Dana Ortiz's Fundraising Page

In Memory of Dylan
Feb 27, 2018


My name is Dana Ortiz and I have decided to pair up with Team in Training to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of my son Dylan Rieder.  I will be running the San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon on June 3, 2018.  


Dylan was a huge support to me in my marathon training while he was still in good health and he knew I wanted to run Boston.  I was always worried about leaving him--he was like, "Mom just do it, I'll be fine."  However, being his caregiver when he became ill, meant that all my time was devoted to him.  I told him his job was to focus on him and I would take care of everything else.  During this time, I had more support from my family and friends than I could have ever imagined.  There was never a day we were alone; I have gained hundreds of new friends, sons and daughters.

At 8 years old Dylan's dream was to become a professional skateboarder.    Since he was an amazing swimmer I thought he would go to Stanford to swim and play water polo.  Ha!  Was I wrong.  We all know his dream came true.  By 15 he was traveling the world and at the age 19, turned Pro.  Even though his life ended too soon, he packed in a lifetime of rich and varied memories.

On July 25, 2014 Dylan was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  Our lives changed in a matter of seconds as soon as the doctor gave us the news. As a mother, I was freaked out but Dylan was so calm, asking, "What is the next step?"  He was admitted to Cedars that day and he spent three months there trying to get into remission.  We thought we were on a journey that would be pretty routine as far as ALL goes.  The plan was to do chemotherapy to get him into remission and then do a bone marrow transplant.  His sister, Makenna, was a perfect match! There was only a one in four chance that she would match.  So, check one big item off the list.  We soon found out that Dylan's fight was not going to be that "routine."


We were home one day and he started acting weird. I thought he was having a stroke.  Off to the ER we went.  As it turned out, he had experienced something called Encephalopathy, which causes brain malfunction.  Basically, he had no memory of numbers, names or time but oddly enough he could still read. Thankfully it only lasted five days, but it seemed like forever. The doctors advised us it was caused by one of the chemotherapy treatments that was being injected into the base of his spine. 


His oncologist then told us we needed to go to City of Hope to take part in a cutting-edge clinical trial involving T-Cells -- using his good cells to kill the cancer cells and to hopefully get him in to remission to get ready for his transplant.  In Dylan fashion, he remained positive and off we went to City of Hope.  He started treatment in January of 2015 but not before a trip to Hawaii and to New York, for the grand re-opening of his antique store, The Hunt.  Throughout his considerable setbacks, he never stopped enjoying life and the people he loved.


Unfortunately, the trial didn't work.  The doctors at City of Hope had another option for treatment which involved him wearing a portable pump for one month.  He hated that pump but in his typical way, he made the best of it.  The medication failed.  Next was to go to transplant without being in remission, which wasn’t ideal.  The doctors set up a schedule for chemotherapy and radiation.  It was an aggressive plan but necessary to prep his body to accept Makenna's cells.  Transplant behind him, we finally heard the word REMISSION in April.  But before he was able to go home, he developed a rare liver disorder as a side effect of the radiation.  As luck would have it, City of Hope is the only hospital that had the medication that was needed to treat it.  Having beats the odds of only a 20% chance of pulling through, he was finally on the mend. On July 3, 2015, after spending four months in the hospital Dylan got to go home to Mr. Hank Dog!  Hank was at Dylan’s side at every minute of the day and night.  Dylan kept Hank learning new tricks including eating from chopsticks and dressing him up as a super hero.

Life was finally starting to look "normal" and I finally got to go home and begin training for a marathon. But after a routine blood test in November 2015, Dylan found out he had fallen out of remission. Back to the drawing board we went.  


In January 2016, we started a new clinical trial that was similar to the first T-Cell trial he did, but this time they would be using Makenna's cells.  Makenna would do anything for her big brother, enduring the sickness she went through to give her cells.  We were told that we would know if the cells were taking because he would get extremely sick during the process.  And he did.  It was a frightening few miserable days.   Again, in April 2016 we heard the word REMISSION.

But of course, another challenge surfaced and he needed additional treatment.


On May 25, 2016, after spending three months in the hospital and one day before his 28th birthday, he got to go home.  What a party we threw him!  Life for Dylan was still not ideal but he just wanted to be home.  After numerous setbacks and side effects from many of the treatments he had endured, and while still in remission, he developed an infection on October 8th that took his life on October 12, 2016.  


During his two and a half years of fighting, Dylan still remained the kindest, warmest-hearted man.  He was always thinking of others and not himself or his suffering.  When the barista at his favorite coffee shop expressed her sympathy for what he was going through, he told her, “No, I feel bad for my mom, dealing with doctors and treatment research and caring for me…”


This past year has been full of ups and downs but with the support of many wonderful family and friends, I have been able to cope with day to day life. 


