My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Nov 10, 2010 by Yvette Farina

Welcome to my Team In Training home page.

I FINISHED MY RACE!!!!!!!!!! I ACTUALLY RAN 13.1 MILES!!!!!!! Thank you to all my supporters!

Wow, it is so hard to believe that this is over. What an adventure this has been for me. Thank you to all who have backed me up through this entire wonderful journey!!!

As you can see in the pictures above, I had some supporters there with me and it was just wonderful having Jeffrey, Sarah, Zachary, Lisa and Brooke there with me to share this exciting time. We had a blast in San Francisco.

I have never felt anything like this. All I could say and still say is WOW!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!!! The feeling of crossing the finish line, the feeling of walking into the inspiration dinner to hundreds of people cheering you on, all of it was so overwhelming and the tears were just flowing...I made a difference in someone's life, how is that possible? I am just so glad that I took on this challenge and that despite the few injuries that set me back, there were people encouraging me to keep on going. You all know who you are. I couln't have done it without you all!!!

Once again I love you all and am so thankful for all your support! I plan to do this over and over again. Maybe next time you can join me! :)

Love you all and feel your support so strongly!



Supporter Comments

    "Yvette, I just lost a very good friend, Mr Jesse Macias to ALL, he was 79."

    Michael Cruz

    Sun Jul 25 11:17:49 EDT 2010

    "Thank you for standing in the gap for all those that couldn't and can't! Love you Cuz!"

    Kimberly Garavito

    Tue Sep 07 06:27:26 EDT 2010

    "If everyone just gave you $25 it would make ALL the difference in the world. Thanks for doing this for my brother and sister. We love you!"

    Jim and Tracey Gaither

    Thu Sep 09 02:02:59 EDT 2010

    "Have I ever mentiond how amazing you are?! Keep doing what you're doing!!"


    Sat Sep 18 02:53:05 EDT 2010

    "Good Luck!"

    Debra E-Leon

    Wed Sep 29 12:59:48 EDT 2010

    "Thank you Yvette, for having the strength and stamina to do this."

    Monica & Paul Duenas

    Thu Sep 30 10:57:41 EDT 2010

    "Blessings to you sweet sister of Shari's. Go gettum girl :)"


    Sat Oct 02 01:13:01 EDT 2010

    "So proud of you. The Higgies are rooting for you, GO YVETTE!"

    Linda Higginbottom

    Mon Oct 04 12:40:25 EDT 2010

    "So proud of you Girly!! May God give you strength and stamina to finish this race! Love You!!"

    Liz Castro (Oscar)

    Thu Oct 14 02:37:23 EDT 2010

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Jeff Duarte

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Jimmy's by the Park $100.00
Chloe Petcharaporn $100.00
Jim and Tracey Gaither $100.00
Sarah Collins $100.00
Michael Cruz $100.00
Robin Garland $60.00
Robin Garland $60.00
Jessica Reyes $50.00
Liz Garcia $50.00
Kristin Colbey $50.00
Dolly Aspeytia $50.00
Dora M. Speedy $50.00
Monica & Paul Duenas $50.00
Training Resources, Ltd. ... $50.00
Sheridan Barker $50.00
Shari SanAgustin $50.00
Jesse & Cyndi Martinez $50.00
David Hernandez $50.00
Gleicita Kerns $50.00
Lynda Clark $30.00
Rebecca McClary $30.00
Rubio's Fresh Mexican Gri... $27.03
Liz Castro (Oscar) $25.00
Caroline Naranjo $25.00
Sarah Collins $25.00
Denise Sardina $25.00
Listyanna Goodspeed $25.00
Linda Higginbottom $25.00
Faith Nation $25.00
Lani Taylor $25.00
Laura $25.00
Judith Mascarina $25.00
Blanca Lemus $25.00
Ricardo Cisneros $25.00
Sandra Aguilar $25.00
Cynthia Briggs $25.00
Blanca Hernandez $25.00
Brahim Wahib $25.00
Teresa Boli $25.00
Esther Diaz $25.00
Suzanne Gamez $25.00
Dennis Hernandez $25.00
Angela M. Hawkins, Ed.D. $25.00
Janet Krecklow $25.00
Gabby Noriega $25.00
Tia Rachel Guillen $25.00
susan carver $25.00
kim davis $25.00
Rick Nichols Nichols $25.00
Kimberly Garavito $25.00
Janette Gomez $25.00
Linda Seaver $25.00
Dottie Corcoran $25.00
Arthur Baker $25.00
Kim Kruzel $25.00
michelle Becker $25.00
Lydia Venegas $25.00
David Bisbal $25.00
Sheffield Family $20.00
Eunice Crenshaw $20.00
Terri Villavicencio $20.00
Araceku Arnas $20.00
June Quintania $20.00
Elizabeth Duarte $20.00
Denise Deason $20.00
Sharon Boling $20.00
Steven Guillen $20.00
Kristen Bell $15.00
Frances Martinez $15.00
Livier Nelson $15.00
Deborah Lopez $10.00
Marlo Infante $10.00
Yolanda Hernandez $10.00
Sylvia Robledo $10.00
Yvette Farina $10.00
Fabiola Gonzalez $10.00
Charleen Love $10.00
Candace Dominguez $10.00
Linda Santiesteban $10.00
Jill Harvey $10.00
Maureen Tharp $10.00
Hilda Bender $10.00
Imelda Genovese $10.00
Danielle Nation $10.00
Janette Ortiz $10.00
Joe Amaro $10.00
Debra McLinden $10.00
Anna Riley $10.00
Rebekah Cross $10.00
John Wyllie $10.00
Barbara Munoz $10.00
Ivan R. Rubio $10.00
Terry Schonhoff $10.00
Lary Walker $10.00
Debra E-Leon  
Yvette Farina