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Jan 05, 2012

Together we are strong.

Yes! I'm back to help the fight. I have personally known friends and loved ones who have fought leukemia and lymphoma. Some are survivors others were taken away from us before their time. Isn't time we found a cure?

I believe that we can solve this problem. But it's not solved yet and it will only be solved with dedicated research and the support of a concerned community - us.

To raise awareness and funds I am participating the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training program. I will be riding in the cold and rain this winter to challenge myself and to raise $3000 for this noble cause.

Please join my fight by making a donation and together we can help advance research to find a cure.

You can follow my adventure this season at my usual spot - my blog




Supporter Comments

    "I don't support many causes, but this is the one I do. I think this is super."

    Sarah Palin

    Sat Nov 12 03:33:27 EST 2011

    "This is the one issue upon which Governor Palin and I agree. Keep up the fight."

    Barrack Obama

    Sat Nov 12 03:36:02 EST 2011

    "Steve: G-d bless you for doing this. You are a mensch and an inspiration to all, sir. Best regards, Brian."

    Mr Brian D. Johnson

    Thu Jan 05 11:31:10 EST 2012

    "...and I don't even eat bacon! ;-) Go Steve - you are a stud! Love all your "celeb politician supporters" on the site. Must be an election coming up... Ha ha"

    Robin Schultz

    Fri Jan 06 02:33:47 EST 2012

    "Way to go Steve!"


    Wed Feb 01 04:58:35 EST 2012

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Raised: $3,150.00 | Goal: $3,000.00
105 %

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My Thanks To

Kaval Kaur $150.00
Cindy Sauvignon $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Peggy Kegley $100.00
Stephen Kellerman $100.00
Barbara Carlson $100.00
Michele Glass $100.00
jerome becquart $100.00
Steven Wessels $100.00
Sandi Goldberg $100.00
Martha McCardle $100.00
Stacy Bowman $100.00
Tracy Orahood $100.00
Terri Costello $100.00
Christie Mahon $100.00
Phil Kaminsky $100.00
Scott Leatherman $100.00
Robin Schultz $100.00
Merilyn Bowman $100.00
Allen Tsai $100.00
Mr Brian D. Johnson $100.00
Gwynne Rolla $100.00
Barrack Obama $100.00
Sarah Palin $100.00
Lou Ann Mowry $50.00
Mara Flowers $50.00
Susan Myers $50.00
William Mowry $50.00
Amy Bode $50.00
Baylor $50.00
Michelle Louangamath $50.00
Sue Doyle $50.00
Ayako Bourne $50.00
thomas braum $50.00
Michael Martin $50.00
Carlotta Duncan $25.00