Now I am finally ready to train and run that marathon Dylan and I talked about.  


So far, my training is going well but it takes more than one person to make up a team. That’s why I’m asking you to donate to my Team in Training fundraising page for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!  As a team member, I am raising funds to help find cures and ensure access to treatments for blood cancer patients.  My personal goal is to raise $10,000 and qualify for the Boston Marathon.  


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is committed to funding the best and most innovative research, while providing patient support and education, and tirelessly advocating on behalf of patients. Last year, LLS committed $46 million to new multi-year research grants, bringing the total LLS research investment since its inception to over $1.2 billion. This LLS research investment has played a critical roll in advancing therapies for blood cancer patients, including targeted and immunotherapies. LLS recognized the promise of research in CAR T-cell immunotherapy - the type of treatment involved in the two clinical trials that Dylan took part in during his treatment - and for the past 20 years has provided $40 million in funding for more than 15 researchers and companies around the world to develop this revolutionary approach to treatment.  That investment began to payoff in 2017 when the FDA approved two CAR T-cell immunotherapies - one for children and young adults with ALL and one for adult patients with certain types of large B-cell lymphoma.  These two treatments were part of the 18 new treatment options approved for blood cancer patients by the FDA in 2017, and LLS played a role in virtually all of these advances. 


LLS has a strong connection with City of Hope. A number of doctors from City of Hope have received LLS funding for their research over the years. In fact, Dylan's doctor, Dr. Stephen Forman, received a grant from LLS in 2015 as part of the Translational Research Program which funds new and innovative research that shows high promise of moving from laboratory discoveries to clinical application. Additionally, Dr. Steven Rosen, the Director of the Beckman Cancer Institute at City of Hope sits on the LLS National Board of Directors and chairs the LLS Medical and Scientific Affairs Committee. 


Your donations will help LLS continue to support research into revolutionary and innovative new treatment options that will one day lead us to find a cure. In the meantime, your donations will also help LLS to provide information, education, and support for patients, survivors, and their families. 


Patients need these cures and they need your support.


Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team in Training and help get us all closer to a world without blood cancers!


Thank you!

Please don’t cry because I died! Smile because I lived! Know that I’m in a happy place! 
Know that we will meet again!


Supporter Comments

    "My love & prayers are with you always Dana. Dylan was an inspiration to us all. "

    Phyllis Brown

    Tue Feb 27 11:54:34 EST 2018

    "Best wishes as you train for the marathon. What a beautiful way to honor your incredible son. One step closer to finding a cure for blood cancers. ❤️"

    Erin Ferencik

    Tue Feb 27 11:57:13 EST 2018


    Hendrik Herzmann

    Wed Feb 28 05:39:41 EST 2018

    "May Dylan help you soar over that finish line🙏"

    Barbara Gale

    Wed Feb 28 06:04:17 EST 2018

    "You rule Dana! Stoked you are doing this"

    Neal Hendrix

    Wed Feb 28 06:44:23 EST 2018

    "Fuck Cancer"

    Julian Banger

    Wed Feb 28 06:48:55 EST 2018

    "My son is battling lueukemia too. 💙💙 Thank you for helping others. "

    Scott Viands

    Wed Feb 28 07:24:46 EST 2018

    "<3 Kym and Lexi"

    Lexi Brake

    Wed Feb 28 07:26:25 EST 2018

    "Aunt Dana you have my full support... I know you can do it!!! Heres to helping to find a cure... I have seen you train before and how much joy it brings you and now it will take on a whole new meaning and purpose. Dylan would be proud and I know that he will be with you every step of the way... Love you lots... Korie"

    Korie Schultz

    Wed Feb 28 07:55:18 EST 2018

    "I�m 29. Born in riverside ca 1988. I moved to jersey became a pro bike rider at 19. My dad surfs. Everyone always said I looked like this guy Dylan. I loved skating but wasn�t to involved. I saw his part. It changed my life. When he died I cried. I never met him. "

    Jeff Kocsis

    Wed Feb 28 08:03:31 EST 2018

    "Much love and all the best!"

    Amy Torres

    Wed Feb 28 08:20:17 EST 2018

    "&#128153;&#128153;&#128153;&#128153;&#128153;&#128153;&#128153;&#128153;&#128153; right on Dana!!!"

