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Almost Taper Time
Jun 27, 2011 by Brad Michels

Wow what a great week of training!!!!

Monday 5mile run then swim

Tuesday Torrey pines hill repeats

Wednesday 5 mile run

Thursday Rest

Friday 5mile run then swim

Saturday 58 miles on the bike then a 7 mile run!

Holw cow!! only 19 days left till race day!!! :)

Just keep swimming!
Jun 10, 2011 by Brad Michels

So despite a few injuries and several setbacks the past few weeks of training has been great! Last Sunday I did a really fun 30 mile bike from my house, just outside downtown, to Coronado and then took the Ferry back (really a fun relaxing ride if you've never done it!)! Then strapped on the shoes and managed to do about 3 miles before the hip started acting up.

On Tuesday I did Hill repeats at Torrey PinesI The goal was to get up the hill faster than 9min and we crushed it! Fastest time up 8:45! 4 times up the outside and once up the inside. Whoo hoo! Check out these hills!

I tried to go out for a swim on Wednesday, but just as I was headed out I sliced my toe on a rock. :( At first I didn't think anything of it, but when I took my foot out of the water to look at it, it was totally bleeding. The only thought that came to mind was that strange fact that Sharks can smell a drop of blood in the water like 7 miles away!!! So needless to say, no swimming for my that day.

This morning I managed a one mile swim at the cove! That's the farthest I've been in a long time and the shoulders felt really great! I'm getting so Excited! Only about a month away from Vineman Half Ironman!!! And so far I've raised $2,166 to fight cancer! Only $1500 away from reaching my first milestone!

Injuries Suck, but not as bad a s Cancer!
May 21, 2011 by Brad Michels

So this week of training was really lagging for me! I was diagnosed with hip bursitis (stupid bursa sacs trying to protect my bones and muscles)! 2 weeks of No running! So Biking and Swimming right! Yea, except I broke my wheel last week and had to get my bike tuned up! So Just swimming for me for the last week. But I've got my bike back and today we're going out to do about 55 miles! It' gonna be tough after not riding for a week, but then I remember it's not chemotherapy and it makes it all worthwhile!

An ode to Dolly! :)
May 13, 2011 by Brad Michels

Great Training week this week! I definitely need to keep working on my run! Did 50 miles on the bike up to San Onofre State Beach and the Nuclear Power plant. Something tells me that it was a man who designed the buildings. What do you think?

Then a 5mile run. But I pushed really hard on the bike at the end and paid for it on the run! Gotta figure that out a little better and really start working on my run more.

The team so far has raised in excess of $50,000 so far and there is still more to go, so if you can help (even a dollar!) please do so by clicking the link on the side! :)

Your donation will...

- Encourage scientists to pursue blood cancer research. Grants to young scientists help grow research talent even as federal research funding becomes increasingly limited.

- Develop "targeted therapies" that kill cancer cells selectively. By hitting specific molecular targets, these treatments don't harm patients' healthy cells, resulting in fewer dangerous side effects.

- Test immunotherapies. Immunotherapies strengthen a patient's own immune system so it can better fight infections and attack cancer cells, reducing the need for damaging chemotherapy.

- Improve the safety of today's cures. LLS funds research to predict, manage and prevent complications in patients most at risk for long-term and late effects of treatment.

- Help patients and their families make informed decisions. LLS supplies information and counseling to help guide patients through their cancer journey and access current treatment and clinical trial options.

- Provide financial aid and co-pay assistance. A cancer diagnosis is hard enough without having to deal with its financial burden. We provide programs to help relieve the economic strain of a blood cancer diagnosis.

- Offer community services. Among the wide array of programs LLS provides are those that link newly diagnosed patients with trained volunteers and that help young cancer patients return to school after an absence resulting from treatment.

- Encourage our state and federal legislators to support blood cancer issues. With your help, LLS brings to the attention of lawmakers the urgent need for increased government funding and support of research and patient access to affordable treatment and quality care.

On a local note: Here in San Diego, LLS invests more than $8,000,000 in researchers at places like Scripps and UCSD. We provide tens of thousands of dollars in patient financial aid and thousands of hours a year on training supporters to assist those who've been diagnosed or family members. We do the same in chapters throughout the US and Canada!

Being Sick Sucks!!
May 13, 2011 by Brad Michels

So no training for me last 2 weeks!

I had to take time off and try to recover from this nasty flu bug I caught!

Back on this week for sure!

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    "you're awesome!!! best of luck to you on your race! GO TEAM!!!"


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