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The Battle is Won!! ....but the War is Not Over!
Oct 23, 2012 by Justin Legg

WE HAVE DONE IT!! Thank you all for helping to create the Jarred McKinley Carter Project. We topped $50,000 raise as of 23 October 2012. You have all helped to create a tribute to the man who saved my life and to his mother who made the courageous decision to share her son with me.

Please remember however that this was only one battle, a big battle, but the war rages on. Donations to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society are important and must conitnue. This site remains open until 30 days after my race - it will cose on December 10th. Please encourage others to keep donating and blow this $50,000 mark out of the water. The more money we can collect for this research project, the more work that it can fund and the greater tribute we pay to Jarred.

Jarred's name will now live on in the research toward fighting and curing cancer and the fruits of that research will carry his legacy forward as saving not only my life, but the lives of so many others. Thank you all for helping and thank you Jarred.

Jarred's mother, Julie McCarthy, is orgnaizining and holding a fundraiser at the American Legion near Titusville, FL on November 3rd to raise more money in support of this project and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Please tell all of your Florida friends near Orlando or the Kennedy Space Center (next door to Titusville), to please get out and support her and the memory of her son on that day.

Please come back to visit this site as I already am working on the next entry. I just want to give full attention to the accomplishment of the objective for now. I will continue to post here and I will continue to give updates on twitter @GorillaFrog as to how I am doing.

Slight preview of what's up next --- it has to do with a REALLY big mountain begining with a "K".

Difficulties with Training
Oct 16, 2012 by Justin Legg

As most people would imagine, training for a half-marathon after cancer, bone marrow transplant ,Graft versus Host Disease and a double-lung transplant has been difficult. It has been long and tiresome and grating on my nerves and will at times. For the past 2 years I have had to be content with learning how to run a little over a mile without stopping when in the past I completed my first marathon on one-day's notice with NO long distance training over 12 miles...ever!!! I was been blessed with good genes for athletic performance, but I put in tons of work for many many years to get in great shape. Now for me, putting in a heavy workout means I get my ass kicked in about 3-4 minutes of what was my prior heavy cardio limit that I could sustain for about 2 hours or more. I have had to learn how to walk and jog, and run only a little. I have recently been getting back into martial arts to help build my cardio, but also to teach me how to relax under stress and manage my breath even more so than in yoga. I have been practicing japanese sword and have taken up archery, also both to help my breathing and focus in difficult circumstances.

But In the past 2 months however, I have been really delaing with some difficult times. I had a sinus infection that woudn't go away, a fungus was discovered in my lungs that required inhaled medications, and the pain that I have been having in my back turns out to be compression fractures, 5 of them to be exact. The first two I know i got while I was in the Teams and I know when and how. The other 3 are more of a mystery and most likely due to the osteoporotic (lessening of bone mineral density) effects of having to take prednisone (a steroid used to control my immune disorder) for over 5 years. Additionnally, the old fractures make a section of my spine move up and down like an accordion so the newly brittle bones in my upper back can bang into each other. It appears that the first one of those 3 was probably fractured 4 or 5 years ago while running a lot to get in shape after cancer and bone marrow transplant to become an operational SEAL again. It appears to be healing OK. The other 2 apparently have come during the recent training for the past half marathon or have just been re-injured during that time. They aren't as bad as a fracture in the vertebrae would sound, or maybe my pain tolerance now is just ridiculous, but either way, they are painful. They are a constant reminder that my body is not normal anymore and never will be. Despite the apparent stability in health I am in possession of right now, these serve as constant reminder of the specter that will be nipping at my heels for the rest of my life... or at least the next 40-50 years until science can figure out a way to re-replace my original immune system, regrow my original lungs and replace my damaged vertebrae.

So what do I do now? What would your answer be? I should probably back off and stop running or stop doing so much..right? Sort of... The real answer is to keep training, train harder even now, but I just have to make adjustments. I have to be very careful about HOW I run and how I hold my posture. I can't try running as long anymore, so I just have to run a shorter distance faster and walk faster when I walk. The faster I move, the more muscles I use and the less impact is placed on my skeleton. I also have to reduce the amount of prednisone I take to help the bones stay in some kind of shape. I have to get at least one of the vertebrae repaired, maybe two. Just time to pull out the erector set I guess. But the answer is not to stop. Stopping will only set me back further and in fact, I feel it will make me go backward. Once I stop pushing myself through all of the difficulties, I feel as though my will may get a little weakened. A strong will is something that must be maintained all the time, you don't just get it and keep it without exercising it. Simply put, if you don't use it you lose it. The only way to exercise the strength of will is to use it push yourself. That's all I am doing, and I will continue to do it no matter what. I may have to modify HOW I do it but ICANNOT stop. This is the very essence of what has kept me alive, what continues to make stronger and healthier each day and what will keep me alive until science can help me find a way to relax....but how much fun would that be??

Jarred McKinley Carter Project in the News
Sep 15, 2012 by Justin Legg

Thank you to everyone who has donated up to this point, to those of you checking back in to see how things are going and to those of you visiting for the first time. This is just a quick update to post a few links to media sites that have helped spread the news about the Project in case any of you have not seen them.