    William Strobeck

    Wed Feb 28 10:41:45 EST 2018

    "True blue &#128153;"

    Garrett Steinke

    Wed Feb 28 10:41:49 EST 2018

    "Good luck Dana... the Lantow?s "

    Lesa Roberts Lantow

    Wed Feb 28 10:49:18 EST 2018

    "Dylan was well loved and his legacy lives on. Thank you for sharing a piece of your personal story with us."

    Pam Zam

    Wed Feb 28 10:54:29 EST 2018

    "Go Dana, go! You and your family are in my thoughts. "

    Nancy Benvenuti

    Wed Feb 28 10:58:01 EST 2018

    "Thank you Dylan. And good luck Dana!"


    Wed Feb 28 11:01:43 EST 2018

    "Dylan was my favorite skater when my friend, Philip, and I first started skating. We were in middle school and would have sleep overs where we watched Dylan's skate parts over and over. He was influential to not only me but a whole community of skateboarders. Cancer has unfortunately been very close to me and my family. It's always something that gives me anxiety and I was so sad when I heard of dylans passing. I was alone in my dorm room during my first semester of college. I immediately texted Philip and told him the news. I remember going out and skating in honor of a Dylan shortly after. I had never experienced the sadness felt of losing someone you've never met. I always here about people saying it about actors, but even now, I am on the verge of tears writing this. My donation isn't much but I hope it helps. Dylan, you were the best skateboarder who ever lived. I love you. "

    David Mejia

    Wed Feb 28 11:02:11 EST 2018

    "My son followed Dylan's skate career and has a poster of him hanging in his dorm room! I am also a runner and cheer your awesome effort! "

    Becky Steinke

    Wed Feb 28 11:06:21 EST 2018

    "My mom ran Boston last year. I hope you get to this year! Dylan changed skateboarding forever and we�re so greatful for that. Love and respect to you and the family. Good luck in Boston this year! "

    Home Skateshop

    Wed Feb 28 11:11:26 EST 2018

    "Dylan forever &#128153;"

    AJ Robles

    Wed Feb 28 11:11:36 EST 2018

    "Dylan forever"

    Zane Johnson

    Wed Feb 28 11:18:39 EST 2018

    "True Blue &#128591;&#127995;"

    Nada Radman - Think Pink

    Wed Feb 28 11:47:55 EST 2018

    "I never knew your son, but he influenced my life through skateboarding more than you�ll ever know! Thank you for doing this Dana, and thank you DYLAN! "


    Thu Mar 01 12:03:50 EST 2018

    "we can�t lose another legend like dylan. leukimia is a horrible thing and nobody should go through it. "

    tate thomas

    Thu Mar 01 01:51:22 EST 2018

    "His presence is immortal. Best of luck in the marathon. "

    Dustin Dacier

    Thu Mar 01 02:10:28 EST 2018

    "Dylan Forever &#128153;"

    Andrew Tomich

    Thu Mar 01 02:14:02 EST 2018

    "This for Dylan Rieder! "

    Luis Enrique

    Thu Mar 01 02:48:36 EST 2018

    "Rest in Paradise Dylan "

    Ramon Gutierrez

    Thu Mar 01 02:49:32 EST 2018

    "Dylan Forever! "

    Jamie Wallbank

    Thu Mar 01 02:54:12 EST 2018

    "Seeing my grandmother go through chemo at a young age was painful. She is my best friend and I couldn?t be anymore handful that she is here with me today. Although she had breast cancer, I know the troubles of seeing a loved one go through a battle, as well as fighting the battle with them. I don?t really make much so my donation is small but my prayers and blessing towards the family and friends of dylan will continue. You?ve got this Dana!"

    Josh Arre

    Thu Mar 01 04:09:32 EST 2018

    "Dylan was such an inspiration. Good luck Dana. "

    Callum Slater

    Thu Mar 01 05:28:26 EST 2018


    Michelle Arbogast

    Thu Mar 01 05:42:37 EST 2018


    Ashton Sund

    Thu Mar 01 05:47:18 EST 2018

    "Dylan Forever "

    Kevin Gamon

    Thu Mar 01 05:51:42 EST 2018

    "Prayers to the entire Rieder family. Dylan lives on in the hearts of everyone he touched. I didn't know him, only knew of Dylan because my son is a skater. All that I have read about him through his family and friends....what a special soul he is. Best of luck Dana. Your son is watching over you."


