My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jan 20, 2011

Did you know that every 4 minutes one person is diagnosed with a blood cancer? By the time you finish reading my webpage and decide whether or not you can donate, one more person will be affected with a blood related CANCER.

Every time I have decided to run a Marathon, I have had a reason to continue fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Whether it was a personal connection or someone else's family member or friend.

This year, two members of NorCal Kayak Anglers (an online community of fishing/diving buddies) are battling Cancer...Mooch and Shicken (or as my daughter says: ShickenMooch! ShickenMooch!).

Also a very good friend of mine, Robert Okumoto recently found out that his Lymphoma has come back....

The number of people affected by cancer continues to increase, and the least I can do is raise some $$ and run a few miles to show my support!!

I will be training to complete the 26.2 mile Mayor's Marathon in Anchorage Alaska on June 18th, 2011. Along the way I hope to raise as much $$ as possible for Cancer research!!

One thing I learned early on in my training was that the research done by the LLS, not only benefits blood related cancers such as leukemia, Hodgkin lymphoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, myeloma, but all types of cancer as well.

Please help me make a difference by making a donation.

Every dollar counts... it all adds up!!

Your words of encouragement are also welcomed!

If you have a personal connection to the cause please let me know so I can include their name on my race day jersey.

Here are the names of some of the people I am running for:


Luis Bocanegra +

Sandy Burton +

Mac Keene +

Bob Dowling +

Scott Scott +

Jimmy Campbell +

Judy Stobbe +

Marina Cook +

Stephen Pass +

Glenn Stockwell +

I hope you will visit my web site often. Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your support!


Supporter Comments

    "Proud of you Jim!"

    Stephanie and Tony

    Thu Feb 10 06:35:13 EST 2011

    "Here's to you, Jim, and all those you're supporting. Sending love and prayers for a beautiful cause! I'll still buy that 6- pack..."

    Mary Maleta

    Wed Feb 09 09:06:04 EST 2011

    "You're a GOOD MAN! Good Luck buddy!*NCKA member"


    Mon Jan 24 10:18:02 EST 2011

    "Jim, thank you so much for your hard work and wish you luck on the marathon!"

    Alain Satre

    Fri Feb 25 03:30:41 EST 2011

    "Good luck with your run, my friend. Regards to everyone."

    Pedro Uriarte

    Fri Feb 11 09:08:53 EST 2011

    "Mooch and Marv, keep on fighting. Go Team Shicken Mooch!! :D - dpshim"

    Daniel Shim

    Thu Feb 10 09:00:59 EST 2011

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Raised: $3,005.00 | Goal: $2,860.00
105 %

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In Honor of

Shicken, Mooch, NCKA, Robert Okumoto

My Thanks To

Eric Stockwell $1000.00
Harris $880.00
Virgil Russell, III. $880.00
Harris $880.00
Microsoft $100.00
Alain Satre $100.00
Johnny Dunbar $100.00
Kevin & Stephanie Asano $100.00
francisco Huante $50.00
Joseph Merighi $50.00
miren uriarte $50.00
Pedro Uriarte $50.00
Maria Anderson $50.00
Daniel Shim $50.00
Anamari Uriarte $50.00
Chandler Wilson $50.00
Anna Paganelli $25.00
Beth Chaney $25.00
Lloyd Graham $25.00
Paige Champagne $25.00
Mary Maleta $25.00
Christina Custodio $20.00
Matt Durham $20.00
James Russell $10.00
Stephanie and Tony