WAVY TV-10 Video Clip

Fox 35 Local - I am Hampton Roads TV Show

Keep your eyes peeled for an articel from - rumor has it they will be publishing a rather long piece about this project. That's all for now.

I am Humbled!! more ways than One.
Sep 06, 2012 by Justin Legg

The outpouring of support fro this project has been so incredible I just can't believe it. At time of writing this, the total amount raised is $30,018.91. About $15,000 of that coming in the 10 days surrounding the race. The support of I have experienced through your donations and comments has just been incredible. It is not the reason I decided to undertake this challenge, but the compliments have poured in and they are just overwhelming. THANK YOU ALL.

Now on to the race and the results. Bottom line, I finsihed in 3 hours and 6 minutes. I ddin't look at the official results for the seconds, but it is true that my sisters beat me by a second or two. That, however is because I stopped to kiss my wife who was FRONT ROW right next to the finish line. I will post a video of that (taken by niece Corrinn) on my face book page. If someone will tell me how, I will post on you tube.

I didn't break thr 3 hour mark that I had wanted. The humidity was ridiculous and the dew point was near 80. By mile 5 my hands had swollen so much from loss of fluids and electrolytes that I couldn't close them to make a fist. By mile 7 my hip flexors were just flat out angry. I had to eat two packets of plain salt just to keep my fluids. I ate a GU about every 3 miles and munched a bag of chomps while I was going. My sister Kim and her husband Brian kept bringing me water and gatorade. My sister Jodi, in her first half-marathon ever, helped me keep pace and held ice on my neck when I was overheating. I kept the pace i needed to for the first 5 miles then fell off of it by mile 8. I got it back through 9 and 10 and kept it until about 11.5 and then my ankles starting hurting, my shoulders (due to previous injuries) starting aching fierce and in the last mile my hands were completely numb with the feeling creeping gradually up my arms to just above my elbows by the finish.

All in all, it pretty much sucked and hurt really, really bad. AND, I got a blister - something that hasn't happened in years because my feet are so damn calloused. A quick dunk in the ocean afterward, made most things feel better though.

When I got done with the race, I called Jarred's mother to tell her how it went, how well fundraising was going, and that since I haven't hit the $50,000 mark yet, and there is still time left in the fall fundraising season as determined by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, I will be doing the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November to be able extend my fundraising out through all of November.

With that news, Jarred's mother cried and told me that no one had ever done anything so nice for her or her family. It hit me right in the heart and blasted right through everything I know about myself and at that moment, for the first time in my life, I felt completely and truly, 100% humbled. I try to be humble and keep my (larger thatn I would like to be) ego in the background as much as possible. But in that moment, I felt as though I had been given the greatest honor to be able to struggle my way through all my physical battles so I could do something so nice for one family. That moment was pure, clean and honest gratitude. It would have never happened if I didn't persevere through all that has come my way. And that moment, moments like that, are beyond comparison to pride in personal accomplishment of any sort. Those are the moments that define a life well lived in my book. It is that type of moment that I urge all men to strive to bring about. Not for the feeling it will bring you, but for what it will do for the person on the other end. Moments like that change lives.

It is now when I can start to see the results of my service that I am really beginning to understand just how important it is to volunteer yourself in service of your fellow man, I hope this small example will encourage others to do the same. Serve others and you will serve yourself in more ways than you can count.

Teamwork and Thank You's
Aug 22, 2012 by Justin Legg

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. I firmly believe in this, that is of course if we care about that child be brought up to be a well-rounded, moral person with a chance at success and being an upstanding citizen. And so this is the case with many things in this society. Often times things can be accomplished by one person, but the best results are won, and the most daunting challenges brought to bear, through Teamwork.

So I would like to take a minute to acknowledge my Team.

Thank you to everyone who has visited this page. You are all my teammates in helping me accomplish my mission of raising $50,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Without each and every person who has contributed to the site or who has told their friends about it or has followed what I am doing and given me some encouragement, this would not be possible. Without all the doctors and nurses and hosptial support folks who kept me alive, this would not be possible. Without my teachers, coaches, and BUD/S instructors who helped build my drive and determination, this would not be possible. To my parents who taught me how to give back to others this wouldn't be possible. To my sisters and cousins and family who are spreading the word and running fundraisers, this would not be possible. To a fellow TNT teammate, Leigh Ann, supporting me with fundraisers she is coordinating, this wouldn't be possible.

Without my wife, who has done all the above and more; she has put up with all of my crap and stuck by my side, she cared for me, held my puke pan, helped me stand and walk, bathed me and even wiped me. Without her giving me a real reason to pull through when most thought I just wouldn't be capable no matter how hard I tried, this project would not be possible. And most of all, without Jarred and his mother's courageous decision to share his lungs with me, this would not be possible.

Thank you everyone. You are part of the team that will make the Jarred McKinley Carter Project happen.

For those of you who wish to continue supporting in another way, please visit

and sign-up to shop, earn cash back and donate to LLS all at the same time.

Thanks again.

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Supporter Comments

    "Keep it up! Remember watching you in BUD/s on discovery/military channel Class 234? "

    matthew zaske

    Sat Sep 01 07:28:29 EDT 2012

    "You're an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for your service!"