    Thu Mar 01 10:47:53 EST 2018

    "A true legend. "


    Thu Mar 01 12:43:23 EST 2018


    Jon Lee

    Thu Mar 01 12:44:01 EST 2018

    "All I had in my account, Dylan Rieder Forever &#129344;"

    Hunter Brewster

    Thu Mar 01 12:47:02 EST 2018

    "I?m running with you, let?s run for Dylan! "

    Let?s run for Dylan

    Thu Mar 01 12:47:04 EST 2018

    "Dana, I love and miss you. I think about Dylan everyday, I miss him more than I can express. I�m happy that you�re doing this and I wish you the best of luck. If you ever need anything please don�t hesitate to reach out to me. You were another mother to me for a long time and Dylan was a brother. Xo -Sean "

    Sean Eaton

    Thu Mar 01 12:53:12 EST 2018

    "Dylan was my biggest inspiration. Good luck!"

    Matt Bauersfeld

    Thu Mar 01 01:24:13 EST 2018

    "Good luck. Momma of one of the best to do it. "


    Thu Mar 01 01:38:32 EST 2018

    "I don?t got a lot of money but I hope this helps, DR was my favorite skater growing up and I?m sure everyone else?s. Rest In Peace legend."

    Orion Garza

    Thu Mar 01 01:41:31 EST 2018

    "You are a strong woman. I lost my godmother who I loved to breast cancer. She lives with me. You go this marathon. Dylan seemed like an amazing person and was a great skater and influence to so many."

    Jeremy Meltzer

    Thu Mar 01 02:53:22 EST 2018


    Stacie Farrell

    Thu Mar 01 03:31:08 EST 2018

    "We love you"

    Luke Whitford

    Thu Mar 01 05:26:33 EST 2018

    "r.i.p Dylan you?ve inspired me as a person :) "

    Kai Cuerpo

    Thu Mar 01 11:00:24 EST 2018

    "Thank you!"

    Ben Zeimet

    Fri Mar 02 01:26:44 EST 2018

    "Dylan will stay in so many hearts forever &#10084;&#65039;"


    Fri Mar 02 01:45:36 EST 2018

    "True Blue"

    Gustavo Sanchez

    Fri Mar 02 03:35:35 EST 2018

    "Dana- I'm sure you've heard and received entire lifetimes worth of anecdotes and praise, adoration and almost creepy worship of Dylan from his friends, anyone lucky enough to know him and complete strangers who felt like they did know him and wished they had. I guess I fall in the latter category and I won't waste too much of your time in telling you how much of an inspiration and hero to me your son will always be, but I will say that I lost my mom to cancer today and your strength, determination and fight as a mother, as well as someone who has lost their world to cancer, are a comfort and inspiration to me--every bit as much as dylan was as a skater and a person. Jonathan-Tristan"

    Jonathan-Tristan Bruen

    Fri Mar 02 03:58:46 EST 2018


    Guillaume Tonnellier

    Fri Mar 02 10:48:10 EST 2018

    "RIP DR. "

    Rose Cornish

    Fri Mar 02 11:09:31 EST 2018

    "made moving to Huntington beach a more welcoming experience than others did. forever grateful"

    Andrew Sotile

    Fri Mar 02 11:20:19 EST 2018

    "I love and miss you every day brother. Shine on, True Blue."

    Jesse Bettens

    Fri Mar 02 08:34:37 EST 2018

    "Mrs. Ortiz, Dylan?s style, energy and skill blessed skateboarding forever. He was an inspiration to so many and his legacy will live on through what you are about to do. Please find enjoyment in fulfilling your dream to run the marathon and thank you for sharing your story with us."

    Jp Guilbert

    Sat Mar 03 07:11:29 EST 2018

    "So sorry for your loss. He touched so many people. "

    Allen Dillard

    Sat Mar 03 09:35:41 EST 2018

    "So inspiring&#10083;&#65039; All my love &#128536;"

    Maria Warner-Smith

    Sat Mar 03 11:05:27 EST 2018


    Claudia Lopez

    Sat Mar 03 11:32:42 EST 2018

    "Your son has been my inspiration in skating. I wish I could donate more. Good luck in your marathon - you will be successful. I know Dylan will be with you every step of the way. - Joey Jett"

    Joey Jett

    Sat Mar 03 05:16:57 EST 2018

    "Go Dana !!"

    Fran Sato

    Sat Mar 03 06:03:37 EST 2018

    "God Bless you Dana. I know HE is with you Love you"

    Evelyn Britton

    Sat Mar 03 09:10:40 EST 2018

    "Dylan was, is and always will be an inspiration both in skating and in life. I?m so sorry you lost him so early and hope you know his legacy lives on forever."

