My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Mar 28, 2017

Make Someday Today!

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! I am soooooo close to meeting my $20,000 fundraising goal. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to LLS and help find a cure for blood cancers!

This is me and my Honored Hero, Angela Romanowski Gilbert. She has been battling Leukemia for nearly 2 years and is currently recovering from a bone marrow transplant. She has been a huge motivation in my training and fundraising! 


Fundraising and Training Success!

Here are some pictures from some of my fundraising events and some of my training for the Boston Marathon. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to raise funds for such an important cause while following my dream of running in the Boston Marathon on April 17, 2017. 

My sisters and I at the SJHS alumni basketball fundraiser

Family at my bowling fundraiser in St. Johns, MI.

Tanna, Me, and Rondi. All three of us can't wait to head to BOSTON!!!! Rondi and I are running and Tanna will be cheering us on!

I've been lucky to have my son, Finn, along with me for some of my training runs :)

Winter training isn't always easy, but it's always worth it!

I am beyond honored to be running the Boston Marathon on April 17th as a member of Team in Training!! By participating as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) TNT, I am raising funds to help find cures and ensure access to treatments for blood cancer patients.

Your donation will help fund treatments that save lives every day; like immunotherapies that use a person’s own immune system to kill cancer. You may not know it, but every single donation helps save a life with breakthrough therapies such as these.

Patients need these cures and they need your support.

Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help get us all closer to a world without blood cancers.

Thank you!


Supporter Comments

    "SJHS Alum and LLS employee. Go TNT! Good luck! "

    Emily Sharick

    Sat Mar 04 07:44:03 EST 2017

    "Your mom is so proud of your efforts and we wanted to support you."

    Dee & Ron Springsteen

    Fri Mar 10 08:54:49 EST 2017

    "Thank you to everyone who participated in the SJHS Alumni basketball game fundraiser! I am overwhelmed by your support!"

    SJHS Alumni Basketball Game

    Mon Mar 13 02:16:02 EDT 2017

    "Thank you Trillium Academy!"

    Trillium Academy

    Tue Mar 21 12:17:48 EDT 2017

    "Thank you to the Merritt Academy Families for their generous donations!"

    Merritt Academy

    Wed Feb 08 04:25:09 EST 2017

    "From The Muhammad's- The Capitol Encore Academy! #beatAML "

    Amanda Muhammad

    Mon Feb 06 05:57:40 EST 2017

    "For my awesome silent auction item! Thanks, Stephanie!"

    Rondi Fillwock

    Sun Feb 05 04:15:09 EST 2017

    "Stay determined! You can do this!! Love ya, Uncle Craig and Aunt Susan"

    Uncle Craig and Aunt Susan DeNagel

    Mon Jan 23 07:32:14 EST 2017

    "Two of the strongest women I know, Kendra and Angela! You both make the world a better place and I am so very blessed to have you both in my life!! Lots of love, Heather"

    Heather Waters

    Thu Dec 29 01:20:27 EST 2016

    "Nice work Kendra! Best wishes on your journey to and through Boston!"

    Miranda Foreback

    Thu Dec 29 11:39:04 EST 2016

    "Goooooo Kendra!!!!"

    Kristen Wilson

    Wed Dec 28 09:38:29 EST 2016

    "You chose a fantastic organization in LLS. Congrats on Boston and all the best to you as you make this journey."

    Kristin Alkire

    Sat Dec 10 08:05:07 EST 2016

    "Good luck Kendra!"

    Lori McColl

    Mon Dec 05 09:38:53 EST 2016

    "Hi Kendra, Very happy that you have joined a Team in Training group to reach your goal of running in the Boston Marathon. We are happy to support you in this endeavor and to continue the fight against blood cancers. All the best! Jim & Ellen Harte"

    Jim & Ellen Harte

    Mon Nov 28 08:51:33 EST 2016

    "You'll do great running for them - love your enthusiasm to try and motivate others - Thanks!"

    Kathleen Livingston

    Wed Nov 09 04:33:49 EST 2016

    "Thank you for what you are doing. I hope and pray no one else's go through what our dear friend has. "

    Jo Ann Scheffler

    Sun Mar 12 01:46:29 EDT 2017

    "In memory of my mom Caroline Brown who died of leukemia and in honor of my little brother Terry House who is a leukemia survivor. Love you both, miss you mom."

