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Mid-season training update
Mar 25, 2013

It's time for a mid-season training update!

Well, the biggest news of my training so far is that I've (rather unexpectedly) registered for the full marathon. I'd planned on doing the half, but since I've done four of those I thought it might be a good idea to try a new challenge.

With a longer training season than last year (the race is June 2, where last year's was in early May) it turns out that I've been doing roughly the same distances on weekend regional runs as a year ago. That's about to change, though; I did twelve very hilly miles this past weekend (vs. ten last year) and in the next few weeks my training runs will go past the 13.1 mile mark that represents the longest distance I've ever run. That said, training has been going pretty well. Not great, not fantastic, but pretty well.

I think I'll be ready to run my first (and, likely, last) full marathon by June. And if I'm not, I can drop back to the half at registration the day before.

My fundraising board, over there on the right, is actually somewhat misleading; my fundraising obligation is less than shown because I'm a TNT alum and because we're arranging our own travel to San Diego. I've raised $415 through very generous donations from family and friends (check out the hall of fame!) and I have more than enough coming in through corporate matches to fill out my $1,950 goal. That said, LLS is a very worthy cause - and a great tax deduction - so I'd still really appreciate your support. If you are considering a donation, please make it through our Team Quatchi page.


It is happening again
Feb 06, 2013

It is happening again!

I am once again fundraising for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society with Team in Training. This time, I'm training for the San Diego Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon coming up in June. While TNT helps me train for a new personal record in the race - I'm shooting for a finish time of 2:37, or an average pace of 12:00/mile - I'm raising funds to help LLS' mission of finding cures and better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma. LLS has funded vital research into blood cancers and related diseases, and I'm proud to support their cause while at the same time improving my own physical fitness and reaching my running goals.

Donations to LLS are tax-deductible, and over three-quarters of donations go directly to program services (research, education, etc). Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help advance the research for cures.

If you'd rather receive something tangible in return for your donation, check out my Amazon storefront, where I'm selling books, videos and technological goodies from my collection. All proceeds from Amazon storefront sales (after shipping costs and Amazon's commission) are donated to LLS. Note, though, that these purchases aren't tax-deductible.

Whichever way you contribute, thank you very much.



Supporter Comments

    "So proud of you....good luck."

    Bobbie Rich

    Fri May 31 10:19:24 EDT 2013

    "Andrew-this donation is not only to support the LLS, but also to support you and your own efforts to do good. I'm so very proud of only a Mother can be. Thank you for doing this."

    Bobbie Rich

    Tue Feb 12 07:45:19 EST 2013

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