My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Apr 07, 2011

Racing to Save Lives

Four years ago I joined up with Team in Training to cross the line of my first Olympic distance triathlon. At the time I did not know it would be my first and there would be an amazing journey of challenges, friendships and discoveries to follow.

In '09 I felt the urge again to lace up some shoes for 26.2 miles in San Francisco and with the help of Team once again, and the generous support of friends and family I can now call myself a Marathoner alongside a seasoned Triathlete.

And now it's 2011. And while my endurance career has been on a bit of hiatus, it has occurred to me that the need for support in the fight against blood cancer knows no hiatus. The support and resources needed by families, survivors and patients knows no hiatus.

It doesn't stop.

So why should I?

And so, I won't.

But this time I'm not doing it alone. I'm bringing along my friend and trusty bike Dale for this journey. Together we will ride the roads and hills of San Diego training for our first Century Ride, October 15th in Las Vegas.

Along the way we will raise money - hopefully lots of it because the need to find a cure for blood cancer is not on hiatus.

It doesn't stop.

And on October 15th, neither will Dale and I....for 100 miles.

And this time around I dedicate my training in memory of Betty Lou Buonomo and her daughter, my dear dear friend Jody Buonomo Merrill. For the past 7 years Jody has raced with Team in honor of her mother and raised over $70k for the cause. Jody is unable to race and raise money this year, and so, in her honor, I hope to do her proud.


Supporter Comments

    "LIsa, you never cease to amaze us with everything you do. Hopefully, we will be there in Vegas to support you. Love, Mom & Dad"

    Rosemarie Girolamo

    Sat Apr 09 08:44:18 EDT 2011

    "Good Job Lisa...I'm proud of you!"

    Mark Desrochers

    Sun Apr 10 02:57:22 EDT 2011

    "Best of Luck Lisa!! What a Great Cause."

    Sean McDonnell

    Sat Apr 16 09:33:57 EDT 2011

    "We made an extra 40 at the studio on our charity class so here ya go! GO GO GO GO GO"

    boston pilates plus

    Sun Apr 17 11:29:41 EDT 2011

    "Get up the great work Lisa!"

    KAte Deering

    Tue Jul 26 11:50:49 EDT 2011

    "You go woman!"

    Carrie M

    Fri Oct 07 12:09:54 EDT 2011

    "PepsiCo will match my donation. "

    Kim Virtanen

    Sat Oct 08 11:28:27 EDT 2011

    "Best of luck on your ride! Knowing you, I doubt you are "retiring" after this ride...."

    Brother Al

    Tue Oct 11 09:48:53 EDT 2011

    "Here is some insight into me."


    Tue Oct 18 03:40:41 EDT 2011

    "Good luck Lisa! Great job helping to make a difference!"

    Conrad Hametner

    Fri Oct 07 05:24:21 EDT 2011

    "Good Luck Lisa!!!"


    Fri Sep 09 06:07:17 EDT 2011

    "My dear friend, Patrick Martin, Nineveh, Indiana and in support of Lisa Giralamo! Thank you Lisa for making a difference!!"

    Chad Robley

    Thu Sep 01 12:13:00 EDT 2011

    "Lisa, It was your dedication and heart that you articulated so well on your fundraising page that inspired me to donate again to LLS. Enjoy the ride! Love Adie"

    Adie Callahan

    Tue Aug 30 07:39:49 EDT 2011

    "Can LG ride 100 miles? Puhleeze! You're strong and determined! Have fun and go, go, go! I see sub-6 in your future! :-) "

    Lori McKellar

    Thu Aug 04 11:52:01 EDT 2011

    "Enjoy the rides!"

    Scott Powell

    Tue Jun 21 01:25:21 EDT 2011

    "GO TEAM! Thanks so much for the shout out! its killing me not doing anything this year so your dedication means so much to me! love you!!"


    Thu Apr 07 06:15:23 EDT 2011

    "I'm so proud of you for all the time and effort you've put into this cause, Lisa. Keep up the great work!"

    Jewel Spears

    Sun Oct 16 01:10:15 EDT 2011

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