    The Katz Family

    Sat Sep 01 07:55:31 EDT 2012

    "Dear Lt. Cmdr. Legg, thank you very much for your service to our beloved Country. My donation goes in memory of Adam Brown and Jarred Carter. God bless you all Navy Seals for keeping us safe and may our Lord give you health, serenity, and energy to keep on inspiring people. "

    Ed Hernandez

    Sat Sep 01 09:10:10 EDT 2012

    "Kidney and Pancreas transplant recipient. "


    Sat Sep 01 10:21:41 EDT 2012

    "Your story, your courage and all of those that surround you are amazing. We feel fortunate to be a part of your next journey. "

    Sheena and Sophia Bediako

    Sun Sep 02 08:35:46 EDT 2012

    "Keep up the good fight, Justin! You're an inspiration and an American hero!"

    Kyle and Helena Reed

    Sun Sep 02 12:49:46 EDT 2012

    "Am Leukemia survivor. Also Sarcoidosis & lung cancer. In hopes for more cancer cures."

    Bill Gardner

    Sun Sep 02 04:11:31 EDT 2012

    "Go Team! "

    Helena & Mauricio Levine

    Sun Sep 02 04:50:53 EDT 2012

    "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9"

    Tom Ratcliffe

    Sun Sep 02 05:33:50 EDT 2012

    "Hoo-yah Lt. Cmdr. Legg"

    Ralph Provance

    Sun Sep 02 05:34:49 EDT 2012

    "I was in 24th Company as one of Justin's plebes when he was a First Class. Thanks for all of your help then. I'm spreading word to the rest of my classmates. Hope you reach your goal soon. Congrats on the Half-Marathon today!"

    Matthew Starr

    Sun Sep 02 06:17:51 EDT 2012

    "Jared McKinley Carter, thank you for setting the highest measure for a man."

    Ben and Pam Koonts

    Sun Sep 02 07:26:43 EDT 2012

    "God Bless you"

    Ron & Marti Milliman

    Sun Sep 02 07:33:47 EDT 2012

    "Nice job Justin"


    Fri Oct 26 10:17:29 EDT 2012

    "In Memory of Richard Fiske, USMC, Pearl Harbor and Iwo Jima Veteran and probably the most inspirational man I've ever met. He showed what it really means to forgive, and the phenomenal life God can bring forth from that decision."

    David Melton

    Sun Dec 09 07:26:51 EST 2012

    "Keep fighting. I'm glad you were able to meet the goal to honor Jarred McKinley Carter. Best to your family and his and to all who serve. Thank you."

    Maureen Swan

    Sun Dec 09 04:42:20 EST 2012

    "A Huge Thank You To Justin Legg & Team In Training!!! Our Family Is So Grateful For All That You Have Done & What You Do ~ We Thank You!!"

    The Moose~ Mims, FL

    Sat Dec 08 05:38:20 EST 2012

    "You're an inspiration, a role mode, and a heck of a fighter!! You give hope to so many!!! Thank you!!"

    Lauren Lorenzetti

    Thu Dec 06 01:44:11 EST 2012

    "well done justin"

    Ron Dalrymple

    Wed Nov 28 10:25:13 EST 2012

    "Thank You Justin For You Dedication & Hard Work"

    American Legion Post 1 Titusville, FL

    Thu Nov 15 07:01:40 EST 2012

    "Love and support from your friends at Sunny Slope Farm in Cooperstown. Stay strong!"

    Sunny Slope Farm

    Wed Oct 24 09:48:35 EDT 2012

    "Justin ... Your story inspires us. Good luck to you and Julie McCarthy as you continue your good work in Jarred's name. Best Regards, Walt Teesdale USNA '69"

    Walter Teesdale

    Wed Oct 24 04:37:45 EDT 2012

    "The National Honor Society of Spotswood HS has raised $163.52 for your cause. Keep fighting!!"


    Wed Oct 24 03:26:24 EDT 2012

    "BZ to Justin Legg for his efforts in fighting for the cure for blood cancers! I donate in memory of my husband who lost his fight after treatment for leukemia and in honor of my grandson who will have earned his trident in the spring of 2013!"

    Juliet Dudley

    Wed Oct 24 03:22:26 EDT 2012

    "Justin, congrats on reaching your goal! I knew you would!"

    Kathleen Schmidt

    Tue Oct 23 10:32:55 EDT 2012

    "Remember "I'm a pony""

    Eric Krause

    Thu Oct 18 11:40:25 EDT 2012

    "Justin, you're an inspiration to us all. I guess I attribute my inspiration to your disregard for what most consider dangerous or silly, along with a love for good (and bad) whiskey. All the best, bro."

    Andrew Ceniseroz

    Wed Oct 17 10:00:15 EDT 2012

    "You amaze and inspire me!! You are a true warrior in every way and make me wake up and appreciate all that life has to offer. Thank you for always being such a rock and proving that any obstacle can be overcome with perseverance,dedication and NEVER QUITING!! "

    Jodi Pinedo

    Wed Oct 17 02:48:09 EDT 2012

    "For your continued health and strength for everything you're trying to achieve - you are truly an inspiration! -Liz DiGangi"

    Elizabeth DiGangi

    Wed Oct 17 12:50:20 EDT 2012

    "Thanks for everything you have done for our Country! We wish you all the strength in the world! -Alliance Financial Resources"

    Jamie Korus

    Tue Oct 16 02:36:31 EDT 2012

    "Justin, You inspire me! When you get to Stanford CA, go to Lucille Packard Children's Hospital, look up my daughter, Dr. Kara Davis. She fights the same fight with the heart of a warrior against cancer; the spirit of a saint for her patients, and; the zeal of a mother of 2. You need to meet each other. Research, Education & Patient Care, the three-legged stool which upholds medicine - Kara does it all!"

