My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jun 12, 2012

Hi and welcome to my Team In Training home page.

Hi I'm Diana Lynn Wingerberg I am 53 years old with a long time goal to run and complete a 1/2 Marathon. I have signed up for my 1st ever on June 17th which is fathers day this year seems so fitting it is taking place in Estes Park Colorado that is 2012 by the way!. ( I have joined with Team in Training and there wonderful coach and mentor to make sure I suceed in meeting my goal of completing this event. In exchange I will raise $2800 in sponsorships and donations for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s by July 17th. This journey is very personal to me, First of all I lost my dad a few years ago to Leukemia and he was a runner, He ran his first full Marathon at age 50 ( pictures above). So let's say he has inspired me in many ways to do this. My Father in Law is also fighting Blood cancer at this time and I would like to do my part in supporting his fight as well.

So please help in any way you can to help me raise my goal to LLS. Any words of wisdom and encourgement are welcome! also a good foot rub may be helpful. I will update you with my progress as my season progresses

Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help advance the research for cures.

more infomation about The Leukemia & Lymphonma Society fighting blood cancers please visit:

Thank You!

Diana Lynn Wingerberg

Since I have started this journey I'm hearing from friends and family everywhere how these dieases have effectived there family and friends example below

My Friends Nephew that's 2 is under treatment for thie diease, a vendor of mine has a brother that was treated and cured of Leukemia, My moms friends have a relatives or friends that has been treated or been lost to Leukemia seems like everyone has been touch in there life by this one way or another .


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    "I'm very proud of you Lady! Maybe we can come up in June and cheer you on! "

    MJ and Charlie Slaughter

    Tue Feb 28 01:50:59 EST 2012

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Raised: $1,940.00 | Goal: $2,800.00
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My Thanks To

G.S Bindra $250.00
Borax $100.00
Elise & Tim Cornett $100.00
Don Wingerberg $100.00
Jeremy Janus $100.00
Karen Balfour $100.00
Daniel Exline $100.00
Deborah Dahlman $100.00
Carl Malek $55.00
John Latimer $55.00
Ginger Kreutzer $55.00
Phil Miller $50.00
Sandra Tolv... $50.00
Laura Laituri $50.00
Donald Moeckli $50.00
Sophia Farina $50.00
Charlie Pugh $40.00
Angela Euresti $30.00
Anthony Sarno $30.00
Julie Forland $30.00
Barbara Perrault $30.00
Roger Wingerberg $30.00
John Dravland $30.00
Mary Lou Hilvers $30.00
Morris Eswein $30.00
Dan Wood $25.00
Judy Burmingham $25.00
Steven Merrick $25.00
Wendy Gittleson $25.00
Luis Portillo $25.00
MJ and Charlie Slaughter $25.00
Richard Ludwig $25.00
Ann Wingerberg $20.00
Warren Williams $20.00
Jacqueline Hooper $5.00