Sark's Running A Marathon?

Sark's Running A Marathon?
Jan 07, 2010 by Sarkis Missakian

Running To Save Lives

First let me say THANK YOU to everyone who has given so generously to this cause. I reached my minimum goal of $2900 on Feb 8th. I couldn't have done it without you. Look for upcoming fundraising events in March.

SAT, JUNE 26th


Full marathon completed in just under 6 hours.!!!

SAT, MAY 15 - Ran almost 17 miles - Cuttings Wharf, Napa.

SAT, March 27 - Out to the coast for a 10.5 mile run! Beautiful day, gorgeous run. Next Saturday is Annadel.

SUN, March 21 - Ran for 2 hrs today, about 8 miles. YEAH! I was totally beat the rest of the day. Tomorrow I will rest.

MON, March 15 - I haven't really exercised much since the surgery. I need to get out there TODAY. I feel like I've fallen behind and need to catch up! SO today after work, I will go for a 45 minute jog/walk. I'm running out of time to train..... well, I have over 3 months so I guess I still have enough time. That is, IF I step it waaay up!

FRI, March 5th - I'M BACK!!! The surgery went well, I can breathe during the night again. (I had a tonsillectomy & uvulopalatal flap done on Feb 19th) I ended up losing almost 13 lbs in 7 days as a result .... simply because it was too painful to eat solid foods. I can't start any serious exercising until March 10th - as long as the Dr gives me the go ahead. I want to get out there and RUN...

Sun, Feb 14th - jogged non-stop for nearly 2 miles. Yea for me!

Sat, Feb 6th - First run of the season with the rest of my teammates. We met at Finley Center in the rain and ran for an hour at a 3:1 pace. That's 3 mins jogging, 1 min walk. I was able to keep up and it felt awesome.

Mon, Feb 1st - Kickoff was last Saturday, Jan 30th. It was a little overwhelming. I think I'm stressing out about the training and how out of shape I actually am. My mentor (pictured at right) turned out to be the brother of a high school friend. It was good to meet my team and hear all the honorees speak. Training officially starts tomorrow.....

The Beginning:

There are certain decisions you make in life that turn out to be life changing events. Deciding to run a marathon just might be one of those decisions. I have committed myself to train for a marathon this June as a member of Team In Training to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We're raising funds to help stop leukemia and other blood cancers from taking more lives. I am running in honor of a coworker who was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia several months ago. I'm running in honor of a friend who is a 19yr survivor of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I'm running in memory of my mother, who lost her battle with breast cancer several years ago. And I'm running for everyone else who is battling this disease now.

On June 26th, 2010 along with thousands of other teammates, I will be running in the Seattle Rock'n'Roll Marathon. I'm not exactly in shape at a the moment. But I am absolutely committed. (Or maybe I should be committed) I ask only that you help with any donation you can afford so that we can help those in their fight against cancer.

Please make a donation to support my participation in the marathon and help advance The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's mission.

Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress.

Thank you for your support!

For more info, please visit:

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Team In Training


Supporter Comments

    "Go Sarkis!! I am glad we are going through this experience together. You rock!! See you in Seattle"

    Kim Oandason

    Mon Apr 26 10:58:05 EDT 2010

    "Good luck Sark!"

    Steve Schukler

    Wed Jan 20 05:54:20 EST 2010

    "You're awesome"

    Connie Blaze

    Fri Jan 22 04:35:07 EST 2010

    "Your mom would be proud of you!"

    David Sereni

    Thu Jan 28 04:14:31 EST 2010

    "I hope it is downhill all the way"


    Fri Feb 05 02:04:37 EST 2010

    "Go Sarkis!"

    Rickshaw Rudy

    Thu Apr 08 11:11:22 EDT 2010

    "wow Sarkis, we're impressed! Win/Win for everyone!"

    bob and linda mostovoy

    Fri Jan 29 08:28:13 EST 2010

    "you GO GIRL!"


    Sat Jan 16 12:40:20 EST 2010

    "Good luck Sarkis! "

    Angie Rizzo

    Mon Jan 11 09:51:03 EST 2010

    "Thank you Sarkis.."

    Dave Beck

    Fri Jan 15 08:04:26 EST 2010

    "Thanks for fixing my laptops."

    Jeff Collett

    Wed Jan 20 01:31:42 EST 2010

My Fundraising Total

Raised: $3,535.00 | Goal: $3,535.00
100 %

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We are sorry donations are no longer being accepted for this participant for this event.

In Honor of

Jeff Potter, Jackie Berman, Philippe Lemieux

My Thanks To

kathleen Lytle $500.00
Michael Missakian $250.00
The Heck Foundation (GSF/... $125.00
Edward Nahigian $104.00
Electronic Arts $100.00
Dean Prat $100.00
Phil Osborn $100.00
Ken Nahigian $100.00
The Quintana's $100.00
bob and linda mostovoy $100.00
Paul Ahvenainen $100.00
Jeff Collett $100.00
maya missakian $100.00
Natalie Cilurzo $100.00
Ben Gardella $100.00
Scott Rose $100.00
ERDMANS $100.00
peter lipton $75.00
Dick Reeves $50.00
Nick Picchi $50.00
Jon Ilseng $50.00
David Sereni $50.00
Edward Nahigian $50.00
gia shirley $50.00
Darrin Low $50.00
Jamsheed Dessai $50.00
Chris Herrod $50.00
Briana Herrod $50.00
Sue Urmann $40.00
John Hatfield $30.00
Rickshaw Rudy $25.00
Sheryl Benesch $25.00
Christine DeWitte $25.00
Domonique Neil $25.00
Sally Glunt $25.00
Keven $25.00
Bob BArnes $25.00
Bob BArnes $25.00
Lisa Russell $25.00
greg goddard $25.00
Lauren Cabitac $25.00
Steve Schukler $25.00
Jeanine Gray $25.00
Aram Sohigian $25.00
Stacy Hovey $25.00
Dave Beck $25.00
Barbara Picchi $25.00
Angie Rizzo $25.00
Suzanne Manker $25.00
Susan Rosa $25.00
Andy Reoutt $20.00
Connie Blaze $20.00
Mara Palmer $15.00
Kim Oandason $10.00
Mark Simbles $10.00
Karen Simbles $10.00
Anonymous $5.00
Lila Missakian $5.00
Avery Davis $5.00
Lucianna Davis $5.00
Catalina Davis $5.00
Emily Sanborn $1.00