My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Aug 02, 2010 by Paula Hamann

BIKE MILES FOR SALE! For $10, you can own one of my bike miles during my IronMan triathlon on August 29th. Honor someone you know and love who has cancer or someone who has lost his or her battle. I will carry the list of sponsored miles and honorees on my bike on race day.

Mile 1: Sylvia Marino

Mile 2: Michele Boyer

Mile 3: Kori Miller

Mile 4: In honor of Tyler Cordova

Mile 5: In Memory of Dillon Cope

Mile 6: In Memory of Dillon Cope

Mile 7: In Memory of Dillon Cope

Mile 8: In Memory of Dillon Cope

Mile 9: In Memory of Dillon Cope

Mile 10: In Memory of Dillon Cope

Mile 11: In Memory of Dillon Cope

Mile 12: In Memory of Dillon Cope

Mile 13: In Memory of Dillon Cope

Mile 14: In Memory of Dillon Cope

Mile 15: Kristin Trentacosta

Mile 16: Sylvia Marino

Mile 17: In honor of Laura Owens

Mile 18: In honor of Mark Zafra

Mile 19: In honor ofLaura Warren

Mile 20: In Memory of Peter Swenson

Mile 21: in Honor of Lauren Bishopp

Mile 22: In Memory of Mrs. Y

Mile 23: In Honor of Mr. Sullivan

Mile 24: In Honor of Mrs. Nielsen

Mile 25: Alexis Drees

Mile 26:

Mile 27

Mile 28

Mile 29

Mile 30

Mile 31

Mile 32

Mile 33

Mile 34

Mile 35

Mile 36

Mile 37

Mile 38

Mile 39

Mile 40

Mile 41

Mile 42

Mile 43

Mile 44

Mile 45

Mile 46

Mile 47

Mile 48

Mile 49

Mile 50

Mile 51

Mile 52

Mile 53

Mile 54

Mile 55

Mile 56: In Memory of Auntie Mal

Mile 57

Mile 58

Mile 59

Mile 60

Mile 61

Mile 62

Mile 63

Mile 64

Mile 65

Mile 66

Mile 67

Mile 68

Mile 69

Mile 70

Mile 71

Mile 72

Mile 73

Mile 74

Mile 75

Mile 76

Mile 77

Mile 78

Mile 79

Mile 80

Mile 81

Mile 82

Mile 83

Mile 84

Mile 85

Mile 86

Mile 87

Mile 88

Mile 89

Mile 90

Mile 91

Mile 92

Mile 93

Mile 94

Mile 95

Mile 96

Mile 97

Mile 98

Mile 99

Mile 100

Mile 101

Mile 102

Mile 103

Mile 104

Mile 105

Mile 106

Mile 107

Mile 108

Mile 109

Mile 110

Mile 111: In Memory of Tonja Hester

Mile 112

Have you been following along??

for all of the new information on my training and my fundraising. I ran out of room here and have now moved on to the other place. The picture above, me crosing the finishline of my 1/2 iron man.


Been a while since I've been able to post. We've had our first boot camp, our first open water swim, and I've exxperienced my first "bites" on my upper thighs from wearing bike shorts for too long. . . What's up next? 1/2 Way To Iron Weekend. . . 1.2 mile open water swim, 56 mile bike ride, 13.1 mile run. Gonna be a long day.


Getting busy and hard around here. . . intensity has gone way up. Instead of a 50 minute run; it is 6 X 800 m repeats on the track. Instead of an easy swim; well, now we are hitting level 9. And my nemesis, the bike, well, Sunday we head out for 45 miles (Happy Valentine's Day) assuming, of course, I can find a babysitter for the day so I can head out and ride!.


WOW I hit the 3000 mark today. I can't believe it! We have 4,900 to go! But hitting that marker was huge. Now I need to make it to 3,500 by the end of February.

On the training front, things are amazing. We've picked up the intensity around here a lot. Today's swim workout-- 100 yard repeats at level 8; I'm still tired.


Sometime during packing for Sunday's 9th Annual Louis Bonpua Memorial Triathlon it hit me.. . not the road (that part comes later) and not just the chain of my bike as I attempted to change my bike pedals (although the resulting 1 inch gash on my right hand bled throughout Sunday's tri). . . Last season, an Olympic Distance Triathlon was the cumulation of my season (and the longest race I did all year) and here I was starting my season with a slightly longer than Olympic Distance Tri.

To read about the event, please check in with!/notes/paula-kosky-hamann/triathlon-kickoff-2010-the-9th-annual-louis-bonpua-memorial-triathlon/267707404422


Not a good workout today. Got through the swim with no problem but got a cramp in my side halfway through my spin workout. NOT FUN. Managed to get through the next 30 minutes of the workout, but it was not pretty. Not pretty at all.


