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Time to Cure Cancer Again!!
Mar 07, 2014

OK. We didn't cure it last time. But we helped! Last year we raised $1,000 dollars to help research and cure blood cancers. Leukemia. Oh yeah, I also ran a half marathon. 

One of the neatest things about raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society was getting to be a part of the training and education. Each week, before our run, we would learn something new about what the organization does, and where the money we were raising was going. Some weeks we would get letters from survivors or people currently undergoing treatment. Sometimes they would come and visit us to cheer us on as we huffed and puffed our way around the Salt Lake valley. Multiple times I started my run with tears in my eyes. 
It was such a transformative and moving experience that I knew there was no way I could not do it again this year. So I've re-registered, and this time I'm running the FULL marathon. Well, running may not be the right word. There may be walking, and possibly rolling involved. And since I've doubled my distance, I've also doubled my goal. This year we're going to raise $2,000. 
That's where you come in. Check out this awesome video that was shared with us last year before our race. Research like this is just one of the many things your donations will help fund. After watching, please click "donate now". 

Supporter Comments

    "See you on the course!"

    Clay Nichols

    Tue Apr 15 04:36:27 EDT 2014

    "Good job Jawwny!!!I'm Proud of you. "

    Momica Owen

    Tue Apr 15 04:20:35 EDT 2014

    "Timely for me - Dick passed away 1 year ago today of adult leukemia."

    Lori D Saland

    Sat Apr 12 12:06:53 EDT 2014

    "I may hate my kid, but I hate cancer even more!"

    Dad and Buried

    Wed Apr 02 09:41:51 EDT 2014

    "One of my good highschool friends lost her awesome little brother to leukemia. I didn't know what to say or do at the time. 20 plus years later, I still think of him, his awesome family, and what an incredible loss."

    Deb Ma

    Tue Mar 25 11:19:57 EDT 2014

    "Get it done John! Best wishes"

    Elizabeth A. Sexton

    Sat Mar 22 06:09:56 EDT 2014

    "Hey, bro. Good meeting you down at Dad 2.0 Summit this year. I saw your post, and I figured I'd offer a little support. Hang in there, buddy. Keep on fighting the good fight. Hey, we'd also love to have you on The Life of Dad After Show to hopefully raise a more more awareness for you, your blog, and your cause. Art Eddy and I will reach out to you soon. -Ry"


    Fri Mar 14 09:45:18 EDT 2014

    "John best of luck on meeting your goal. From one Dad to another, kick it!"

    Rob Ainbinder

    Fri Mar 14 09:04:34 EDT 2014

    "Run baby run! proud of you doing this! Pierre from"

    PIerre from

    Fri Mar 14 07:18:15 EDT 2014

    "John, my dad has somehow managed to live 14 years with lymphoma. His medical team is amazed and I am thankful. I donate in his honor and wish you all the best in this effort. Thank you for what you are doing! -Judith Shue"

    Judith Shue

    Fri Mar 14 05:50:12 EDT 2014

    "I am matching Joanna's donation in honor of her son. "

    John Kinnear

    Fri Mar 14 03:35:40 EDT 2014

    "From Life As Dad."

    Robert Greenwood

    Fri Mar 14 03:33:55 EDT 2014

    "Top Job. Do it now. After your child is sick or has died it is too late. to late for that child, but not too late for all the others. Any medical research takes years, so while you are young, and fit, or your children are, NOW is the time to do the research. so, Like John says, if you are undecided. Do it now."

    Joanna Hogarth

    Fri Mar 14 02:17:47 EDT 2014

    "It's not a lot, but I hope it helps!"

    Kathleen Chimirri

    Fri Mar 14 01:11:58 EDT 2014

    "Go TEAM! "


    Thu Mar 13 12:19:46 EDT 2014

    "For Walt. ("

    John Kinnear

    Mon Mar 10 04:18:15 EDT 2014

    "Thanks for being a kind contributing member to Planet Earth. Now ... run!"

    Kelli Martinelli

    Fri Mar 07 11:12:37 EST 2014

    "Good luck with the fundraiser!"

    Henry Elliss

    Mon Mar 03 12:24:05 EST 2014

    "Good luck!"

    Mike Heenan

    Tue Feb 25 02:30:26 EST 2014

    "You're a good man, John Kinnear"

    Chris Nichols

    Sat Feb 08 07:37:14 EST 2014

    "Good luck, John!! "

    Lorne Jaffe

    Fri Feb 07 11:46:03 EST 2014

    "I miss you mom. You would adore Isaac. He would adore you too."

    In Memory of Sarajean Matheson

    Fri Feb 07 06:40:19 EST 2014

    "You're the best, John Kinnear!"

    Carter Gaddis

    Fri Feb 07 06:36:50 EST 2014

    "Well done John. Good luck from Frank's Place. Peace Francis"

    Francis Linardo

    Fri Feb 07 06:28:02 EST 2014

    "Run John Run!"

    Therese Berry

    Fri May 02 08:29:15 EDT 2014

    "Get ready. This is the best and worst thing you will ever do to yourself. It will all be worth it at the finish line. We'll be there to celebrate with you Love, The Garcias "

    Candice and Jim Garcia

    Tue Apr 29 09:56:21 EDT 2014

    "Great job, John!"

    Daniel De Guia & Family

    Thu Apr 24 11:53:36 EDT 2014

    "For a friend I just met. "

    John Kinnear

    Thu Apr 17 01:22:54 EDT 2014

    "Go get 'em dad who runs far distances."

    Mike Reynolds

    Tue Apr 15 03:58:46 EDT 2014

    "Dedicated to my mother Betty Wallace and her mother and sisters who died of cancer."

    Linda Tapal

    Thu Apr 10 02:54:36 EDT 2014

    "Good luck, dude!"

    Dave Lesser

    Wed Apr 16 08:29:12 EDT 2014

    "Great work John! HFF -Blake "

    Blake Rodee

    Wed Apr 16 05:25:10 EDT 2014

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