    Connor Segina

    Sun Mar 04 01:18:15 EST 2018

    "In memory of Dylan Rieder. Supporting and donating to further research of LLS. Please help and support the cause. "

    Hunter Christensen

    Sun Mar 04 01:53:38 EST 2018


    Ciannard Lumanlan

    Sun Mar 04 02:06:35 EST 2018

    "in memory of Dylan, the dude i look up to most"


    Sun Mar 04 06:21:16 EST 2018

    "Dear Dana Ortiz, Thinking about you and Dylan with love. -Brian Anderson"

    Brian Anderson

    Sun Mar 04 11:33:39 EST 2018

    "One of the toughest fights I've ever seen. Dana, you are a superhero. -Marie RN @COH"

    Marie Katherine Gnall

    Mon Mar 05 06:42:00 EST 2018


    Chris Maranto

    Wed Mar 07 12:23:55 EST 2018

    "We love you, Dana! "

    Sheckler-Hachee Family

    Fri Mar 09 06:27:02 EST 2018

    "God Bless"

    Van & Camielle Wilson

    Tue Mar 13 10:04:19 EDT 2018

    "In Memoriam Dylan Rieder "

    Ari Sittner

    Thu Mar 15 06:57:19 EDT 2018

    "Rest in peace Dylan Rieder."

    Joe Woodruff

    Sat Mar 17 08:08:59 EDT 2018

    "Rest in peace Dylan Rieder "

    Joe Woodruff

    Sat Mar 17 08:11:14 EDT 2018

    "Forever Dylan"

    clement noir

    Sun Apr 08 07:35:15 EDT 2018

    "Donating for the reasearch of leukemia and lymphoma and your donation would be much appreciated thank you"

    Kyle Farber

    Sun May 13 12:16:43 EDT 2018

    "Go Dana!! SO proud of you for doing this. There?s not a day that goes by that I don?t think or miss Dylan. I love you and I?m rooting for you!&#128074;&#127996;&#128074;&#127996;XO"

    Evelyn Ungvari

    Sun May 13 12:23:35 EDT 2018


    Bob Adams

    Sun May 13 12:37:36 EDT 2018

    "It?s the thought that it counts "

    Jake luo

    Sun May 13 12:48:59 EDT 2018

    "Feel better for supreme "

    Josh Li

    Sun May 13 01:02:40 EDT 2018

    "For all of the amazing people to live in there rights "


    Sun May 13 01:10:57 EDT 2018

    "So sorry for your loss, I hope you make it to Boston and make your dream come true <3 Hannah (Seattle)"

    Hannah Jette

    Mon May 14 08:54:07 EDT 2018

    "Thinking of Dylan and his family - He has helped me more than I can express here- "

    Kim Stahr

    Sun May 27 02:00:29 EDT 2018


    Sam kennedy

    Sun May 13 03:28:25 EDT 2018


    Mac Igner

    Sun May 13 03:15:34 EDT 2018

    "We miss you Dylan !"

    Carlos Gamez

    Sun May 13 03:09:55 EDT 2018

    "to my favorite skater ever"

    Sammy Tomczak

    Sun May 13 02:40:51 EDT 2018

    "Dylan, you will never be forgotten. "


    Sun May 13 11:59:23 EDT 2018

    "Dylan forever "

    Greg Harrison

    Sun May 13 11:17:23 EDT 2018


    James Whittaker

    Sun May 13 11:16:41 EDT 2018

    "RIP Dylan"

    Max Hayden

    Sun May 13 11:15:05 EDT 2018

    "He will forever be in your heart... never worry, I promise he loves you"


    Sun May 13 11:12:54 EDT 2018

    "I ran the LA marathon in 2012 when my mother got diagnosed with Alzheimer�s...running the marathon for a cause still feels like the biggest achievement of my life....I knew Dylan from working at the Darkroom on Melrose! He was always the sweetest...I hope your marathon experience is amazing as my own, and I know he will be watching over you as you make this amazing achievement!!! "

    Lauren Hanawalt

    Thu Apr 26 02:29:33 EDT 2018

    "Hope your race goes awesome! Dylan forever <3"

    Noah McKee

    Tue Apr 24 11:58:30 EDT 2018

    "All the best with preparations & the run Dana! Dylan will shining with you all the way. Love from the UK xx"

    Si Peplow

    Thu Apr 19 01:42:17 EDT 2018

    "Hoping you soar across that finish line . .then onward to Boston!! "

    Isabel Cumming

    Thu Apr 05 07:40:53 EDT 2018

    "Thank you for making us see a new perception of life, skateboarding and fashion. I never got the pleasure to meet Dylan but as a fan i am forever thankful for his existence and for the gift amd words he left behind that inspired us to grow and see differently. Rest in peace forever Dylan."

    Kivan Quinones

    Sun Apr 01 06:19:17 EDT 2018

    "You are an amazing women, mother and friend. I know Dylan is smiling down and cheering you on. I'll continue to pray for you and your family."