    Bonnie Van Horn

    Mon Apr 17 02:33:05 EDT 2017

    "You truly are an inspiration and know that my prayer warriors have you covered not only for a healthy run and safe trip but also for you to crush your goals! Good Luck! 🏃🏼‍♀️"

    The Cerny Family

    Sun Apr 16 07:03:16 EDT 2017

    "You are a real hero! "

    Amy Mott

    Tue Apr 04 06:32:39 EDT 2017

    "Have fun in Boston!!"

    The Nall's

    Wed Mar 29 06:33:11 EDT 2017

    "Good luck!!! And thank you💙"

    The Bedients

    Tue Mar 28 09:33:58 EDT 2017

    "You are doing big things! I am often in awe of you. Thanks for fighting for survivors And all those yet tonstart the fight. ❤😘"

    The Deming Family

    Tue Mar 28 09:32:11 EDT 2017

    "Go Kendra! So excited for you! Can't wait to hear about your experience! You're such an inspiration. Go kick some butt:)"

    Tara Trombley

    Tue Mar 28 10:04:57 EDT 2017

    "Keep kicking ass and taking names, Kendra!! Thank you for doing this for such an important cause that is so close to my heart! Can't wait to hear all about your amazing Boston run!"

    Lisa Koski

    Mon Mar 27 03:08:02 EDT 2017

    "You are a rockstar and an inspiration to so many!! Congratulations on each success ❤"

    Marie Lynn Wieland

    Sun Mar 19 09:29:52 EDT 2017

    "I, along with LuLaRoe Team Esteem, are so excited to partner with you and are so proud of what you are doing! Thank you for making a difference and blessing lives!"

    LuLaRoe Fundraiser

    Fri Mar 17 09:02:17 EDT 2017

    "Thanks for raising money for the LL&S and for inspiring so many people (including me) along the way! It was great seeing you at the Alumni Basketball game tonight! #Bostonbound #cancersucks #kickcancersbutt"

    Tanna McGee

    Sat Mar 11 10:11:08 EST 2017

    "Have a Great Run Kendra from your friends at the Back To The Beach races!"

    Back To The Beach Runners

    Wed Feb 08 08:05:08 EST 2017

    "Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the Blake's Fundraiser!"

    Blake's Fundraiser

    Tue Feb 07 02:48:12 EST 2017

    "Thanks to everyone that made this bowling fundraiser a huge success!"

    Bowling Fundraiser

    Tue Feb 07 02:44:58 EST 2017

    "Goals are wonderful, goals with a cause are even better! May your run be as easy as your gigantic smile. "

    Victoria Kautz

    Tue Feb 07 01:06:28 EST 2017

    "Thank you . Kendra."


    Thu Feb 02 06:57:47 EST 2017

    "Absolutely inspirational! Proud to say "I know that girl"!"

    Susan Palmer Alvarez

    Fri Nov 04 06:27:06 EDT 2016

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Heather Waters $50.00
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Kristin Alkire $50.00
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Clever Container Company $46.10
Chloe Silm-Buscemi $40.00
Gery & Sheila Rehmann $40.00
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John Gorveatte $35.00
The Cerny Family $30.00
Christopher Thompson $30.00
Tanna McGee $30.00
Melissa Goodsel $25.00
Carrie Roose $25.00
Tara Trombley $25.00
Katrina Smith $25.00
Veronica Lach $25.00
Marie Lynn Wieland $25.00
Kristen Wilson $25.00
Kurt & Janet Madden $25.00
Janelle & Gregory Paksi $25.00
Tanna McGee $25.00
Gina Podolski $25.00
Larry & Joyce Crosby $25.00
Amanda Muhammad $25.00
Michelle Susalla $25.00
Amy Maneval $25.00
Jim & Ellen Harte $25.00
Susan Palmer Alvarez $25.00
Nancy Houseman $20.00
James & Kathleen Voisinet $20.00
Rodney & Elizabeth Fuller $20.00
Christopher Thompson $15.00
Emily Sharick $15.00
David & Sheila Bish $10.00
Angie Uramkin $10.00
Karie Wilson $10.00
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