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The Task is Complete...
Jun 04, 2014 by Niki Yarbrough

I would love to tell you that I completed all 100 miles, but that is not the case.  After the first hill (going up to 7,000 ft about sea level) I started gasping for air.  Geez!!  I kept riding and thought that was just a fluke. seems I acquired altitude sickness. So, I started walking up the hills. In the first 26 miles I walked, up mountains, in bike shoes, for approximately 11 miles.  Sure am glad I have strong legs!!  I managed to keep pedaling for another dozen or so miles till I just had to stop.  Not a good idea to pass out on a bike, in traffic.  Now, don't say 'awww'!  I want you to know that I had the most exhilarating and exciting time just being a part of such a great event and to be able to do it with the champions of TEAM WHEEL CRAZY!!  We had nine of us on the course Sunday and all of them (except me) completed their ride.  I was trilled for them beyond words!!  

The big picture is that our team raised over $25,000 for LLS!  The ride had over 730 riders with Team In Training and collectively we raised over $3.3 million dollars.  Amazing!!

Thank you all so much for your love, prayers and donations!  If you forgot to donate to this great cause on behalf of the Team Wheel Crazy athletes, please do so now!  Let's kick cancer's butt in our lifetime!!

I love you all!!

Niki Yarbrough



Training - Not Singing - in the RAIN!!
Mar 31, 2014 by Niki Yarbrough


Saturday morning was an interesting training day.  The first time we have been in the rain. This should give you a clue that we are 'serious' about this cycling thing!  As we did our hill training on the Natchez Trace it began to get colder and colder.  Due to the rain, I just couldn't bring my self to get up on the clipless pedals.  That was just more challenges than I could wrap my head around!



On Sunday afternoon I met Jill & Wasey Ryder at Cornelia Fort Airpark and jumped right on and road.  I finally had my head together and just did it.  We road back and forth on the run way, then we went out into Shelby Bottoms.  At the end of the day, I had negotiated other bicycles, people walking, and baby strollers strolling, and a few young kids that didn't know the rules of the road. Thought we were going to wipe out over a toddler on a baby bike. At the end of the day, we did 15 miles and I never fell when I stopped and unclipped.  It was a great day!  I feel so relieved to have faced the 'scary shoes' down and finally won!

I am very close to my fundraising being complete that to wonderful family and friends.  However, I hope you will consider a donation to LLS.  Go to and help me thank them for being my support team.




This Week with Team Wheel Crazy!
Mar 25, 2014 by Niki Yarbrough

TEAM WHEEL CRAZY After 35 - 45 Mile Ride

We are coming right along!  We work hard and have so much fun!  I keep waiting to go out for a ride and not have to put on all my cloths in my closet before I get on the bike.


Now, I must be honest.  I love riding, but I have some challenges that I need to figure out a way to get through.  See these 'evil' shoes?  

I am supposed to wear them and that little yellow clip fits in a little hole on the pedals and 'tada'...I am now hermetically sealed the the bicycle.  Every time I think I am ready to start using them, I have a panic attack.  I have got to get past this.  Going up hills are tough just using quads only (pushing down on flat pedals).  These shoes allow me to be able to pull up on the pedal as well allowing me to engage my hamstrings, therefore utilizing the whole leg.  All that said, I need your prayers.  This weekend it the deadline I set for myself to be in the pedals.  May God be with Coach Jon as he helps me.  I pray he won't beat the snot out of me before the day is over.

Continue to ask your friends to support me with their thoughts and donations.  Please share


We Survived the Traffic!
Mar 18, 2014 by Niki Yarbrough

This past Saturday's ride was the most challenging I have had thus far!  We started at Lipscomb University, down Belmont to the Musica Roundabout, back up 17th then from there we made I way to Bowling Avenue, Woodmont, Estes, Harding Place to Belle Meade then road on to Moran Rd & Hillsboro Road in Franklin.  All those stops, CARS, red lights, turns...OMG!!  I was a nervous wreck!  However I made it!

The whole time I thought of all those folks I love and I had a very small peek of what they experienced they first time they received chemo.  I will perservere for them and for all of my friends and family that are supporting me with their donations and prayers.

Natches Trace - 35 mile ride
Mar 10, 2014 by Niki Yarbrough


Just like the rest of the world, we are are going crazy for the beautiful weather we had over the weekend.  We'll have it for a couple more days then it is back to the Yuck of Winter. I say next year we put a hit out on that silly Groundhog!  Nasty Fur Varmint!

Look at us!! Team Wheel Crazy for the Cure is working really hard!  This is just part of our team, but we were strong!  This was the hardest ride, at least for me, that we have had thus far.  The Natchez Trace gives meaning to 'the hills of Tennessee'!  After about 28 miles my legs quit functioning.  I just couldn't pedal up that last 1 1/2 mile hill.  But, that was not a failure.  That was real growth!  The fact that I was able to pedal up hill after hill gives me lots of hope!

We started our day by hearing one of our teammates, Wasey, had a family member that was diagnosed with Myeloma.  We pedal hard every week for those who battle.  Please continue to support us with your donations and prayers!

Mar 04, 2014 by Niki Yarbrough

Riding our Bikes is just part of the uphill climb!  

This is Jill getting ready to embark on that hill for the 4th time!


Not all our rides are fun, let me tell you!  As we pedaled up and down this hill on Murray Lane in Brentwood on Saturday, we were reminded this is not an easy sport.  Jill and I were able to pedal to the top of this hill and down 4 times without stopping.  What a workout!

We all chatted about how difficult this process is at times, constantly staring down some new fear. One of our teammates said, 'that must be what it's like staring at chemo for the first time'.  That made my fear a big zero when put in those terms.


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    "Keep pedaling......."

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    "Ride hard Niki!"

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    "Good luck Niki!"

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    Sun Mar 16 04:30:15 EDT 2014

    "Losing both my parents to cancer 2 months apart when I was only 29 has made me HATE the disease! It robs too many of a life half lived, and devastates families and friends left to grieve. We need to wipe cancer out in our lifetime! You go Niki!!! "

    Kay Hahn Garrison

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    "Go Niki! Go HHS Class of '66."

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    "Way to go Niki!! xo"

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    "Go get em Niki !"

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    "Good Luck Niki!!"

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    "Best of luck with the ride!"

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    "In memory of my aunt (Niki's mother), Ruth."

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    "So proud of you Niki!"

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    Wed Apr 09 10:08:37 EDT 2014

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