. Good Luck and have fun!"

    Kim & Dave Jansen

    Sat Nov 12 07:29:53 EST 2016

    "YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!!"


    Sun Nov 13 07:22:42 EST 2016

    "We are so happy, Tim, you have this wonderful opportunity to have been chosen for this historic marathon, which means so much to you. Additionally, Carmen and I are grateful that you will be carrying many memories of others as you "run for the cure", and especially we are grateful for your graciousness in remembering "Bud" while you are running this race. God be with you, Tim, and your family. Sincerely, Carmen and Larry Visniesky"

    Larry & Carmen Visniesky

    Sun Nov 13 03:37:36 EST 2016

    "Thanks for letting me run Philadelphia half for you."

    William Bordner

    Mon Dec 05 09:34:44 EST 2016

    "Tim, Your story is truly inspirational! As a former HLA Tech and bone marrow donor, I appreciate how you have persevered to overcome the odds. I'm glad to support you and LLS. I'm confident you will be the guy crossing the finish line with the big smile on his face. Peter"

    Peter Gawron

    Sat Dec 10 09:00:50 EST 2016

    "We are all so proud of you!"

    Deana Herb

    Thu Dec 15 06:13:37 EST 2016

    "You got this Timmy! So happy that you are able to fulfill your #1 dream!! sending positive thoughts and prayers your way always :)"

    Kristen M.

    Wed Dec 28 10:17:18 EST 2016

    "Extremely happy you were given a second chance at life and are doing something so wonderful to help others. God Bless You! Tedd, Jill, Vanessa & Lexi "

    Tedd, Jill, Vanessa & Lexi

    Wed Jan 04 08:22:12 EST 2017

    "Good luck Tim, your video is truly amazing! Run for my husband Gary and all others who are fighting now!❤️️"

    Gary and Jane Nye

    Wed Jan 04 08:35:19 EST 2017

    "You have been on our church prayer chain through the Leiters. I did not know who were so it was great to read your story of inspiration and hope. God works in mysterious ways. Best wishes running the Boston and raising money to fight for a cure!"

    Jess H

    Wed Jan 04 09:03:59 EST 2017

    "Go get 'em! "

    Dale & Lindsey Williams

    Sat Feb 04 05:45:29 EST 2017

    "Tim, We wish you all the best. William and Marie Egan"

    William & Marie Egan

    Mon Feb 27 09:59:00 EST 2017

    "Good luck Tim, I am proud of you! We have often talked about running, cycling, and cancer. By the Grace of God, I am still kicking after a run in with stage 4 cancer in 04; & a recurrence in 06. You are an inspiration to patients dealing with cancer. You will do well in Boston. Your friend, an old slow marathoner :)"


    Sun Mar 05 07:05:43 EST 2017

    "Good Luck with your run Tim! So thankful for all you have done to help others through your own journey!! "

    Kim Hissick

    Fri Mar 10 11:47:26 EST 2017

    "Blessings to you as you CROSS YET ANOTHER FINISH LINE! Prayers flow to you & your team. Hugs for great success. JoAnn Murray-Spencer, Colorado"

    JoAnn Murray-Spencer

    Wed Mar 15 03:09:47 EDT 2017

    "You're a true inspiration to all Timmy. I am so proud of you!"


    Sat Mar 18 05:26:56 EDT 2017

    "You certainly demonstrate the Boston Strong spirit!!!! Best of Luck!"

    Sandra Hansel

    Thu Jan 05 07:18:32 EST 2017

    "Good Luck Tim. Prayers for your safety. "

    Marlene & John Lodish

    Thu Jan 05 06:52:07 EST 2017

    "Wishing you all the best! What a wonderful inspiration!!"

    Anne Marie O'Holla

    Thu Jan 05 03:09:56 EST 2017

    "Go get 'em Timmy! "

    Pam Moore

    Thu Jan 05 02:01:15 EST 2017

    "Good luck with everything. God Bless you. "

    Ed Anita & Nikol Flynn

    Thu Jan 05 12:22:44 EST 2017

    "Go gettem' Timmy......."

    Kathy and David Williams

    Thu Jan 05 07:59:06 EST 2017

    "Thanks for sharing your story! I, like you have a second chance at life! Go run, Be Boston Strong! There is always HOPE! Sharon Batdorf"

    Sharon Batdorf

    Thu Jan 05 07:01:40 EST 2017

    ""You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live� -- Keep doing your thing, Timmy! Good luck. "

    Kiely Chaklos

    Wed Jan 04 11:00:10 EST 2017

    "You are such an inspiration! You can do this!"

    Butch and Fay Kender

    Wed Jan 04 09:50:36 EST 2017

    "Keep giving HOPE. Thank you Timmy."

    Shawn Miller

    Wed Jan 04 07:48:11 EST 2017

    "You've got this! "

    Jean and Jack Zimmerman

    Wed Jan 04 07:25:56 EST 2017

    "Stay strong and keep fighting! Sending prayers for you and your family!! "

    Judy D

    Wed Jan 04 07:22:21 EST 2017

    "Keep on swinging Tim. Stay Strong!"

