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"THE" IronMan
Mar 08, 2012 by Brad Michels

March 1, 2012

Unfortunately due to some extreme weather conditions , the news here called it a "Weather Bomb" (Heavy rains, and 150k/hr winds) and was predicted to be "the worst storm the island had ever seen!", we were notified that our event on Saturday was canceled. :(

In lieu of the full Ironman, and based again on the weather conditions for the day, they will be hosting for us a Half Ironman on Sunday.


March 3, 2012

I'm so disappointed right now that Im not competing in my first ever Ironman! However, I think the Ironman committee made the right call. While the weather itself isnt that bad, and we have most definitely swam in worse conditions, the wind is HOWLING!! The winds would have made it a most terrible ride and I feel that many of my teammates and even myself included, probably wouldnt have finished had we competed today.


March 5, 2012

While yesterday was not a full Ironman, I competed in a fantastic Half Ironman! I felt great the whole day and NOTHING could take the smile off my face! I knew I had the best swim, cause EVERYONE kept passing me on the bike and the run! :) even though I haven't reached Ironman status YET, I'm so proud of myself, and my team and the Amazing accomplishment we have achieved! Thank you all again so much for all your love and support!!! Just know that this journey IS NOT finished, and I will be an IronMan!

Training Update
Feb 01, 2012 by Brad Michels

Had a Minor setback this past weekend.

Was supposed to do 90 miles on the bike and was only able to do 75 due to some issues with my knee. This close to the race i didnt want to risk anything by pushing too hard. So got dropped off from the first to 2nd aid station (about 15 miles away) so I could avoid another grueling climb. Finished strong as it was all downhill, but was really concerned with the pain.

I was able to run on Sunday and did about 11 miles without much pain, so i think I know what the problem was and hopfully I fixed it! :)

I'll find out for sure this weekend as we have a 100 mile ride from San Diego to Orange County and back! This is going to be fun!

The Weekend of an Ironman in Training:
Jan 21, 2012 by Brad Michels

Actual Conversation between my friend and I!

Friend: So whadda do this weekend?

Me: Let’s see. I went to bed at 9pm on Friday to be up before the sun and get to training on Saturday morning.

Spent 8 hours riding 90 miles on the bike, then ran for an hour (about 5 miles). Went home showered, ate dinner and passed out on the couch.

Woke up Sunday morning ate went back to sleep, woke up ran for 2.5 hours (about 14 miles) came home, showered ate dinner and passed out.

How about you?

Friend: You’re Stupid!

Fundraiser of the Week!
Jan 21, 2012 by Brad Michels

Due to all your generous donations I was named Fundraiser of the Week!

Only $602.49 left to go in order to reach my Minimum Goal!!

Thank you all for your support!!

Twas Just after New Years!
Jan 10, 2012 by Brad Michels

Hope you enjoy!

Twas just after New Years and all through my house,

lies gear for my Tri Training scattered about.

Colleen just sighs at the mess from my fun.

In hopes that someday she’ll get some time one on one! ;)

My clothes are all dirty, and the smell is quite ripe

From the Swimming with sharks, and the time on my bike!

I push and I push until I have no more stores

of energy, laundry and band- aids for sores

“Why would you do that?” is the question I’m asked

Swim, Bike and Run who’s chasing your a**?

I do this for me and to help others too

Please help make a difference by donating a few.

While I'm on my journey many fight a tough fight

against an evil killer that stalks in the night!

Many will lose, and we honor those we have lost,

But we can help those still struggling with their burden and cost.

Your money goes directly to patients, and research for sure

And my biggest goal is to help find a cure

So, please give me your money so together we fight!

Send me a dollar if the money is tight!

You know I don’t care, just give what you got!

And I'll keep Swim, bike and running till my body stops!

Bastardized by Brad Michels :)

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Supporter Comments

    "good luck Brad!! Go get em! :)"

    kara watkins norgart

    Sat Oct 08 06:42:54 EDT 2011

    "i hope to one day do what you're going to do in NZ - well, maybe half of it :) best of luck to you and the team!! consider this my "i wish i could be there to do your 5k" donation. hope tomorrow ROCKS!! GO TEAM!!!!"


    Sat Oct 29 07:18:25 EDT 2011

    "Hi Brad, sorry I missed Remission Rocks!"

    Christopher Kanaar

    Mon Nov 07 12:49:56 EST 2011

    "Thank you for donating your time to such a great cause. Good luck at the race! Dawn and Jason "

    Dawn K. Dirkx

    Thu Jan 12 04:38:41 EST 2012

    "Good luck, champ!"

    Kim and Chris

    Sat Jan 21 10:03:13 EST 2012

    "Happy Belated Bday! Njoy NZ!"


    Wed Feb 01 05:51:31 EST 2012

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