    Barb & Steve McGill

    Tue Oct 09 10:44:52 EDT 2012

    "Thanks for the inspiration, Justin. I am an ex-triathlete, recently diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, feeling sorry for myself until I read your story."

    Jim Allen

    Mon Oct 08 02:53:57 EDT 2012

    "Justin- We lived down the street, when you were a baby. When my dad died 35 years ago, leaving my mom with 4 school-age kids, your wonderful mom & dad were a great help and support. My family will NEVER forget the kindness shown. It is obvious where you get the qualities from that make you the person you are. Best of luck to you and yours, and Hi to Kim and Jody! Erika & Sean Burns"

    Erika & Sean Burns

    Sun Oct 07 10:32:07 EDT 2012

    "I am so proud of you, I love you, and God bless you."


    Sat Oct 06 07:49:03 EDT 2012

    "you rock Justin!"

    Heidi Young

    Sat Oct 06 06:37:14 EDT 2012

    "God Bless you and Jarred's mother!"

    Nicole Buzard

    Tue Oct 02 02:46:53 EDT 2012

    "I'm a fellow TNT member in Richmond and heard your story during one of our Saturday morning trainings. What you're doing is truly amazing and I'm humbled by everything you've been through and accomplished thus far. I will continue to root for you from RIC! "

    Amanda Woods

    Tue Oct 02 10:09:20 EDT 2012

    "Justin, This is a wonderful tribute you are giving this boy and yourself. Best of luck in all you do! "

    Ken and Debbie McCloskey

    Fri Sep 21 03:26:39 EDT 2012

    "Please know you are an inspiration to young people across the country through your actions in BUD/S (Youtube) as well as your courageous fight with cancer. Thank you for your sacrifice and God Bless. -Houston, TX "


    Sun Sep 16 10:29:58 EDT 2012

    "Hey man, back in the day I was an exchange cadet from West Point in your company. Anywho, I ran across an article about you in the news - amazing story. Keep inspiring."

    Jared Sainato

    Sat Sep 15 02:34:18 EDT 2012

    "Thank you to all who rode with us on the Poker run and all who participated in the auction and raffles at Poppa's Pub. Thank you to all patrons who visited that day and showed their support. You are all appreciated members of the team."

    Poppa's Pub Poker Run & Prize Auction - 8 Sept. 2012

    Wed Sep 12 03:38:40 EDT 2012

    "Justin, Thank You for the inspiring speech before the race. You are a true hero! Best of Luck to you. GO TEAM!! Sisou & Dave Armstrong"

    Sisou & Dave Armstrong

    Tue Sep 11 09:29:48 EDT 2012

    "Your story will continue to inspire me on my runs...way to go!"

    Britt Bowe

    Sat Sep 08 05:42:03 EDT 2012

    "You are a true hero. Best of luck in all you do!"

    Chuck DePalma

    Mon Sep 03 10:06:08 EDT 2012

    "Good luck with everything. Thanks for the exposure for organ/tissue donation and leukemia. Here's to you and all the others out there!"

    Justin and Shara

    Mon Sep 03 09:21:30 EDT 2012

    "Thank you for giving us this opportunity to help."

    Bill and Ruth Ann

    Mon Sep 03 11:10:02 EDT 2012

    "May God Bless Jarred's family, and may God Bless you for what you are doing. Thank you."

    David VP

    Sun Sep 02 11:44:04 EDT 2012

    "Justin - Congrats on a GREAT race in VaBeach! We wish you continued success and are praying for you, your family, and Jarred's family as you make the Jarred McKinley Carter Project happen. God Bless!"

    Thomas & Rachel Dzieran

    Sun Sep 02 11:29:15 EDT 2012

    "Good luck fighting the good fight!"

    William Burlew

    Sun Sep 02 10:58:31 EDT 2012

    "Semper Fi"

    Timothy McAnallen

    Sun Sep 02 10:43:42 EDT 2012

    "I thank god daily for men like you. We are a blessed nation to have you and those like you."

    kevin glowacki

    Sun Sep 02 10:26:31 EDT 2012

    "What you're doing is an inspiration to all! I trained for a half with Team in Training a year ago and for me it was difficult with healthy lungs! Good luck and God bless!!!"

    Aimee Marshall

    Sat Sep 01 10:51:15 EDT 2012

    "I remember you from watching your BUDs 234 class on TV. You've got a ton of heart-God Bless you."

    Steve Elder

    Fri Aug 31 12:13:16 EDT 2012

    "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday."

    Nick Schlauch Jr

    Thu Aug 30 06:34:40 EDT 2012

    "Go, Team Justin!"

    Carole Chiles Fuller

    Thu Aug 30 02:26:38 EDT 2012

    "God Bless you! We are praying for a cure."

