Racing to Save Lives

Racing to Save Lives
May 02, 2008 by Melissa Hon

Racing to Save Lives

This is my fourth consecutive year training and fundraising with Team in Training. Most of you are probably wondering why I continue doing this year after year. Let me tell you why...

It's strange that I wonder if I'll be able to finish the ING NYC Marathon again this year. It's true, I do wonder and honestly, I'm scared. Then I remind myself what my grandfather went through to fight leukemia, how scary is that? It even reached a point where my family started making preparations. But he believed and won his battle over this disease. I am running in his honor, the person who will keep me going mentally and physically during the toughest parts of training and the race.

I believe there is a cure for cancer and the little bit that I'm doing will bring us that much closer to the cure-- not just leukemia but all other cancers that have affected my family. I run for my grandfather. I run for myself. And I run for our future.

I want to thank those who have supported me and helped me raise over $10,000 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in the past 3 years. Please support me again in search for a cure. This money will be used for research, patient services and education. Don’t forget your donation is 100% tax deductible.

I hope you will visit my web site often. Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your support!

For those who need more incentive to donate, check this out. madebymelis


Supporter Comments

    "good luck mel! "

    earl solis

    Tue Jun 24 10:26:40 EDT 2008

    "Keep up the good work!! Jia you, ga tsai!!!"

    Teresa Hon

    Sat Jul 19 09:30:40 EDT 2008

    "Kick major buttocks and eat muffins!!!"

    Andrew Mar

    Mon Aug 11 05:38:51 EDT 2008

    "Good luck Melissa! I have all my faith in you that you will finish the marathon no matter what."

    jenny park

    Fri Aug 22 10:16:43 EDT 2008

    "good luck Mel!"

    Anh Vu

    Thu Sep 11 01:20:43 EDT 2008

    "As Andy Mei would say, "Mel, you is rocks!" Best of luck. =)"

    Monkeyman Chan

    Fri Sep 12 05:43:22 EDT 2008

    "year after year you do this. awesome! Best of luck mel!!"


    Thu Sep 25 10:57:00 EDT 2008

    "run mel run!"


    Mon Oct 06 05:09:29 EDT 2008

    "Hey speedster! Keep on truck'n along!"

    earl solis

    Wed Mar 10 09:20:46 EST 2010

    "Karen: Good Luck, Wish I could do more."

    Jana Leong

    Wed Sep 22 09:52:33 EDT 2010

    "We love you Annie and Nana woudl be so grateful and proud of you and your efforts. Love , Mom, Celeste, Reed and Papaw"

    Andrew Mar

    Thu Oct 28 09:42:28 EDT 2010

    "Thanks for Flocking my aunt!"

    Sat Jun 11 01:08:51 EDT 2011

    "Thanks for the opportunity to support this worthwhile effort."


    Mon Aug 22 01:06:49 EDT 2011

    "This donation is from the nice couple we met at the bus stop in San Francisco!"

    jenny park

    Wed Oct 26 11:02:23 EDT 2011

    "It is so wonderful that you guys did this! (Sorry this is rather late!) Miss you all. See you sometime soon, hopefully. love, Tim and Jackie"

    Mon Oct 31 08:27:52 EDT 2011

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