Turn CouchPotatoWoman Into IronWoman!

Turn CouchPotatoWoman Into IronWoman!
Aug 25, 2010 by Sandy Shepard

Help me TRAMPLE cancer like the thoroughbreds at Churchill Downs, where I will be ending my race at the Louisville Ironman!!

All proceeds are tax-deductible to you, and will go directly to the fight against cancer! If you'd like to follow my progress, please check out https://www.beabondgrrl.com/blog/ & if you'd like more info or to send me a photo of you/your honoree for my Honoree Wall, please send to sandy (at) goodsolutions.com.

Buy a mile or two (one for yourself and a friend!) of the 140.6 available, and you will be personally helping build a path that will bridge me to the finish line and MORE importantly - help improve the lives of cancer patients!

How it Works

1. Make a donation here: https://pages.teamintraining.org/sf/louisir10/sshepar0lb

2. Your name (or "anonymous" if you prefer) will go below.

3. Every donor will get a greeting card every 3 weeks or so detailing my progress. And then I will send you my "chip number" so that you can follow me on August 29th on Ironman.com - and know I am thinking of YOU when your mile(s) come up!


If your company matches, email me (goodsolutions1@yahoo.com), let me know, and we'll either add another mile to your name or upgrade it accordingly!

Remember all donations are 100% tax deductible and will benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help find a cure for blood cancers and improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their families! Because WE CAN make a difference!

The proud owners:

SWIM (2.4 miles) - uberangel: Sue "Dolphin" Bird

1.0. Tansy Brooks

2.4. In Honor of Walter Shepard


BIKE (112 miles)

1. In Honor of Maxine Grazier

2. Big Jim Newton

3. Dawn McDonald

4. Nancy Wagner: cure breast cancer cure! support Susan G. Komen, Twin Cities 2010!

5. Nancy Wagner (see mile 4)

6. Nancy Wagner (see mile 4)

7. www.necklush.com - when u r cold you need a Lushie to warm you up!

8. In Honor of Karin Battat

9. In Honor of Karin Battat

10. Nancy Wagner (see mile 4)

11. Head Of Section - BeingJamesBond.com - Go Bond Girl, Go!

12. Shannon Kerr

13. The McFalls Family

14. Missy Meador - my race SISTAH! Meet you in Louisville!

15. Missy Meador

16. Ellie Davis 2/16 B-day present

17. Leslie Davis 2/17 B-day present - Les, you're the woman who got this party started. Here's to us in '88, the Conchman, & stompin' out all Cancer, grrl!