    Dominick & Regina DeSantis

    Thu Aug 30 12:53:07 EDT 2012

    "My dad died of leukemia. What a great thing you are doing and what an inspiration you are. God bless you and good luck."


    Thu Aug 30 08:54:05 EDT 2012

    "Your story is inspiring. Hope you reach your goal."


    Wed Aug 29 09:04:00 EDT 2012

    "One Seal family to another!"

    Jerry & Crystal

    Wed Aug 29 08:52:47 EDT 2012

    "Go get it!"


    Wed Aug 29 08:49:25 EDT 2012

    "Good Luck Justin, you're an amazing inspiration!! The Gallina Family"

    Tom & Laura Gallina

    Mon Aug 27 07:57:09 EDT 2012

    "You continuing to fight for others. Thank you and please thank your wife for your continued service."

    Kathryn in DC

    Wed Aug 22 11:05:29 EDT 2012

    "LT, It's not much but hope it helps push towards the goal."

    Randy Ruddick

    Wed Aug 15 10:33:12 EDT 2012

    "Keep on kicking it."

    M Swan

    Tue Aug 14 09:59:29 EDT 2012

    "I admired you and your fellow guys watching class 234 BUDs but it was not until I read what you are going through when I understood that no matter what your goal is you can always push yourself to the limits. I more admire you for the lawn mowing that I did for all the tough PTs you did. Good luck Justin. M. "

    Michael Bor

    Tue Aug 14 07:00:42 EDT 2012

    "I am so proud to be your Mom. God Bless you and your mission for Jarred and the millions who will benefit from research. "

    From your SDV

    Thu Aug 09 03:58:10 EDT 2012

    "Thank you to all the supporters at Poppa's Pub who put cash in the jar. "

    Poppa's Pub Cash Donations

    Thu Aug 09 01:07:02 EDT 2012

    "Hi Justin, I've been following you on Twitter and am amazed at the progress you've made and your attitude. What a damn journey. You know I've been following your progress since we talked about our bone marrow transplants 5-6 years ago. Thanks for being a positive, standup guy after all you've been through. You are a fine example of how a person should behave during such adversity. As you did, I stayed positive throughout my experience, but I still wonder today if I could stay in good spirit if I had to do it a second time. Your family must be so proud of you. The Seals should be proud of you. From a distance I know we're proud of you. Eddie & Terry Malanda"

    Eddie & Terry Malanda

    Wed Jul 25 03:39:13 EDT 2012

    "Justin, We're really proud of you! Keep fighting the good fight!"

    Shaun & Emiy Lieb

    Fri Jul 20 09:18:22 EDT 2012

    "A big hug"


    Thu Jul 19 11:27:25 EDT 2012

    "We are proud to support your efforts. Please encourage all your supporters to register as organ and tissue donors. The real heros in our world are the ones that give us a second chance at life. God Bless You"

    Mr. & Mrs. Michael Marten

    Tue Jul 17 12:33:33 EDT 2012

    "For Justin and Jarred- Never Quit, Never Forget!!"

    Matt & Danielle Reames

    Fri Jul 06 02:20:49 EDT 2012

    "Friend of Gloria's - God Bless You!!"

    Judy Kouri

    Tue Jul 03 08:29:30 EDT 2012

    "Good Luck Justin! We know you will reach your goal and honor the memory of Jarred. Thank you for performing this incredible service. Love, cousins Gloria and Robert"

    Gloria and Robert Lockridge

    Mon Jul 02 09:49:57 EDT 2012

    "I find it very amazing that his middle name was McKinley and then you climbed the mtn. I so admire you for, like Ryan, doing all you can do in spite of your 'issues'. :)"

    Debbie Job

    Sun Jul 01 08:56:34 EDT 2012

    "Justin, had been keeping up with your life through your Dad but he hasn't been in church lately so I've lost touch. Was glad to get this update and wish you the best in the upcoming race. George & Kathy Zielinski"

    George & kathryn Zielinski

    Sun Jul 01 07:01:41 EDT 2012

    "We have great faith in you!"

    Robyn and David Hayes

    Sun Jul 01 10:47:42 EDT 2012

    "Keep at it son, there seems to be nothing you can't conquer. We love you tons. Wish we could be there to see the three of you come over the finish line."

    Mom & Dad

    Sat Jun 30 05:18:16 EDT 2012

    "Hey bro, you're an ass kicker!!! This means a lot to me, my man! My close friend is beating cancer as we speak while another beat it twice. We also hold a fundraiser, you are welcome to join us ANY Time, brutha!!"

    Zach Even - Esh

    Tue Jun 26 11:06:20 EDT 2012

    "Good Luck Justin! We know you'll achieve your goal. We love you and have faith in you! "

    John & Arlene Liegl

    Fri Jun 22 03:36:32 EDT 2012

    "Thank you for your service Justin. You are awesome and a true inspiration. Keep on pushin' through... You need anything, just let me know. God Bless! -John"


    Thu Jun 21 04:00:14 EDT 2012

    "Hope you get the $50,000!! Even if you don't THANK YOU for making a difference in the world, with a little part of Jarrid within you!"

    Joanne Smith

    Tue Jun 19 07:52:57 EDT 2012

    "Kick some 1/2 marathon ass!"

