My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Feb 15, 2017


It takes more than one person to make up a team and that’s why I’m asking you to donate to my TNT fundraising page for TNT!

By participating as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) TNT, I am raising funds to help find cures and ensure access to treatments for blood cancer patients.

Your donation will help fund treatments that save lives every day; like immnuotherapies that use a person’s own immune system to kill cancer. You may not know it, but every single donation helps save a life with breakthrough therapies such as these.

Patients need these cures and they need your support.

Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help get us all closer to a world without blood cancers.

Thank you!


Supporter Comments

    "I admire your dedication, determination, and compassion. Much love!--Big Red"

    Suzanne Drake

    Wed Jul 19 10:21:33 EDT 2017


    Paola Gruner

    Sat Aug 26 10:15:03 EDT 2017

    "Good luck grasshopper!!"

    Grasshopper Gulick

    Sat Aug 26 03:30:26 EDT 2017

    "Go get 'em!"

    Kevin Delvecchio

    Sun Aug 27 10:10:31 EDT 2017

    "To my TNT Wife, love you!!! 😘"

    Stephen Alvarado

    Sat Sep 02 04:29:30 EDT 2017

    "You are inspiring! Good luck Raquel!"

    Kaye McMillan

    Fri Oct 20 04:31:32 EDT 2017


    Erica Jensen

    Mon Oct 23 09:51:17 EDT 2017

    "Sending love, light, hope and prayers to those fighting blood cancers. My husband recently celebrated his five-year transplantiversary, having received the gift of life from an unrelated donor! His MDS and AML are considered in remission. Thank you, Raquel, for raising awareness and participating in this event!"

    Laura Barber

    Thu Nov 23 09:52:33 EST 2017

    "You're amazing, Mid! Go get 'em!"

    Willis Law and Mediation, PLLC

    Tue Nov 28 10:59:16 EST 2017

    "So proud of you my friend! "

    Brandi Greenleaf-Barnes

    Tue Nov 28 04:51:19 EST 2017

    "Good Luck Aunt Rocky! Love, PJ"

    Preston James

    Fri Dec 15 05:12:21 EST 2017

    "To our beautiful daughter we our so proud of your giving spirit and love for all love you always and forever Dad and Mom 💋"


    Fri Dec 29 10:34:38 EST 2017

    "So proud of you!! Best of luck!"

    Kristen Avant

    Fri Jan 05 04:06:15 EST 2018

    "Good luck to you and your team!"


    Sat Aug 26 01:44:51 EDT 2017

    "Hi Raquel. So great you are so close to your goal! 💕"


    Sat Dec 09 07:00:16 EST 2017

    "Best of Luck!"


    Fri Dec 15 08:12:59 EST 2017

My Fundraising Total

Raised: $2,916.55 | Goal: $2,400.00
122 %

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Team Total: $19,446.48 | Goal: $18,340.00

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Anonymous $150.00
William Merrill $150.00
Anonymous $110.00
DAD AND MOM $100.00
Brandi Greenleaf-Barnes $100.00
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Vikki Caradonna $50.00
ToniAnn Connors $50.00
Willis Law and Mediation,... $50.00
Kaye McMillan $50.00
Dawn Pasquarello $50.00
Preston James $25.00
Julie Mc $25.00
Jackie Pliskin $25.00
Kevin Delvecchio $25.00
Suzanne Drake $25.00
Heather Foster $20.00
Grasshopper Gulick $20.00
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