18. Desiree

19. Desiree

20. Desiree

21. Laura Narbutas

22. Laura Narbutas

23. Katharine Chaney/PureJoyBodywork.com - In Memory of Uncle Chris McCubbins

24. Laura Narbutas

25. Mr. Martini www.behindthebarshow.com

26. Laura Narbutas

27. Annette Barret, my yoga buddy from Peru :-)

28. Hilary Doyle, Mary Kay Cosmetics

29. Coach Sedonia Yoshida

30. Georgie Craig

31. Georgie Craig

32. Jason Chilton

33. Dawn McDonald

34. Jim Budish - BEST malpractice insured broker EVER!

35. Brandy Cook

36. Brandy Cook

37. Bruce Lowry

38. Bruce Lowry

39. Bruce Lowry

40. Bruce Lowry

41. Dot Spaet

42. Cassie, Lea & Michael Bayer

43. Gerrie Hatten, for Mary Lehto (travel companion and champion Scotch drinker)

44. Gerrie Hatten for Mary Lehto

45. Gerrie Hatten for Mary Lehto

46. Gerrie Hatten for Mary Lehto

47. Alex Ament & Family

48. Alex Ament & Family

49. Alex Ament & Family

50. Mr. Martini (see mile 25)

51. Alex Ament & Family

52. Alex Ament & Family

53. Alex Ament & Family

54. Alex Ament & Family

55. Alex Ament & Family

56. The McFalls Family

57. Alex Ament & Family

58. Alex Ament & Family

59. Alex Ament & Family

60. Alex Ament & Family

61. Maria Alexander - MUST HIT HERE by 2:15 p.m. or "game over"

62. Abigail Gorton

63. Abigail Gorton

64. Jason Chilton

65. Susan Clark & the Sisson Family

66. Susan Clark & the Sisson Family

67. Susan Clark & the Sisson Family

68. Susan Clark & the Sisson Family

69. John Theroux

70. Allison Fortini Crawford - Oooooh Domino!

71. Shendl Diamond

72. Shendl Diamond

73. Shendl Diamond

74. Shendl Diamond

75. Jodi Deros

76. Laura Narbutas

77. Laura Narbutas

78. Laura Narbutas

79. www.ncip.scu.edu & www.justiceforalldinner.com - a FAB cause, a donor to me, and TNT Century bike rider! Lee Raney you ROCK.

80. Lee Raney (see mile 79)

81.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

82.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

83.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

84.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

85.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

86.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

87.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

88.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

89.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

90.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

91.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

92. Fellrath. JAMES Fellrath.

93.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

94.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

95.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

96.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

97.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

98.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

99.Lee Raney (see mile 79)

100. Big Jim Newton

101. Barbara Birsinger

102. Jim Budish - best malpractice broker ever! Budish Insurance

103. Barbara Birsinger

104. In memory of Janet Ottonello Steele

105. In memory of Janet Ottonello Steele

106. Randy Schroeder & Seb Jarakian - www.musync.com

107. Randy Schroeder & Seb Jarakian - www.musync.com

108. Jason Chilton

109. Jason Chilton

110. Shawn Frances Lee - www.polecatpower.com

111. Donna Smallin Kuper

112. Donna Smallin Kuper - must be here/transition by 6 p.m. or GAME OVER.

TRANSITION 2 (BIKE TO RUN) - Herbert Wolfram

RUN (Marathon - 26.2 MILES)

1. Aileen Casanave in memoriam Joan & Alden


2. Sarah Lamb - who runs like the WIND!

3. Patricia Dryden & Family

4. Sarah Lamb

5. Sarah Lamb

6. Sarah Lamb

7. Wayne Deer

8. Charles Wilson

9. Kevin Decker In Honor of Tony Alvarez - one of my Conchman buddies from my first Tri try in '88. You rock, Kevin!

10. Steve Reagan

11. Karen Stephenson

12. The Bateman Bunch

13. The Bateman Bunch

14. James Budish - must hit here by 9:15 pm or GAME OVER.

15. The Bateman Bunch

16. The Bateman Bunch

17. The Bateman Bunch

18. Christine Chang

19. Francine Ward

20. Susan Bird

21. Susan Bird

22. Susan Bird

23. Susan Bird

24. Susan Bird

25. Mr. Martini, Behind The Bar Show

26.2. In Honor of Karin Battat - must hit here by Midnight or GAME OVER.

Thank you for being a part of my Iron journey to TRAMPLE cancer!

Much Love,



Supporter Comments

    "Good luck and we are so proud of you!!! Love, Brent and Allison"

    Brent & Allison Crawford

    Mon Nov 23 03:45:01 EST 2009

    "In memory of Joan and Alden Casanave"

    aileen casanave

    Mon Nov 30 02:28:33 EST 2009

    "Hey, Sweetcheeks-- With much admiration for your dedication and efforts, by the time you head out, I expect to be entirely humiliated by the taut beauty of your body! Go for it, Dawn"

    Dawn McDonald

    Fri Dec 11 08:29:44 EST 2009

    "Dear Sandy, You are a diamond Solitaire of great strength and beauty. Georgie"

    Georgie Craig

    Mon Mar 29 06:25:00 EDT 2010

    "Tony Alvarez was supposed to be best man at my wedding. He made the rehearsal dinner but was too worn out from the chemo to make the wedding. Tony eventually died from the lymphoma that ravaged his body. I was a pallbearer at the funeral. That was almost 15 years ago and I still miss Tony today. Thank you for what you are doing Sandy. Go IronWoman!"

