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Keep Up The Support!
Apr 27, 2016 by Linda Kissinger

Team Coco has been busy! 


This month, we hosted a spaghetti dinner, a team fun run at Pinto Lake County Park in Watsonville (pictured here) and a very profitable yard sale at Bailey Properties in Aptos. Plus, we've been busy training for half and full marathons, running together each week in some of the most beautiful spots in the county, and beyond.


We are so grateful for all the support from our friends and family, as well as community sponsors who have helped us raise more than $30,000 this season so far! But we are not done! We have an upcoming paint night at the Santa Cruz Food Lounge and our asking friends and family to join us in the five-mile Human Race along West Cliff Drive. 


The best way to follow our work is to join our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/teamcocosantacruz/


Our goal continues to be to raise $100,000 so that we can attach Greg Melendy's name to a Leukemia & Lymphoma research portfolio.   


Greg  (pictured here) was just 16 when he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.


He became a team honoree, cheering on our runners and walkers during track practice along with his mother, Vicki, and entertaining us during our weekly team dinners for years before he died at age 25. 


Greg loved movies, geocaching, and music – he even used his Make a Wish request to donate a grand piano to Soquel High School’s music program. We are so motivated to train and fundraise in Greg's memory this season -- and in support of his wonderful family.  


Please join us in this fantastic fundraising effort if you can!



Frequently Asked Questions About the Spring Fun Run for Team Coco
Apr 03, 2016 by Kate Pavao

Where is it? 

Pinto Lake County Park 
757 Green Valley Road in Watsonville

Please note that this the county park, not the city park that’s about a mile away. Here is a map: https://bit.ly/223BATB

Look for a big group crazy group at the picnic pavilion B, which is adjacent to the parking lot.

When is it?

Saturday April 16. 
The Kids Race starts at 8:30 a.m,  
The 5K and 10K races start promptly at 9:00 a.m.  

How much does it cost?

Cost is $35 for the 5K and $45 for the 10K. 

How do I register?

You can register online at https://bitly.com/teamcocofunrunRace day registration will be available if space remains.

Do I need to register my child for the free kids 1K?

All you need to do is sign a waiver for any under 14 participants wishing to race. You can sign the waiver on April 15 at the Santa Cruz Running Company at 1664 Soquel Dr. in Santa Cruz. If you need to, you can also register kids or the morning of the race, starting at 7:30 a.m.

How do I pick up my bib?

You can pick up your bib, free race t-shirt, and other goodies at Santa Cruz Running Company on Friday April 15 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. The running store is at 1664 Soquel Dr. in Santa Cruz. You may have a friend pick up your bib for you.

If you need to, you can pick up your bib the morning of the race. Please arrive as early as possible as race starts promptly at 9 a.m. Staff will be there beginning at 7:30 a.m.

Are there other ways to participate if I can run or walk?

Yes, we are looking for volunteers for both April 15 and 16. Please email Kate Pavao at katepavao@gmail.com with the subject line: Volunteers.

What comes with my registration?

You get a free race t-shirt, as well as water, fruit and other snacks at the race.

Our sponsor, The Melanoma Coalition, is providing free sunscreen and lip balm. There will be other food items to purchase, including Jamba Juice and special items for Teen Kitchen Project.

Kids will get a free book at the end of the race, courtesy of the Live Like Coco Foundation.

Are there awards?

Awards will be presented to the first man and woman to finish both the 10K and the 5K.

Where does my registration money go?

Proceeds from the Spring Fun Run for Team Coco will go to benefit Team Coco, the Santa Cruz Team in Training (TNT) team. TNT is the flagship fundraising program for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and the only endurance sports training program for charity that raises money for blood cancer research. TNT and LLS are changing the landscape of blood cancer, not someday but today, making TNT the perfect way to fundraise.

You can donate to our team here: https://pages.teamintraining.org/svmb/rnrseatl16/teamcoco

More questions? Email Coach Laurie at LaurieProscia@gmail.com


Register now for Team Coco's Spring Fun Run
Mar 16, 2016 by Kate Pavao

April 16 would have been Coco's 13th birthday. To honor her memory -- and to raise money to fight blood cancer --Team Coco is hosting a fun run (and walk!)  
at Pinto Lake County Park. 

There wll be a 5k, 10k at 9 a.m. and a free kids 1k starting at 8:30. 

All proceeds go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Register today at:


Who Is Team Coco?
Jan 29, 2016

In 2015, our team suffered a great tragedy. Twelve-year-old Coco Lazenby, the daughter of  long-time participant Kate Pavao, was killed by a distracted driver.

Coco had grown up with our team: She pitched in at fundraisers, got up early to cheer on her mom, grandma and other runners through several half and full marathons – and even recently started babysitting the children of other team members during our weekly track practices.