    Barbara Thrall

    Thu Mar 22 03:37:14 EDT 2018

    ""We love you Dana! Good luck from the TransWorld crew. You're going to do great!""

    TransWorld Skateboarding

    Tue Mar 20 04:35:35 EDT 2018

    "Good Luck! He would be so happy you?re finally doing it. Warm vibes xo"

    Stephanie Tarling

    Sat Mar 17 09:35:56 EDT 2018

    "Good luck!"


    Wed Mar 14 09:44:16 EDT 2018

    "The main reason I fell in love with the skateboard. I love you and I never got to meet you "


    Wed Mar 14 01:30:21 EDT 2018

    "I'm donating in memory of my sister who lost her battle with cancer at 18 months old. Wishing you luck and immense happiness as you embark on this beautiful mission to support such an incredible cause. With love, Kat"

    Kat Emrick

    Mon Mar 12 06:17:52 EDT 2018

    "Good luck dana&#10084;&#65039;"

    Lynda And Andy Taylorjxs3p

    Mon Mar 12 04:59:32 EDT 2018

    "All the best for your run! Amazing thing to do for an amazing cause! So much love for Dylan. "

    Ryan Carroll

    Mon Mar 12 03:59:21 EDT 2018

    " I hope you qualify for Boston. Dylan�s legacy. "

    Tom Schaar

    Mon Mar 12 03:09:20 EDT 2018

    "Thanks Dana! Dylan forever!"

    Mike Regan

    Mon Mar 12 02:18:18 EDT 2018

    "Thank you for sharing your and your son�s story and raising funds to fight the good fight for others. You�re an inspiration. "

    Robert Horton

    Sat Mar 10 12:10:52 EST 2018

    "DR&#128153; True Blue"


    Wed Mar 07 09:53:49 EST 2018

    "As a fellow Dylan, Dylan Rieder was extremely influential to me. His style on and off the board and has attitude towards life was something I was always amazed by. He will never be forgotten."

    Dylan Sanchez

    Tue Mar 06 03:36:52 EST 2018

    "You are doing amazing things for an amazing cause. Never stop and continue to inspire. "

    Ashley D.

    Sun Mar 04 10:22:06 EST 2018

    "To a role model I never got to meet.... Dylan Forever&#10084;&#65039;&#127801;"

    Chandler Cochran

    Sun Mar 04 03:23:20 EST 2018

    "Much love. Your story made me tear up and gave me a lump in my throat. Dylan achieved so much in such a short time x"

    Paul C

    Fri Mar 02 06:20:36 EST 2018

    "Dylan has inspired countless skateboarders and artists alike. He will forever live on through the inspiration he has left us with. Forever Dylan. "

    Ruby York

    Fri Mar 02 03:58:03 EST 2018

    "Fu%k Cancer "


    Fri Mar 02 03:53:07 EST 2018

    "Dylan Forever "

    Louis Quintero

    Fri Mar 02 03:50:09 EST 2018

    "�Love more� "

    CoraKay Wendeln

    Fri Mar 02 03:23:54 EST 2018

    "Love you Dana! Love you Dylan! "

    Marc Razo

    Fri Mar 02 12:24:06 EST 2018


    T K

    Fri Mar 02 11:11:00 EST 2018


    Imogene Barron

    Fri Mar 02 10:55:15 EST 2018

    "Thank you Dylan, for being an inspiration and remind me to always speak with a kind heart and listen and be open-minded.You opended my eyes and showed me what truly is important in life. Thank you for being you! People may not remember what you said, or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.?The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.? ? Mark Twain"


    Fri Mar 02 10:15:42 EST 2018

    "I am so sorry for your loss and hope this helps to turn better results for others."

    James Brye

    Fri Mar 02 05:24:40 EST 2018

    "Thank you Dylan, and thank you daddy. I miss you both greatly "

    Lukas Hyde

    Fri Mar 02 04:11:50 EST 2018

    "Dylan forever and ever... FUCK cancer!!!! Go mama!!! "

    Amanda Merten

    Fri Mar 02 01:07:11 EST 2018


    Agata Hewett

    Fri Mar 02 12:55:21 EST 2018

    "I hope this will be of some help."

