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Let's hear it for my family!
Jul 31, 2010 by Margaret Heaman

Having spent most of my career working in the nonprofit sector, I know that everyone who donates to any organization wants to know that their dollars are really supporting that organization's mission. You may ask, "how much of my contribution will actually make it into the hands of researchers and patients?"

Well, thanks to my parents and my mother's sisters, who stepped up early and generously, I can tell you that the answer to that question is...


The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has very low overhead expenses. At my suggestion, the Boyle family all pitched in first to guarantee that the LLS could meet that overhead. I must still raise this amount three times over again in order to participate in the cycling event (and have set my personal goal even higher), but we hope that knowing that every penny your contribution will all go right to those who need it will give you a little extra motivation to donate.

So thanks to my parents, Patricia and Bob, and my aunts and uncles. Every donation will truly make a difference--you can count on it.

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Supporter Comments

    "Good luck!"

    Patricia Heaman

    Fri Jul 30 01:18:12 EDT 2010

    "Best of luck Maggie!"

    Raymond Rodriguez

    Thu Nov 18 05:34:48 EST 2010

    "Go get em Maggie!!! Thanks for making us all a part of this amazing event! We love you! Shan and Nick"

    shannon phelps

    Thu Oct 07 10:33:13 EDT 2010


    Andrea Edelman

    Mon Aug 30 11:34:33 EDT 2010

    "Go cuz!"

    Nickie Democko

    Thu Aug 05 08:11:31 EDT 2010

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