Although Coco’s death was not blood cancer related, our small but mighty Santa Cruz team dedicated the entire season to her memory. And thanks to our amazing community of family and friends, we became the top fundraising team in California, raising a total of $131,455.26. Because of our success, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) funded a research portfolio in Coco’s name.  

Now we’re back for another season: training together, raising awareness about blood cancer, and fiercely fundraising as Team Coco. We can't think of any better way to honor her young life than to help build a world where all children get to grow up, a world where families and friends don’t have to suffer through the devastating loss of someone they love.

Our goal is to again raise more than $100,000 so we can honor another member of our community with a LLS grant, Greg Melendy. Greg was just 16 when he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He became a team honoree, cheering on our runners and walkers during track practice along with his mother, Vicki, and entertaining us during team dinners for years before he died at age 25. We are so motivated to train and fundraise in Greg's memory this season -- and in support of his wonderful family. 

Please join Team Coco to honor Coco and Greg, and to help find a cure for blood cancers. Your donations to LLS are tax deductible and are invested wisely in cancer research and patient assistance. Since 1988, more than 600,000 TNT participants have helped LLS invest more than $1 billion for blood cancer research. We are so close to finding a cure. Help us get across the finish line.

Donate today!



Supporter Comments

    "Go Team! (This donation came from a passerby during our water stop shift this morning!)"

    Hannah Fletcher

    Sat Feb 06 03:02:13 EST 2016

    "Half of the proceeds from Bunco Mania! Thank you to Kate, Jessica, Darlene, Janet, Stacey, Alida, Shebreh, Cara, Jenny, Martha, Kamren, Martita, Elissa, Mimi, and Patti!!"


    Sun Feb 21 09:33:37 EST 2016

    "Go Team Coco! Go Team Greg! "

    Gwen Trowbridge - Go Warriors!

    Sun Mar 06 01:22:53 EST 2016

    "Glad to support Live Like Coco!"

    scott baker

    Sun Mar 20 06:48:45 EDT 2016

    "What an impressive fundraising year you had. Keep up the great work!"


    Sun Mar 20 08:59:33 EDT 2016

    "In memory of the remarkable Coco Pavao Lazenby, who did so much to inspire joy, adventure and a love of many things, including books, and in honor of her loving parents, Kate and Aaron, who reared an amazing girl and inspire those who know them."

    Jennifer Jordan

    Mon Mar 21 10:55:20 EDT 2016

    "Happy to help to help support Team Coco!"

    Karen DeFazio

    Mon Mar 21 01:23:20 EDT 2016

    "Beautiful memories of Coco"

    Florence Ponzo

    Wed Mar 23 10:06:46 EDT 2016

    "Go, Team Coco! Sending warm and energetic wishes from Switzerland! "

    Evi, Karen, and Olin

    Fri Mar 25 10:41:48 EDT 2016

    "Remembering Coco......and to honor her loving parents Kate and Aaron."

    Richard H. Dong

    Sun Mar 27 01:20:32 EDT 2016

    "For Coco's parents and grandparents who continue to find ways to give meaning to her amazing and inspiring life. "

    Joan Sublett

    Sun Mar 27 03:18:33 EDT 2016

    "In memory of Coco Pavao Lazenby, and in honor of her parents, Kate and Aaron, who keep her memory always present, while working to help the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society find cures for those diseases."

    Kathleen PAVAO

    Fri Apr 01 05:55:08 EDT 2016

    "Thinking of our dear Coco and how her spirit and light brightened our world always, Bill and Cathy"

    Bill Pavao and Cathy Creswell

    Sun Apr 03 10:03:09 EDT 2016

    "Wish I could be there to run in Coco's memory; wishing you all fleet feet!"

    Betsy Bozdech

    Tue Apr 05 12:11:38 EDT 2016

    "In honor of the amazing Laurie Proscia (aka Batgirl) and Maggie Mathias (aka Hill Slayer)! My dear neighbor was diagnosed with Leukemia this year, so this has gotten personal for me too :(."

    Maya Conrad

    Wed Apr 06 04:23:44 EDT 2016

    "Thank you for coming to the Board of Supervisors today and sharing Coco's vision for the world with us."

    Ryan Coonerty

    Tue Apr 12 07:26:50 EDT 2016

    "I'll be there in spirit for Team Coco's Spring Fun Run and thinking about Coco on her birthday, as well as the good work you are all doing in her honor!"

    Sarah Lockhart

    Wed Apr 13 10:55:34 EDT 2016

    "Go Team Coco go!"

    John Foley

    Fri Apr 15 10:34:19 EDT 2016

    "Thanks Gwen for providing a fun brunch, my brows look lovely. :) Karma"

    Karma David

    Wed Apr 20 01:39:22 EDT 2016

    "Brows/mimosa party"

    Megan Sanders

    Thu Apr 21 12:58:13 EDT 2016

    "Mimosas & Brow Bar"

    Gwen Trowbridge

    Thu Apr 21 01:05:33 EDT 2016

    "Great job on the fun run!"