    Cathy Grossman

    Mon Jun 18 06:28:01 EDT 2012

    "Stay strong"

    Peter van den boom

    Thu Jun 14 10:00:43 EDT 2012

    "Best of luck on reaching your goal. You are an inspiration to us all."

    Leticia Rodriguez

    Sun Sep 30 07:45:44 EDT 2012

    "An honor to help out."

    Monica M :)

    Sat Sep 29 06:47:08 EDT 2012

    "Justin, not only are you an inspiration to all transplant patients, you inspire transplant health care providers! As a BMT nurse practitioner, I am in awe of all that you have accomplished. Keep going!"

    Hannah Weiner

    Sat Sep 29 05:33:47 EDT 2012

    "It was an honor to witness your presentation the other day. Thank you for reminding me to remain focused regardless of how many potholes I may encounter along the way. You are an inspiration, here's to making margaritas! "

    Marie Kroener

    Sat Sep 29 04:18:35 EDT 2012

    "Stay Strong...appreciate your kind service project for Jarred and his family."

    Qivolve Wellness

    Sat Sep 29 03:31:17 EDT 2012

    "You're an inspiration!"

    Amber Mueller

    Sat Sep 29 03:24:22 EDT 2012

    "Looking forward to seeing you finish at the Disney Wine & Dine!"

    Jeremy Thomas

    Sat Sep 29 02:50:03 EDT 2012

    "Congrats on all of your accomplishments! I am a fellow TNT member from the Mid America chapter in Kansas City! Your story is so inspiring! I have completed the Kansas City 1/2 marathon, the Nike Women's full marathon in San Fran, and Nation's Triathlon in DC, all for TNT. And, I am training for the Lake Tahoe Century Ride in June. I am hooked! And it is people like you that make me want to continue to fight for a cure. GO TEAM!"

    Molly from Kansas

    Sat Sep 29 12:19:21 EDT 2012

    "I would like to thank you very much for your outstanding service to our country and also for your willingness to never quit, especially now. It pays to be a winner!"

    Peter Kjeldsen

    Sun Oct 14 07:56:38 EDT 2012

    "We are very proud of you Justin!"

    Andrea, Josh, Mason and Bo Wynn

    Fri Oct 05 10:57:41 EDT 2012

    "Justin, you spoke at our WIN event last night and your story was just so inspiring to me. Thank you."