    KYOKO kawa

    Thu Mar 01 11:43:56 EST 2018

    "Dylan Forever"


    Thu Mar 01 11:37:12 EST 2018

    "In memory of Dylan Rieder"

    Arthur Santos

    Thu Mar 01 10:12:13 EST 2018

    "Dylan was a big inspiration and influence in my life. Love you and i'm proud you're still so positive. Happy to help And you inspire me to do good"

    Jip Sparidans

    Thu Mar 01 09:08:27 EST 2018

    "Much Love"

    Tristan Sachar

    Thu Mar 01 08:28:25 EST 2018

    "Dear Dana, This is an amazing way to honor your son Dylan. He was my son Adam's favorite skater and I know you will raise a lot of awareness and money. Best, Sally"

    Sally Sussman Morina

    Thu Mar 01 08:14:56 EST 2018

    "You can do it! "

    Pam Fitzpatrick

    Thu Mar 01 07:49:11 EST 2018

    "Dylan was, and still is a truly inspiring person. I read somewhere that people die twice, one time when you stop breathing and a second time when your name is spoken for the last time. Dylan's name and his legacy will live on forever. God bless.&#128150;&#129344; "

    Kellen James

    Thu Mar 01 05:53:25 EST 2018

    "Rest Easy Beautiful Soul"

    Kendall Sandoval

    Thu Mar 01 03:54:34 EST 2018


    Cameron Lust

    Thu Mar 01 03:43:29 EST 2018

    "Forever love Forever Dylan "


    Thu Mar 01 02:49:10 EST 2018

    "Dylan forever."

    Josh Lightner

    Thu Mar 01 02:34:06 EST 2018

    "Dylan Forever."

    Kacper Krajewski

    Thu Mar 01 01:58:58 EST 2018

    "Much love to you, Dylan, and the rest of the family. Dylan will always remain as a true inspiration and hero to me."

    Masa Sun

    Thu Mar 01 01:46:15 EST 2018

    "Always an inspiration!"

    Mick Segner

    Thu Mar 01 01:45:51 EST 2018

    "I never met Dylan but his life inspires me. I'm so appreciative of those who knew him sharing their memories... kindness, strength, humor. It's easy to understand why he is loved by so many."

    D Santiago

    Thu Mar 01 01:44:38 EST 2018

    "Your son was and still is my favorite skateboarder. He defined style on a skateboard, and off to me. He seemed like the most genuine, nicest guy around and I wish I got the chance to meet him. I hope these donations go a long way and help a bunch of others who are in the same situation as you guys were! All love from over here! "


    Thu Mar 01 01:15:37 EST 2018

    "Best wishes and best of luck!"


    Thu Mar 01 01:13:54 EST 2018

    "Inspiring "

    Max Hoffman

    Thu Mar 01 12:59:37 EST 2018


    Pejman Azma

    Thu Mar 01 12:58:31 EST 2018

    "Dylan was one of my favorite skaters of all time, and his legacy will live on. Dylan forever <3"

    Aaron Hueske

    Thu Mar 01 12:53:43 EST 2018


    Sam Muller

    Thu Mar 01 11:36:57 EST 2018

    "Dana, I need you to know I�m grateful for every second I was able to spend with Dylan! Watching him grow up and progress on all the skate trips. Blossoming into one of the greats and a personal favorite of mine! You�ve been in my thoughts and prayers Dana, the gals and I will be with you in spirit! With love, Barley family &#128591;&#10084;&#65039;"

    Donny Barley

    Thu Mar 01 11:27:10 EST 2018

    "&#25105;&#26469;&#33258;&#20013;&#22269; &#38750;&#24120;&#29233;dylan"


    Thu Mar 01 11:27:10 EST 2018

    "My wife lost her father and I lost my friend on Tuesday 02/27/18 from lymphoma. Russ always believed in me and always took care of everyone he loved no matter what. I loved him like my own father and I will miss him everyday. F- Cancer! "

    Mark Niggle

    Thu Mar 01 10:41:18 EST 2018

    "Sending love to you Dana! I hope some year we can do this together!!"

    Margaret, Brett, Julian Kleveland

    Thu Mar 01 10:12:43 EST 2018

    "Dana, This is such a beautiful thing you are doing in honor of D. Sending you all of the positive energy and encouragement. Love you Dana. Love and Light, Diana"

    Diana Coulson

    Thu Mar 01 09:48:07 EST 2018

    "Always loved Dylan and this will never change. Forever love Forever Dylan"

    Nicola Marceddu

    Thu Mar 01 09:15:03 EST 2018

    "Forever love, forever Dylan"

    Sara Fertino

    Thu Mar 01 08:40:45 EST 2018

    "As a parent, my heart goes out to you and your whole family. Dylan was one of the most special people in the entire history of skateboarding, and we all are all better for having been blessed and inspired by his life. True Blue."