A full week of OYO (on your own to the uninitiated) workouts. Managed to get everyone done (although not in the order that coach wrote them and without getting a day off. . . I'm sort of looking forward to taking this saturday off in advance of our Louis B triathlon this weekend. Who is Louis? This year I'm racing the Olympic Distance, 1500 m swim (about a mile), a 27.1 mile bike ride, and a 5.7 mile run.


Three Words: Pig Farm Hill. Good Grief. Pig Farm Hill. On Saturday, I did something I hadn't done in about a year. . . I had to dismount my bike (at about Mile 17 of a 27 mile bike ride) and WALK UP A HILL. SO sad. I couldn't believe it (even though coach had warned us about how difficult this hill was). I was embarassed, and of course, there was our webmaster taking pictures as we walked up the hill (i was not the only one to walk). As I crested the hill she told me that she had NEVER made it to the top of that hill without walking. Later I learned that coach had to walk up that hill once last year. One guy on the team made it up the hill on Saturday-- for the first time in 5 years! So, I guess I shouldn't feel too bad. . .

After that bike ride, we hit the pool for an hour plus swim. Swimming after biking feels pretty strange-- your arms and back are tight from being on the bike and then you hop into the water and try to stretch out. . . not the easiest thing in the world to do. . .

Speaking of things that are almost impossible? Wiggling into a sports bra after getting out the the pool. Sports Bras are not supposed to be put on when your body is wet. Often members of the team stand around the locker room with their arms stuck in their bras imploring their teammates to help them pull it down in the back (note to self-- buy some sports bras with hook closures) or worse, push things in the front. It is an interesting way to get to know your teammates. . .

This week's picture? Saturday's core workout following the bike and pool. I think we are doing crunches at this point. . . I'm the one in light blue.


The Christmas tree is gone and the workouts have gotten longer. Did a 2600 yard swim today and followed it up with a 60 minute spin workout. . . Then got fancy with a 40 minute strength workout. Off to pick up the kids and take them to the park :) Nice Slow Day-- looking forward to getting the second installment of the workout calendar.


2010 update! Can't believe it is 2010. Also can't believe that this event is 9 months away. It feels really far away, but then again, it feels really, really close as well--especially given how my workouts fell off the world over the holiday season. I got about 3/4 of them done but feel like I need to head out on some LONG bike rides or we are going to have some problems. Swimming and running are coming along well however. I'm looking forward to the kids getting back to school so that I can get back to working out appropriately.

From a fundraising aspect-- December was a great month. About 600 dollars in Barnes and Noble donations. Not to mention about another 600 dollars in donations from friends and family. I made the 1000 hurdle and pushed onward to 2000. Next event? A jamba juice fundraiser and next fundraising milestone? 3500 by March 1st :) Hopefully you can help me get there.


5 pm

Had a little old lady come into Barnes and Noble today. I wrapped 5 gifts for her. She told me her husband had died of Leukemia and made a 100 dollar donation to the society so others didn't have to suffer. I am amazed by the power of hope TNT and LLS give to people.

600 am

Been a while since I've had time to post. I've been SO busy with trying to fit training around Christmas shopping, charity giftwrapping (Go Barnes and Noble-- you guys are amazing and I've earned about 500 dollars so far with 3 shifts to go!). It was supposed to be swim focus week here at Iorn Team Headquarters. . . however, I managed to fit in only 1 pool workout all week-- I did get the running done (something slightly easier about doing that) and I even got the biking in (for the most part-- working in on the stand trainer in my basement while watching episodes of Prison Break and Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Not sure if that counts as biking , but I was on my bike. I'm hoping to get back on the wagon this week. Starting today with a 60 minute Spin Workout followed by 50 minutes of strength and weight work. Wish me luck


Another week of IRON MAN training down. What did we do last week? 4000 yards (give or take) in the pool, 3 hours of strength training, and about 12 miles of running. . . It was a recovery week. Today, I finish off last week's workouts with a 20 mile (easy) bike ride. Then this week we start to build up again with "Swim Focus Week". Managed to make 120 dollars total for the cause with my 2 shifts at B&N this week. Have 2 more coming up this week as well. Can't believe it is almost Christmas time.


Spent 4 hours today wrapping gifts at Barnes and Noble. Made 60 dollars for the cause! I have 5 shifts left and am hoping that the money increases as we get closer to Christmas. As for training. . . things are going well. Did 12 hours of workouts last week and this week have hit a recovery week-- only 6 hours of work out time this week. I'm looking forward to Saturday's Swim, Spin, and Run workout followed by a nutrition clinic!


Had our first real Brick workout today. . . 50 minutes on the bike-- 50 minutes on the run. Did my run with Molly (age 13) and her mom, Michele. They are the two people who are in the picture with me from See Jane Tri. . . Also got my first donation check through the mail today-- thanks Dr. Rayman. Am moving forward pretty well on both fronts.

11/20/09 Have a coached workout tomorrow-- am actually going to get to go! Even think I'm going to be able to have lunch with the team tomorrow as well. Should be a great day. It has also been a great fundraising week. 225 dollars raised this week! If only this would happen every week things would be great! Have a big fundraiser coming up after Thanksgiving. Am going to spend 8 four hour shifts wrapping gifts at Barnes and Noble for the cause. So, if you live around Corte Madera, come on out!