    Kevin Decker

    Sat Aug 07 07:09:03 EDT 2010

    "Great cause, Sandy. Hope you're well and have fun!"

    Charles Wilson

    Sat Aug 07 03:53:55 EDT 2010

    "You rock!! Love you tons."


    Tue Apr 20 09:08:33 EDT 2010

    "In memory of Janet Ottonello Steele; please send acknowlegement to her parents: Audrey and Mario Ottonello 603 Santa Teresa Millbrae, CA 61030"

    Barbara Birsinger

    Fri Apr 16 07:32:17 EDT 2010

    "Hi Sandy, I met you last night at the Book Club dinner. I loved the discussion; you are fabulous and good luck with the triathlon. Barbara"

    Barbara Birsinger

    Fri Apr 16 07:23:00 EDT 2010

    "Sandy, You never cease to amaze me!!! Randy"

    Randy and Seb-www.Musync.com

    Fri Apr 16 10:58:02 EDT 2010

    "Go, Girl!"

    Sarah Lamb

    Wed Apr 14 05:06:02 EDT 2010

    "Can I have mile #64? Thanks and good luck!"

    Jason Chilton

    Sat Mar 20 03:52:42 EDT 2010

    "Hi Sandy - best of luck with the Ironman. We lost a colleague in the barrel industry two weeks ago. Even though I didn't know him well - I feel the need to honor him and to do something to fight leukemia . It is not important what part of your journey I sponsor - but it would make sense if it was the bike part since I'll be doing a century ride in the fall myself. Just turned 1/2 century old so it makes sense to do 100 - right? Say hello to H!! Take care! Annette (from the Peru trip - in case you were wondering)"

    Annette Barret

    Sat Mar 06 11:48:56 EST 2010

    "You go, girl!"

    Daffy Passat

    Fri Feb 05 10:53:41 EST 2010

    "Hi Sandy - you're amazing! Good luck! ~Lee"

    Lee Raney

    Fri Jan 29 12:08:07 EST 2010

    "WOW, serious flashback to the Conchman triathlon that we did --- ooooo WAY back in the day! Post those pix for inspiration. On Bike Mile 16: Ellie Davis 2/16 B-day present and Bike Mile 17: Leslie Davis 2/17 B-day present. "

    Fam Davii

    Tue Jan 26 03:33:53 EST 2010

    "Go Solitaire! You're doing a great thing with this!"

    Jamie Fellrath

    Fri Jan 15 04:24:49 EST 2010

    "Go, Sandy, go!! "

    Nancy & Al Wagner

    Sat Jan 02 01:46:14 EST 2010

    "We are so proud of you, just listen you can hear us cheering you on every step of the way! Leann, Michael and the boys"

    Leann McFalls

    Sun Nov 22 10:57:30 EST 2009

    "My aunt was a guinea pig for leukemia medications years ago, and lost her mind as a result prior to losing the battle with leukemia. "

    Judy Bruner

    Tue Nov 17 01:43:27 EST 2009

    "Good Luck Sandy! -Troy and Stephano from http://necklush.com"


    Tue Nov 17 12:01:24 EST 2009

    "Congratulations and Best of luck Sandy!"

    James Budish

    Mon Nov 16 06:45:06 EST 2009

    "I can't believe how brave you are to take on such a monumental endeavor in an effort to wipe out this awful disease! Thank you. You're an amazing, beautiful soul!! We'll be with you in spirit! Hugs. Jodi"

    Jodi Deros

    Wed Aug 25 01:02:55 EDT 2010

    "Go Sandy Go!!!"

    Steve Reagan

    Tue Aug 17 05:02:24 EDT 2010

    "We Love You Sandy! You Rock! Go Show 'em how its done! So proud of you, what an accomplishment! You have inspired all of us! You Are An IronGrrl!"

    Bateman Bunch

    Tue Aug 24 02:13:28 EDT 2010

    "Go get 'em Tiger! :0)"

    Steve Reagan

    Wed Aug 18 11:16:56 EDT 2010

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