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Almost There!
May 12, 2011 by Jessica Pollak

Thanks soooo much to all of our friends, coworkers and teammates for coming to our event and making it so successful! We raised over $2,000 and each of us are within striking distance of our goal! We sold lots of tshirt ($20), prints($20), and notebooks($7) but we still have some left so if your interested... shoot me or Robin an Email (, or you can buy em on my Etsy shop: Here's a link to see all the prints Robin has left; he's also selling originals!

I can't belive Tahoe is so close!! Our ride last week was a tough one... 65 miles! I'm still learning new skills like proper gear shifting, hill climbing and this week we attended a clinic about changing flat tires and other useful bike info.

We are in the homestretch now... so if you are thinking of donating... now is a great time and here's Robin's Thanks again to Robin's family for doing all the hard work in setting up the concert; making delicous food, performing, and rallying support from the Jamestown community. Your help and support means so much!!! I got brand new cycle shorts and a real jersey so hopefully some new photos of Robin and I looking spiffy in our riding gear!

Jamestown Hates Cancer Concert!
Apr 29, 2011 by Jessica Pollak

In case you haven't heard the news... this weekend is our big fundraiser in Jamestown! We've been working really hard getting it together with the help of Robin's Dad and awesome Step Mom, Laura! There will be fantastic music, cupcakes, dell's for $1, cool raffle prizes and lots of art from Robin and I! The weather is supposed to be nice too! I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

So please show your support and stop by! In addition to some beautiful prints of artwork we will have t-shirts featuring the sheep on the poster and these mini notebooks I designed!

I will also be at the RISD Alumni Sale on Saturday, 10-4 at Benefit St! Drop by and say hi! I hope to see you this weekend!

1st Outdoor ride!
Apr 03, 2011 by Jessica Pollak

Our first outdoor ride on Saturday was a big success despite the wind. It was a sunny day down at Quonset Point and we were able to get practice riding on the road with actual bikes! (We hadn't been out with our new shoes) Mostly because the weather has continued to be miserable, it even snowed this week!

I was very nervous about biking with the shoes/clipless pedals, but my teammates were very encouraging. They offered lots of advice and told me stories of their first times falling off the bikes via the clipless pedals. I managed to fall with my bike on Wednesday while standing still in a parking lot. I lost my balance with one foot clipped in and down I went. We took it pretty slow, mostly focusing on getting used to our bikes and rode or about 2 hours or so. The scenery and fresh air were a nice change from the cave-like spinning room. Overall a great success!

It was such a beautiful day Robin and I couldn't help but pose for photos! I'm so close to having 50% of my fundraising goal! Donate today and help us raise money for a fantastic cause! Here's Robin's page too!

Is it Spring yet?
Mar 10, 2011 by Jessica Pollak

I want to say THANK YOU!!!! to anyone who has already donated to me or Robin! I've been bowled over by the geneorsity of family and friends. Both Robin and I have been working really hard in our spin classes. I'm so glad this is something we are doing together! We keep each other motivated and of course make silly faces at each other in class. We spun 1 hour and 45 mins the last two weekends and that was really challenging!

I can't really complain though. (One of our teammates just finished her last round of chemo last week!) She's only 22 and when I think about all of the young people who are effected by leukemia and lymphoma I feel awesome knowing the money I raise will go to help them and their treatment.

As a reminder your donation is tax deductible! I did this little drawing to illustrate how gross and exhausted I look after an hour and 45 mins of spining. It ain't pretty! I can't wait for April, when we will begin to ride outside.

So please donate to me and/or Robin! I couldn't do this without him.

Week 4- Cycling shoes!
Feb 24, 2011 by Jessica Pollak

It feels like the last 2 weeks flew by! On Sundays we attend a long spin classe in Newport. Each week we add on more time. This weekend we will probably be spinning for an hour and a half. Since Robin has joined my gym (yay!) we are also trying to make it to 2 additional spin classes at the gym. This past weekend we went to a clinic at East Providence Cycle to learn all about proper bike fit and cycling shoes

They measured our teammates with lasers, foot arch measurers, something that looked like a tv antenna and even a tool that measurers your sit bones (a butt measuring tool!) all in order to determine a fantastic fitting bike.

Robin and I went back later this week to get shoes ON SALE and we also got the necesary cleats/pedals. It was easy for me to decide which shoes I wanted... comfortable, not white and treads so I could comfortably get off the bike and walk around. We went to our first spin class tonight with the new shoes! It's definitely going to take some getting used to but I feel more efficient already! In fact I'm so excited about all of this I drew this picture of my shoes...

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    "Hope you two are able to meet your goal. I'm spreading the word out in internetland :)"

    Jen Latini

    Mon Mar 21 09:29:00 EDT 2011

    "I hope you reach your goal in record time - Mazel Tov! "

    Mary Everett

    Fri Feb 18 11:18:28 EST 2011

    "Congratulations on such an amazing achievement! "

    Emily Lilja

    Mon Jun 06 07:53:43 EDT 2011

    "Good luck!"

    Phil Bonelli

    Thu May 05 02:18:12 EDT 2011

    "Very proud of you. "

    Mom and Dad

    Mon May 02 04:13:33 EDT 2011

    "As a cancer survivor, I really appreciate your participation in this event. DC will be cheering the two of you on. "

    Chris & John Gschwend

    Tue Mar 29 02:53:19 EDT 2011

    "Go Jess!!!"

    Kendall Pavan

    Thu Mar 24 04:02:12 EDT 2011

    "Donated in the name of Diana Caggiano and Peter Morales"

    Cheryl Pollak

    Fri Mar 04 06:16:31 EST 2011

    "Enjoy the ride for a great cause."

    Donna Peterbok

    Wed Feb 23 04:48:49 EST 2011

    "Destroy cancer!"

    Edward Forer

    Sun May 22 10:45:31 EDT 2011

    "Thank you to all our friends and family who came out to support us!"

    Jamestown Cancer Concert Fundraiser

    Thu May 12 10:17:58 EDT 2011

    "Yay! Go Jess and Robin!"

    Barbara Pollak

    Sun Feb 20 10:32:01 EST 2011

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