    The Swartzlanders

    Wed Jan 04 07:08:30 EST 2017

    "I am so proud of you Tim, you came along way in a short time, I'll be watching!! Maria BMT Support Group"

    Maria English

    Wed Jan 04 03:06:48 EST 2017

    "Run for my brother inlaw that die from brain cancer and my mom who had breast cancer You ROCK Be Boston strong !!!! Love ya Tim"

    Mary Lawyer

    Wed Jan 04 01:00:59 EST 2017

    "Tim - Thank you for reaching out to me, so I may know your story. You are an inspiration to me and to countless others! In your email to me, you said that you weren't sure why you survived and others don't. This is why. Your job here isn't done. And through Team-in-Training, we are in this together. We will fund a cure in memory of Aidan and all those who have died, and in honor of the survivors and those fighting, as well as those who haven't yet been diagnosed. I will continue to pray for your continued good health and strength, and my angel, Aidan, will watch over you, too. GO TIM, GO TEAM! Love, Regi and the Garvey Family "

    Regina ("Regi") Garvey

    Sat Dec 31 05:53:32 EST 2016

    "Timmy we are proud of you for pushing forward and not giving up! We have been and always will be by your side through good and tough times! Timmy strong do the Boston!! We love you, Scott, Brooke, Laurel and the Errp's!"

    Scott Unger

    Sat Dec 31 02:32:32 EST 2016

    "Good Luck Timmy! "

    David RICKERT

    Sat Dec 24 11:27:57 EST 2016

    "Tim, Congrats on being selected to run in the Boston marathon! Good luck and know there are alot of people praying for you!"

    Bob and Patti Zerby

    Wed Dec 21 10:47:45 EST 2016

    "Good Luck in the Marathon! Have a Great run!"

    Ron Firestone

    Tue Dec 20 10:36:40 EST 2016

    "Good Luck in your Marathon. Stay strong, Boston strong!"

    Michael Bel

    Sun Dec 18 11:56:24 EST 2016

    "Remember that every step leads to something better. "

    Sal Miller

    Fri Dec 16 02:18:07 EST 2016

    "In memory of Rachael Brant Peres. Your inspiration and joy of life helped mold a beautiful and compassionate oncologist - our daughter Michelle Levy."

    Howard Levy

    Thu Dec 15 10:16:46 EST 2016

    "Tim, your courage and strength are inspirational! Congrats on being selected to run in such a prestigious event for the cause of many others. Keep up the hard work and can't wait to o hear about your "dream weekend". I'll be watching for you on TV! - BH "

    Bill Hoy

    Mon Dec 05 01:04:40 EST 2016

    "Tim,I met you at the support group at Penn State Hershey Hospital. I was so impressed with your story,strength and sense of humor. I'm honored to be able to contribute to your dream of running in Boston and going on to live a full and blessed life. Go and be Boston Strong!"


    Fri Dec 02 08:19:56 EST 2016

    "Tim I hope this helps. Miss you. Hope to see you soon. "

    Dean Marino

    Wed Nov 23 10:42:01 EST 2016

    "Go GET 'EM TIM!"

    Brian Orsinger

    Sat Nov 19 10:06:18 EST 2016

    "You have come a long way, you can do this! Happy for you!"

    Cathy Dressler

    Sat Nov 19 01:27:49 EST 2016

    "Best of luck! You're in our prayers!"

    John, Renita, and Rayanne Hawk

    Sat Nov 19 09:08:27 EST 2016

    "Have a great run. Great job Sam & Mara"

    Samuel & Mara Brand

    Fri Nov 18 09:18:42 EST 2016

    "Every step you take will be an acknowledge of your courage and caring for others. See you on the course next year. Jim K."

    Jim Knestrick

    Wed Nov 16 08:47:15 EST 2016

    "For my grandson who overcame many obstacles in life, may this be a tribute of success for your future. God Bless You"

    Jack Leiter

    Tue Nov 15 07:40:08 EST 2016

    "Nationals are backing you 100%"


    Tue Nov 15 11:04:10 EST 2016

    "Great reason to do this. Enjoy, have fun, and good luck. May all the Angels be with you"

    Jean Schifano

    Tue Nov 15 07:19:56 EST 2016

    "Good luck Tim!! We are so very proud of you. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and we are so excited to follow you though your journey! Prayers and positive thoughts will continue from this family.. as they have for some time. Tell your mom and dad we say hi! Eddie and Lisa Stephens - Tower City, PA"

    Eddie and Lisa Stephens

    Mon Nov 14 08:05:39 EST 2016

    "Hi Tim, I do not know you, but I know your struggle. I ran the San Diego rock and roll marathon in 2011 in honor of my 10 year lymphoma free anniversary. I am honored to help you reach your goal and fight for those who can benefit from future research as we have from those who ran before us. I will pray for you to have an amazing run ....and many more! Blessings from a fellow survivor Keri Schu (Friend of Doug and Lisa Harris )"