    Victoria Baksa

    Fri Sep 28 09:53:17 EDT 2012

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Poppa's Pub Poker Run & P... $2846.63
Ocean City Home Bank $1500.00
American Legion Post 1 Ti... $1012.00
socrates hattox $1000.00
Jamie Korus $1000.00
Austin Mission Consulting $1000.00
Rosetta Marketing Group L... $1000.00
brad levie $1000.00
Rick Green $1000.00
Jun Il Kwun $1000.00
Eddie & Terry Malanda $1000.00
LS-Fitness Boot Camp $870.00
Jodi Pinedo $650.00
Elizabeth DiGangi $500.00
Grandma $500.00
Joshua Demeter $500.00
Mike Turner $500.00
Church & Dwight Employee ... $500.00
Michael and Leslie Martin $500.00
John and Mary Beth Alivet... $500.00
John Lorenzetti $500.00
brian melvin $500.00
Judy Hamilton $500.00
American Warrior $500.00
Mom & Dad $500.00
Cathy Grossman $500.00
David Melton $400.00
William Thompson $396.00
David Melton $300.00
VFW #4589 Spotswood $250.00
Spotswood Police Dept. #2... $250.00
NJ Fraternal Order of Pol... $250.00
USI Insurance Services $250.00
East Brunswick PBA $250.00
Chris and Marie Cox $250.00
Carmine Curra $250.00
Thomas King $250.00
Kurt Peterson $250.00
Kenneth Bunney $250.00
David VP $250.00
Karen Brannen $250.00
Kyle and Helena Reed $250.00
Diane $250.00
Thomas McConaghy $250.00
Pete Fair $250.00
Thomas Schaad $250.00
Tracy Sundlun $250.00
Tom & Laura Gallina $250.00
István Hamza $250.00
Jane Myers $250.00
Paul Mattes $250.00
Timothy Masluk $250.00
Bill and Muriel Elliott $250.00
Peter Janow $250.00
Alyssa Milano $250.00
Elaine Rueff $250.00
Don Valerios of Shore Dr ... $246.39
Poppa's Pub Cash Donation... $246.00
Kathryn in DC $225.00
The Moose~ Mims, FL $200.00
Sons of American Legion $200.00
Erika & Sean Burns $200.00
From your SDV $200.00
K and M Le Sage $200.00
Donald Moore $185.00
Anonymous $163.52
Michael Bor $160.00
Walter Teesdale $150.00
Anonymous $150.00
Wendy S Stillions $150.00
Michael R Knoll $150.00
Restuarante Ole $131.00
Maureen O'Connell & Kevin... $125.00
Tom Ratcliffe $120.00
Jarred Carter's Birthday $117.91
David Melton $106.00
Lawrence McCarthy $105.00
Ron Dalrymple $100.00
Arnold Jabin $100.00
David Melton $100.00
Bank of America $100.00
David Melton $100.00
David Melton $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Sunny Slope Farm $100.00
Juliet Dudley $100.00
Raj & Monika Gupta $100.00
Eric Krause $100.00
Andrew Ceniseroz $100.00
Veronica Gorman $100.00
Beth Forrester $100.00
Barb & Steve McGill $100.00
Jim Allen $100.00
Anne Groves $100.00
Michael Morgan $100.00
Sharon Reed $100.00
David Melton $100.00
Scott Barman $100.00
Justin Bliffen $100.00
Laurette Stiles $100.00
Clifton Chan $100.00
Don & Meg Rohacek $100.00
Agnes Bullwinkel $100.00
David Melton $100.00
Susan & Joe Collins $100.00
Darrell and Colleen Mille... $100.00
VFW #4589 Spotswood $100.00
Maureen Swan $100.00
David Melton $100.00
Michael Craig $100.00
Kelly Hoarn $100.00
Sisou & Dave Armstrong $100.00
Sara and Bruce Brandaleon... $100.00
Lillian Leigh $100.00
Mark and Katherine O'Conn... $100.00
Barkley Henning $100.00
Robert Coble Jr $100.00
Bill and Ruth Ann $100.00
Joseph Maupin $100.00
Thomas & Rachel Dzieran $100.00
Timothy McAnallen $100.00
Michael Norton $100.00
Matthew Starr $100.00
Sharon McCool $100.00
Brenda Canter $100.00
Linda Follette $100.00
Zachary Ruthven $100.00
Mallory Shelbourne $100.00
Gregory Anderson $100.00
Sean Pittman $100.00
Ed Genco $100.00
matthew zaske $100.00
William Stevens $100.00
Judy Walsh $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Casey Scott $100.00
jonathan nguyen $100.00
Carole Chiles Fuller $100.00
Kevin, Jill & Kyle Lecorc... $100.00
Jason DeBlock $100.00
Brian & Helen Booth $100.00
Sharon Henderson $100.00
Kathleen Goble $100.00
Andrew Karras $100.00
Veera Vellanki $100.00
Andras Hamza $100.00
Beverly Karafin $100.00
Anne Groves $100.00
Nicki Swafford $100.00
Poppa's Pub Virginia Beac... $100.00
Monti Favero $100.00
Jeffrey Grunbaum $100.00
Edward Wilkens $100.00
barry bates $100.00
Christopher Valentine $100.00
Dave Eisenhauer $100.00
Danielle Ward $100.00
Shaun & Emiy Lieb $100.00
Fred Leonard $100.00
Bill Fosket and Alicia Go... $100.00
alan bernstein $100.00
Matt & Danielle Reames $100.00
Bill Mahoney $100.00
Edwin Sellers $100.00
Johnna Franklin $100.00
Barbara Keegan $100.00
Daryl Graham $100.00
Michael Hayes $100.00
Robyn and David Hayes $100.00
Samuel Havelock Jr $100.00
Jan Albertie $100.00
Richard Lowe $100.00
John & Arlene Liegl $100.00
Lynnette Bukowski $100.00
Jean Meade $100.00
Edward Shahzade $100.00
Andrea, Josh, Mason and B... $75.00
Kristen Parrinello $75.00
John and Daissy Santamar... $75.00
Davidson Ehle $75.00
Daniel Rosen $54.00
Kara Mertzel $52.00
Sushil Sarin $51.00
Maureen Swan $50.00
Lauren Lorenzetti $50.00
Douglas Bagdasarian $50.00
Cris Farrace $50.00
Jonathan Romano $50.00
Shawn Justin $50.00
Monica Baggett $50.00
Sue & Brian Pierce $50.00
Gail in Ethiopia $50.00