    Aaron Lazenby

    Sun May 01 04:36:38 EDT 2016

    "You are missed from team coco. C/o karma david"

    Royce David

    Mon May 02 10:43:10 EDT 2016

    "Go Team Coco!"

    Jay Weisblatt

    Tue May 03 08:23:37 EDT 2016

    "Donation From West End Tap & Kitchen"

    West End Tap & Kitchen

    Wed May 04 02:47:13 EDT 2016

    "Team Coco forever! #YOLO"

    Andrea Yolo

    Tue May 10 04:10:34 EDT 2016

    "Thirty-One donation from the Mimosa Brunch!"

    Jennifer Jeska

    Tue May 10 09:27:49 EDT 2016

    "Oops. I just discovered that I never donated the additional proceeds from our LLS Night @ the Santa Cruz Warriors. Better late than never, as they say,...."

    Coach Tim Warriors Night

    Wed May 18 05:25:16 EDT 2016

    "For the love of the team"

    Sharlene Gianopoulos

    Sun May 22 03:36:25 EDT 2016

    "God bless you for fundraising for this worthy cause and may we remember all those who have gone before us. Kim Spangler "

    Kim Spangler

    Mon Jun 06 08:31:16 EDT 2016

    "With Love for each and all of you, Perk and Ann"

    Perk and Ann

    Tue Jun 07 12:34:52 EDT 2016

    "Go Team!"

    Karma David/Cornhole Tournament

    Tue Jun 07 11:20:38 EDT 2016

    "Pavao, Melendy, Lazenby, Kissinger Recycling Fund."

    Pavao, Lazenby, Melendy, Kissinger

    Tue Jun 07 04:41:07 EDT 2016

    "Go team Coco! "

    Bridget Wylie

    Wed Jun 08 09:52:46 EDT 2016

    "For the love and memory of Greg"

    Sharlene Gianopoulos

    Thu Jun 09 07:24:21 EDT 2016

    "We were honored to be a part of this fund raising effort. Cheers to team Coco!"

    Beer Thirty Bottle Shop & Pour House

    Mon Jun 13 03:05:11 EDT 2016

Team Fundraising Total

Goal: $100,000.00
53 %
Donations: $53,331.99

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We are sorry donations are no longer being accepted for this team for this event.

Thanks To

Aaron Lazenby $1800.00
Robert and Angela Amarant... $1000.00
Subhrojyoti Banerjee $620.70
Bridget Wylie $599.00
Sharlene Gianopoulos $500.00
BUNCO! $450.00
Beer Thirty Bottle Shop &... $434.00
Michael P. Dunn $332.00
West End Tap & Kitchen $300.00
Heidi Rhodes and Jay Weis... $265.00
Sharlene Gianopoulos $250.00
Royce David $250.00
Bill Pavao and Cathy Cres... $250.00
Dr. Princy Arora $200.00
Judy Jordan $200.00
Ayuda Networks $200.00
Coach Tim Warriors Night $175.00
Sharlene Gianopoulos $115.76
Alison and Bill Garcia $105.00
Anonymous $100.00
Sharon Walker $100.00
Perk and Ann $100.00
Doy & Carol Prater $100.00
Jennifer Jeska $100.00
Andrea Yolo $100.00
Evi, Karen, and Olin $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Jack & Nelleke Aiello $100.00
PMH $87.15
Abigail Sawyer $80.00
Gwen Trowbridge - Go Warr... $75.00
Cheryl Ann Tosello $70.00
Kim Crowley $60.00
Jamba Juice $54.00
Brenda Block $51.00
Kim Spangler $50.00
Deanna Martin $50.00
Gwen Trowbridge $50.00
Maya Conrad $50.00
Richard H. Dong $50.00
Karen DeFazio $50.00
Jennifer Jordan $50.00
Pam & Michael Flynn $50.00
John & Margie Biddick $50.00
Vicky & Jim Melendy $50.00
John and Constance Dunfie... $45.00
TaraMcCullogh $43.00
Michael and Julie Dunn $40.00
Darlene $40.00
Holly Hebard $35.00
Sarah Lockhart $35.00
Michael Zensius $25.00
Anne McManus $22.00
Pavao, Lazenby, Melendy, ... $21.00
Karen Silfvast $20.00
Karma David/Cornhole Tour... $20.00
Tali Koushmaro $20.00
Yard sale $20.00
Megan Sanders $20.00
Anne McManus $20.00
Tiffany Wayne $20.00
Karma David $20.00
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Jay Weisblatt  
Karma David  
John Foley  
Ryan Coonerty  
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