Let's make this a better place...

Let's make this a better place...
Jul 27, 2009 by Mario Pinedo

1.2 Miles + 56 Miles + 13.1 Miles = Big Kahuna in Santa Cruz, October 25th

In 2005, I was honored to be introduced to a true hero, Dochi Pham, he was the brother of one of my best friends, he was also a fighter who for about 10 years, through all of his 20s, fought for his life, all the while with a smile on his face.

In the midst of chemotherapy, blood transfusions and other painful medical hurdles, Dochi kept going. He was afflicted with a very rare blood cancer, similar to the blood cancers that the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society helps on research for a cure.

On September 15th, 2006 with his family around him, and finally at home after months in the hospital, he left this place. There is a big hole left in the lives of those who are still here.

I would like this story to be reversed, to never have happened. That sadly is not possible. What is possible, is that one day, hopefully soon, we can have cures for these diseases. We can have our loved ones grow old with us, we will not have to worry about the what ifs...

I am not running a triathlon, I am raising awareness and hopefully some much needed funds for cancer research. The swimming, biking and running is laughably insignificant to what is really important.

So, please consider making a contribution to this very important cause. I really appreciate your efforts and if there is anything that I can help you with in the future, please just ask.


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In Memory of

Dochi Pham

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Mei Chan $100.00
Jinny Ahn $100.00
Melody Grandell $50.00
Joseph Price $50.00
Sunita Maheshwari $50.00
Lisa Yang $50.00
Yulin Lee $50.00
Reinita Osborne $25.00