    Alex Dunn

    Thu Mar 01 07:39:37 EST 2018



    Thu Mar 01 06:18:21 EST 2018

    "Getting to know Dylan and Mrs. Ortiz was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I learned so much from them in the short amount of time we had together. In the face of adversity, Dylan was so incredibly poised, caring, humble and sweet. Like mother, like son. I will cherish all the funny conversations we had. The both of you made my job such a joy and so incredibly easy. Thank you for being such sweet, loving people. Now go get 'em Mrs. Ortiz! I want to see you smile the whole way!"

    Albert Lee

    Thu Mar 01 01:29:49 EST 2018

    "Nothing but love!!! Dylan Forever."

    Kyle Manarin

    Thu Mar 01 01:22:36 EST 2018


    Max Klein

    Thu Mar 01 01:01:06 EST 2018

    "My father, Martin Hager, battled with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia from 2013 till February 6, 2016 when he passed away. Dylan was one of my favorite skaters and a huge inspiration. It really hit home to me when i learned about his battle with Leukemia and how it related so closely to my dads. From going through chemo treatments to being in and out of remission, my dad and dylans timelines were extremely close. Me being only 18 at the time, I was lost and had to grow-up incredibly fast, in the effort to help my dad as much as i could. I even remember my dad talking to me about the idea of going to City of Hope Medical Center for certain treatment. Of course this time in my life was incredibly hard and i could only imagine how it was on your end but pushing forward and staying positive has help tremendously. Showing endless love and positivity! - Vinnie Hager "

    Vincente Hager

    Thu Mar 01 12:44:39 EST 2018

    "Be Yourself, and love infinitely."

    Cain Velazquez-Cruz

    Wed Feb 28 10:29:59 EST 2018

    "I hope this helps a little <3 Taryn"

    Taryn Rabun

    Wed Feb 28 09:46:32 EST 2018

    "Good luck to Dylan's mom! &#10084;&#65039;"

    Matt Wooly

    Wed Feb 28 09:15:56 EST 2018

    "Love you Dylan <3"

    Sean Pablo

    Wed Feb 28 08:52:25 EST 2018

    "Thank you Dana. Dylan forever!"


    Wed Feb 28 05:32:20 EST 2018

    "My love and prayers are with you always Dana. Dylan will be with you every step of the way. Love you!"


    Wed Feb 28 05:00:23 EST 2018

    "This is a great way to continue your son's legacy. Never met him but an inspiration to me having lost my brother and both parents. Stay strong and best of luck on your endeavors!"

    Thomas Leone

    Wed Feb 28 04:39:08 EST 2018

    "Dylan forever &#128591;&#127995;&#128153;&#127801;"

    Robert Brink

    Wed Feb 28 04:20:56 EST 2018

    "In Memory Of Dylan Rieder"

    Mitchell Gilmore

    Wed Feb 28 02:29:50 EST 2018

    "much love Dana!! "

    Steve Lee

    Tue May 15 12:25:20 EDT 2018

    "Dylan Forever <3 "


    Tue May 15 09:38:05 EDT 2018

    "May God bless you and your family may his beautiful live forever "

    Markeda Tadesse

    Tue May 15 09:21:33 EDT 2018

    "For Dylan"

    David Sand

    Tue May 15 07:51:22 EDT 2018

    "Good luck &#128077; "

    Dongzhe Li

    Mon May 14 12:37:33 EDT 2018

    "R.I.P to the greatest Dylan forever&#127801;"

    Dean D

    Mon May 14 09:03:01 EDT 2018

    "I'm very sorry that i could only give a small donation now but I just want to say that you are all so brave. Your work is incredibly important and heartfelt so thank you!!"


    Mon Jun 11 07:16:10 EDT 2018

    "Dylan had inspired me so much, yes I was hooked into him from his skating style but kept following because of who he was as a person outside of skateboarding. I wish you and the family the best and I know Dylan will be up there somewhere smiling at you through this marathon. "

    Johnny Nguyen

    Fri May 25 03:41:06 EDT 2018


    Enrico Grosso

    Thu May 24 06:17:39 EDT 2018

    "Go Dana! We?ll be thinking of you. We will always remember Dylan with love. "

    Maranto family

    Thu May 17 06:19:25 EDT 2018

    "Wishing you the best today Dana as you run to honor Dylan and raise money for a cure. Love Joe and Cathy Pum"

    Cathy Pum

    Sun Jun 03 11:51:55 EDT 2018

    "Dylan Rieder was an amazing and beautiful person. He will never be forgotten and his reach will continue to touch people long after he?s gone. Dylan Forever &#128153;"

    Zach Scheuer

    Mon May 21 07:40:22 EDT 2018

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