    Rick Schu

    Sun Nov 13 11:00:42 EST 2016

    "I am so happy for you that you were selected to run the Boston Marathon. I am also so very proud of you that you have pushed through and come out even stronger. You are one of the most determined people I have ever met (despite my lectures haha). Enjoy every minute and keep pushing when you feel like you can't anymore! It will be one of the best experiences of your life! Best of luck! "

    Andrea and Luis Ventura

    Mon Jan 16 06:12:59 EST 2017

    "Thank you Tim for being an inspiration to so many people! My family is following so exactly in your foot steps, just 6 months behind. I know we just met, but I will be supporting you while you run your dream marathon, and hopefully you can be involved, even as just a team member, when I run mine next year. You've got this! "

    Amanda Latshaw

    Fri Jan 06 01:21:01 EST 2017

    "Tim - I am an employee of Hershey Medical Center and I saw your story about running Boston on our intranet. I'm also training for a marathon with TNT so I was particularly moved by your story. I just wanted to say congratulations on your run, and thank you for sharing your story!"

    Andrea Stonebraker

    Thu Apr 27 10:45:26 EDT 2017

    "This is in Memory of Angie and in Honor of Timmy!!!"

    Susan Zeller

    Thu Apr 13 06:50:16 EDT 2017

    "Stay strong Timmy! So proud of you. "

    Carol Thompson

    Thu Apr 06 10:24:16 EDT 2017

    "So proud of you! Boston Strong! All the best to you and your team. XO"

    Nancy Thompson

    Thu Apr 06 10:14:25 EDT 2017

    "Congratulations on being a fighter, staying strong even when you wanted to give up, being cancer free, and for being able to fulfill your bucket list wish and run the Boston Marathon. Good Luck and most importantly take in the experience and cherish the memories of it all."

    Tiffany Kiehl

    Thu Mar 30 10:14:47 EDT 2017

    "All the best from your Boston teammate. Thank you for your note! I look forward to meeting you in April."

    Gerald Greenberg

    Sun Mar 19 10:49:32 EDT 2017

    "So proud! Congratulations on pursuing your dream and not letting any struggle stand in your way. Good luck in Boston!"

    Magen, Warren and Brendan

    Fri Mar 03 10:19:17 EST 2017

    "You are an incredible teammate and an inspiration! "

    Lauren Carey

    Thu Mar 02 08:32:06 EST 2017

    "Timmy, You have taken the hard times like a champ. I know you will do the same with all the good times I know the future has to offer. Good luck! Sarah Egan"

    Trevor Reid & Sarah Egan

    Tue Feb 28 07:49:20 EST 2017

    "Bless you!"


    Fri Feb 03 04:44:18 EST 2017

    "Timmy we are so very proud of you. We are glad to help you reach your goal. Hugs and prayers. Bob and Sharon"

    Bob and Sharon Zimmerman

    Thu Jan 12 12:01:41 EST 2017

    "You are proof that dreams and possibilities are endless when you believe in yourself."

    Colleen Kirk

    Wed Jan 11 06:08:50 EST 2017

    "Tim, it's amazing how far you've come since last year. Your courage and fight are astounding. Can't wait for you to accomplish this awesome goal!"

    Andrea Weidman

    Sat Jan 07 09:18:58 EST 2017

    "Go luck Tim.... u got this!!!"

    JoAnn Melcher

    Sat Jan 07 08:17:24 EST 2017

    "You are a amazing inspiration. Best of luck!"

    Brian Hand

    Fri Jan 06 07:36:45 EST 2017

    "Very inspiring...good luck!!"

    Dawn, Reese & Kiki Brewster

    Sat Mar 25 02:53:45 EDT 2017

    "Have fun Tim! You're truly an inspiration to us all! - Ally"

    Allyson Shicora

    Sat Mar 25 12:27:13 EDT 2017

    "Tim, good luck in the Boston. We are routing for you!!"

    Abby's Fight Club

    Fri Mar 24 01:03:18 EDT 2017

    "You are such a strong person...Boston Strong! Good Luck with your training and the race!!"

    Paula Heavener & Michael Dolan

    Fri Jan 06 04:09:06 EST 2017

    "So proud of you Tim! It makes me smile to see how far you've come. Keep kicking ass for all those that can't!"

    Emily Hull

    Thu Jan 05 09:50:36 EST 2017

    "Timmy, you are such an inspiration to me. I'm so thankful for our chats, texts, phone call and most of all our friendship. With that being said GO KICK ASS In Boston! ❤️❤️"

    Andrea Bixler

    Thu Jan 05 08:38:16 EST 2017

    "So very inspired to have you with us Timmy!!! Cheers to your 1st birthday and many many many more!!"


    Thu Mar 02 11:09:22 EST 2017

    "Train hard and keep smiling :)"

    ngaire (nikki) mann

    Tue Nov 15 05:30:15 EST 2016

    "Timmy, Keep fighting and stay strong! So proud of your journey. Best of luck training for Boston. Best, Sara"

    Sara Schwalm

    Tue Nov 15 10:59:43 EST 2016

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