Karine Wagner $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Marie Kroener $50.00
Victoria Baksa $50.00
Aunt Cathy & Uncle George $50.00
William & Ellen Thompson $50.00
Michael Cruickshank $50.00
Ken and Debbie McCloskey $50.00
Jared Sainato $50.00
Carlos Cruz $50.00
Leslie Van Dyke $50.00
Scott Tyler $50.00
Sharon Jackson $50.00
Brent Procida $50.00
patricia kaderlik $50.00
Keith hamberg $50.00
bob mrdigian $50.00
William Burlew $50.00
raymond ramkowsky $50.00
Ralph Provance $50.00
Bill Gardner $50.00
Jim Scott $50.00
sharon sheridan $50.00
Ens. Eric Sparks $50.00
Peggy $50.00
Deborah Lombard $50.00
Aimee Marshall $50.00
Aleah McHenry $50.00
Robert Youngs $50.00
Christopher Robinson $50.00
Trish Lombardi $50.00
Michael Greenberg $50.00
Maureen Schoenfeld $50.00
James Piccolo $50.00
The Coffee Shoppe Titusvi... $50.00
Anna Alfieri $50.00
Juliet Reece $50.00
M Swan $50.00
Wayne & Betty Lafon $50.00
Sarah McGinnis $50.00
David McGowan $50.00
Shalalia Wesley $50.00
Kathleen Gregorin $50.00
Kathryn LeSage $50.00
The Newport Family $50.00
Julieanne Wilkening $50.00
Dave Bomberwitch $50.00
Eric Jewell $50.00
Jeff Schmied $50.00
Kristy Nistler Kamarck $50.00
Rick & Jeanne Ward $50.00
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Marten $50.00
Emily Johnson $50.00
Janice Cancro $50.00
Bobby Carbon $50.00
Mark Rubin $50.00
Leon Watts $50.00
Davud Hayes $50.00
Danielle Lukich $50.00
Krista Iuzzolino Gould $50.00
Gloria and Robert Lockrid... $50.00
Debbie Job $50.00
George & kathryn Zielinsk... $50.00
Carlos Molina $50.00
Dana De Coster $50.00
Zach Even - Esh $50.00
RogueMechanic $50.00
Daniel Meade $50.00
Barbara Lord $50.00
Peter van den boom $50.00
Monica M :) $40.00
Kathryn Bernheim $40.00
kevin glowacki $35.00
Randy Pazen $35.00
Joe & Wendy $35.00
Tommy Joyner $30.00
Kelsie R McCarthy $30.00
Rebecca Mushnick $30.00
Kathleen Schmidt $25.00
Kate, USNA '00 $25.00
Brad W. Beard $25.00
John Donovan $25.00
robert schaller $25.00
Aparna Venkateswaran $25.00
Neoni L. Mattox $25.00
Nicole Buzard $25.00
Amanda Woods $25.00
Kathryn Debo $25.00
Greg Myhre $25.00
Elizabeth Duffy $25.00
Jimmie Combs $25.00
Tammy Meister $25.00
Hannah Weiner $25.00
Dana Nunn $25.00
Amber Mueller $25.00
Jeremy Thomas $25.00
eric london $25.00
Molly from Kansas $25.00
Russell MacArthur $25.00
Bernard Fortier $25.00
Gunjan Shah $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
The Crail Family $25.00
Jennifer McCarley $25.00
Margaret Cassella $25.00
Chuck DePalma $25.00
Justin and Shara $25.00
brian jacobs $25.00
Thomas Bauer $25.00
John Harter $25.00
Gregory Allen $25.00
matt kesinger $25.00
Erica Ferrell $25.00
Ron & Marti Milliman $25.00
Ben and Pam Koonts $25.00
The Eure Family $25.00
Helena & Mauricio Levine $25.00
JOHN KURT $25.00
Michael Bednarczyk $25.00
Michael & Catherine Taylo... $25.00
Mary Combs $25.00
Suzanne Overholt $25.00
Jill Binette $25.00
John Klein $25.00
Sheena and Sophia Bediako $25.00
Ed Hernandez $25.00
The Katz Family $25.00
Jeff Nobel $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Ashley Kube $25.00
michael michewicz $25.00
Lazarus Mason $25.00
boruch goldstein $25.00
Mike & Angie Harper $25.00
Steve Elder $25.00
Amanda Leake $25.00
Nick Schlauch Jr $25.00
Dominick & Regina DeSanti... $25.00
Shaun Sigman $25.00
bobaloo000 $25.00
Martha Nakajima $25.00
Cindy $25.00
Jerry & Crystal $25.00
Karla $25.00
The Blatz Family Blatz $25.00
Gail Reinhart $25.00
Meghan Rizzo $25.00
Colleen Meyers $25.00
Emily Hertler $25.00
Nicole Mutarelli $25.00
Lydia Hamza $25.00
Deborah Bell $25.00
Nancy Montague $25.00
Randy Ruddick $25.00
Beth Zahal $25.00
diane lehman $25.00
Margaret McCarty $25.00
Randa Armstrong $25.00
Emily Valentine $25.00
Robin Smith $25.00
Trina Glass $25.00
Mauricio Le Sage $25.00
Lorie Warchol $25.00
Camila $25.00
Cindy Lawrence $25.00
Judith Louvis $25.00
Elizabeth Agiantritis $25.00
Robert Kalinofski $25.00
Tyra Santos $25.00
Maridee Bell $25.00
vincent weichel $25.00
Roy McMillion $25.00
Sunnie Mortimer $25.00
Judy Kouri $25.00
Anthony Sabatina $25.00
Barry Zagnit $25.00
Bryan Lundman $25.00
Sue Purkis $25.00
Joanne Smith $25.00
Aileen Vertiz $25.00
Tom Friou $25.00
Carmella's Beauty Shop $20.00
Deborah Bothe $20.00
Tina Hight $20.00
Jennifer Raab Steffens $20.00
Anthony Angelone $20.00
All American Yogurt Inc $19.86
Keep Fighting $15.00
Rebecca Mirisola $15.00
Anonymous $15.00
Justine Callahan $13.00
Lisa Andre $10.00
Aisha Richmond $10.00
Jeni Bernatz $10.00
Leticia Rodriguez $10.00
Frank Cerrone $10.00
Laura Badovinac $10.00
Qivolve Wellness $10.00
Blaik Doornbos $10.00
melissa Braden $10.00
Geoff Wolff $10.00
Melanie Zahn $10.00
Brandon Walsh $10.00
Janet Lam $10.00
Ruth Robbins $10.00
Wes Broderick $9.00
Kristine Williams $5.00
Adam Gravitt $5.00
Joseph Tan $5.00
Jarred's Yards Per Carry $4.46
Anonymous $1.75
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