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Eye Candy!
Apr 24, 2011 by Brad Michels

Another great week of training and fundraising! Saturday we did an Olympic Distance Practice Tri (500meter swim, 26mile bike,& a 6mile run). I felt great and my offical finish time was 2hours and 42mins!!

Then Saturday evening, some friends and I were auctioned off for charity!

We raised over $3,000 at the event!

Every Penny Counts!!!!!!
Apr 20, 2011 by Brad Michels

I just received some of the best news I think I may have ever of received in my life! A friend of mine who has been battling lymphoma and has undergone treatment 5 times, is officially in remission!

La Jolla Recovery
Apr 20, 2011 by Brad Michels

On Sunday I ran the La Jolla Half Marathon. That has got to be one of the toughest halfs I've run. I swear this this entire race is uphill (except of course for the one huge downhill near the end)!!!

I didn't post my best time ever, but that's ok because that wasn't my goal. This was a training run for me and my goal was to maintain a 9-10 min mile pace for the entire race.

And that is EXACTLY what I did!!!

My official Finish: 2 hours :03 min :10 sec Pace: 9:24

Right on Target!

So after two days of recovery I got back out on the bike this morning. I did 3 easy loops around Fiesta Island and then Ran 2.6 miles. It felt good to get that last bit fo soreness out of my muscles!

Crazy Weeks!!!!!!
Apr 12, 2011 by Brad Michels

So the past few weeks have been beyond nuts! Between work, training, and a little fun in between the weeks have been flying by!

Training is going amazing! Last Sunday was the longest I've ever Ridden. I did the GranFondo Colnago's Medio Fondo here in San Diego. It was a 60 mile ride from Little Italy through National City out to the Olympic training Center in Otay Vally, back through Bonita and finishing up again in Little Italy!! What an awesome experience!

Then just this morning we went out and did 25 miles onthe bike followed by a 3 mile run (this has been a pretty consistent Tuesday workout)! And I still felt great!

Next weekend is the La Jolla Half Marathon, and Ihoping to beat my personal record (we'll see)! :)

The weekend before that i was lucky enough to catch one of the best and last snowboarding days of the season at Big Bear, and I even made it off the lift and down the mountian!!!!

$1000 in 100 Hours!
Mar 15, 2011 by Brad Michels

Hello to all my family and friends,

I have been challenged by my Team-in-Training teammates to kick-start my Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) 2011 fundraising. The challenge is this: to earn $1000 in the next 100 hours toward my goal of $13,150 in 2011.

I've been talking you all up... so please help! Consider it a small price to pay for philanthropy in tough economic times. Skip that latte tomorrow morning and donate to find a cure for cancer. Or skip it for a week and donate more. No amount is too big or too small, every penny counts!

Use the link beside this post to donate online quickly and securely. Donations are 100% tax deductible.

Please share this post with as many of your friends and family as you can, because even if you can’t donate, maybe there is someone else out there you know who can!

Currently, I am training with the team to complete the Vineman Half Ironman Triathlon. That’s a 1.2 mile swim, followed by a 56 mile bike ride, and finished with a 13.1 mile run! And while that may seem like a grueling amount of activity to some, it’s 100% easier than Chemotherapy!!

Team in Training has raised nearly $1 Billion dollars to fund research, patient services, and education but we still don’t have a cure! So every donation counts in our fight against cancer. Each donation you make helps accelerate finding a cure for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. More than 823,000 Americans are battling these blood cancers, not to mention all those fighting numerous other forms of cancer. I am hoping that my participation in Team In Training will help bring them hope and support.

On behalf of myself and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, thank you so very much for your support. I appreciate your generosity.

With Greatest Gratitude

Brad Michels

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    "Hope you have an incredible race, Brad! "


    Mon Jun 27 06:02:24 EDT 2011

    "you're awesome!!! best of luck to you on your race! GO TEAM!!!"


    Mon Jun 27 11:36:54 EDT 2011

    "Thanks for the bowling pin!"

    Brian Horne

    Sun Apr 24 01:30:18 EDT 2011

    "Hi Brad Best to you and reaching your goal! :) Yadida First American Title"

    Yadida Black

    Sat Apr 23 11:45:23 EDT 2011

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