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Samurai Success!
May 01, 2012 by Robin Everett-McGuirl

Thank you friends and family who were able to swing by to our sword fundraiser on Sunday! I had such a great time watching everyone train and Robin also loved working with everyone on the mat. It was truly awesome to see so many of our friends together in one place!! Big thanks to Matt, Megan, Greg and Ciana for staying late and cleaning up! (I hope I didn't forget anyone) We managed to raise about $1,300, so thanks for your generous donations and support! It's not reflected on he page yet, but our new total will be about $6,895!

We have some better photos of the event thanks to Paul so we can try to put those up too! This next weekend is another event where we will be fundraising... The Providence Derby girls were kind enough to have us as their sponsored charity for their upcoming bouts this weekend! If you haven't made it to a Providence Derby bout then you should come check it out! I'll have all the info for that soon!

Destroy Cancer with Swords this Sunday
Apr 25, 2012 by Robin Everett-McGuirl

Come join us for a day of training in Japanese Swordsmanship to help wipe out blood cancers, and benefit the Leukemia Lymphoma society. No experience necessary. Wear comfortable, loose clothes, or whatever training uniform you have. We have wooden swords (bokken) for people, but if you have one, bring it!


April 29th




$30 Donation

Main Street Martial Arts

1282 North Main street

Providence, RI 02906

If you can't make it but you still want to support us then make a donation at our fundraising page: https://pages.teamintraining.org/ri/ambbr12/teambicycleparty

We will have art for sale, raffle prizes and tea!

April 9th, 2012
Apr 09, 2012 by Robin Everett-McGuirl

Thanks everyone who came out to our SPIN-A-THON! Big thanks to Coach Jim and MJ for helping us run everything and also to my Dad for coming up to spin with us! We raised about $2,000, which is a great start! This weekend we rode 32 miles out of Tiverton. It was a sunny, beautiful day and we were riding fast on our way out.... Once we turned around we had the wind to contend with but we made it back!

Coming up April 29th will be our Samarai Sword fundraiser! From 10-4 there will be sword classes, tea and art for sale all to benefit LLS! If you want to sign up email Robin- Joshimabudo@gmail.com or call him 401 474 8867

Mar 01, 2012

Hello everyone!

Jess and Robin here again, getting ready to kick cancer's butt with bicycles...again!

Last year, we both rode our first century (100 mile bike ride in one day), in Lake Tahoe, to benefit the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. We had a profound and satisfying experience both training for and fundraising for this event. We raised over $9000 for the LLS, and we made a ton of new friends along the way.

Unfortunately, since then, cancer hasn't gone away. Robin lost his mom last summer. Our team lost our assistant coach, Jeff. Our team mate Arieanna had to go back into chemo not long after completing the ride. It was a tough year for everyone.That's why we're doing this again. In June, we will be riding our bikes one hundred miles all the way around Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe, if you didn't know, is surrounded by mountains, so this is NOT an easy ride.

In order to get there, however, we need your help. As a team, we have to raise over $8000. Everything that doesn't go to getting the team out there goes to the LLS, and directly to patients and reasearchers who desperately need the funds.

Please help us get to our goal! We have several events coming up that you will be able to swing by and say "Hi" at, as well, so stay tuned for all the excitement!


Robin and Jess


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