One week of training in the books. Too many more to count left. I've managed to pull together some more fundraisers: one with the Golden Gate Warriors, one with Barnes and Noble and get my fundraising letters done.

From a workout perspective, things have gone pretty well-- 2 bike workouts, one swim, three run and three strength workouts-- not all that much more than I'd been doing (at least at this point). Coaches and teammates seem great-- dedicated AND friendly.


KICKOFF to a new TNT season! Always a heartwrenching event. Today's honoree speaker spoke of the adult dose of chemotherapy that her 6 week old baby recieved after learning of his diagnosis, the 24/7 nursing care he required, his eventual stroke and death at 1 1/2 years old. This is why we raise money-- so that no one has to go through this.

Team kickoff was great! I met my teammates-- mostly women interestingly enough and started to get to know them. We did a quick core workout and learned alot at Iron University. We also got the first 2 months of our training schedule-- going to be interesting to fit this in around all of the rest of the stuff that I'm doing, but at least, so far, for November, I can see now how it will all fit together.


THREE DAYS until Kickoff! Oh my God. In three days official Iron Man training starts. . . What am I doing? OK-- to say that I'm scared is an understatement at this point. I am hoping that the actual start of training will ease my fears a little bit and make me realize that I can fit all this in. . . . Or not.


14 days until Kick-off! So what have I been doing. Well, less excercise right now than fundraising. . . I have been negotiating with potential fundraising places to try to get some money coming in for the cause! Yesterday I signed up for 24 hours of giftwrapping at Barnes and Noble for the holidays. I'm negotiating with Jamba Juice to do a fundraiser and am hoping for a night at California Pizza Kitchen as well. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. I'm willing to try just about anything.


Here we are-- last week of "preseason training". Kickoff is just around the corner. I've been taking it sort of easy for the last few days-- sticking with my weightlifting regime for the most part and letting my muscles prepare themselves for the upcoming trials and tribulations. I've already started mentally questing whether I can do this-- whether I will have the time. I am hopimg that it is just fear of the unknown at this point. . . but we will see.


Week 2 of preseason training in the bank. Its been an exiting week-- I logged over 40 bike miles, 25 run miles and only spent 3000 yards in the pool (I wasn't feeling good this week and there is nothing worse than a pool workout when you are sick). I also got my first letter from our team coach. I'm still a little bit scared about getting the letter-- it makes the whole thing real. I am really on a team of people who are going to spend the next 10 months swimming, biking, and running, for a cure.


Supporter Comments

    "Paula, Have been meaning to donate forever. You are amazing! I am in complete awe of how you train and mother and live life the way you do. You are a force to be reckoned with for sure. GOOD LUCK! -- Mira"

    The Greenlands

    Fri Aug 06 10:11:04 EDT 2010

    "good luck Paula.Yet another tuition payment, only kidding. Love Mom and Dad"

    mom and dad

    Thu Jul 01 10:15:37 EDT 2010

    "You had me at "Ironman is a lot like being pregnant"! But at least with this one you wont have to change dipers or wake up for 2am feedings...all you'll take home is a shiny medal and bragging rights for life. GO PAULA!!! You are an Iron Mummy and you are such an inspiration!"

    Sedonia Yoshida

    Mon Jun 28 11:53:40 EDT 2010

    "we are cheering you on!"

    The Mill Valley Preschool

    Fri Jun 04 06:23:37 EDT 2010

    "You're doing an amazing thing...keep up the hard work. "

    Jennifer Baxter

    Mon May 10 01:11:46 EDT 2010

    " Proud of you! You continue to be a powerhouse!"

    Laura Erickson

    Wed Apr 14 11:38:52 EDT 2010

    "2X10 per sprint triathlon"

    Pat Kosky

    Wed Apr 14 11:27:41 EDT 2010

    "2 Sprint Triathlons in 5 hours"

    John Hamann

    Wed Apr 14 11:24:00 EDT 2010

    "GO Get 'em Paula!"

    The Mill Valley Preschool

    Fri Feb 12 10:45:46 EST 2010

    "Go Paula!"

    Paul Dell'Aquila

    Tue Feb 02 12:56:18 EST 2010

    "good luck Paula in your training. I'll be at the race at the 24th mile. love dad"

    william kosky

    Wed Dec 30 06:47:49 EST 2009

    "Good luck Paula! This means so much to me and others like me who have lost a loved one to this awful disease."

    tandis alizadeh

    Wed Nov 18 03:33:18 EST 2009

    "Good Luck Paula! You are doing a great thing!!"

    Kim Bivins

    Tue Oct 06 12:50:08 EDT 2009

    "Way to to go, Paula! Almost there!!!"

    Brad Carver

    Fri Jun 04 04:24:29 EDT 2010

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