Let's Do This!!!

Let's Do This!!!
Apr 30, 2008 by Michelle Deforest

MDF: Racing to Save Lives

Dearest Friends, Family, Collegues, and the world of Web 2.0,

Not a day goes by that I don't wonder what more we all could be doing with this Web 2.0 of ours. Let's support our friends, family members, colleges, and even friends of friends that are fighting a blood cancer such as leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma.



So it's been over 2 months since I've updated (promised I wouldn't spam y'all;) and there's LOTS to report! Yesterday I went on my longest run yet, 18.5 miles!!! The team went up to Westchester, and it was a perfect introduction to fall :)

But, let's get down to business. For those of y'all just tuning in (I thank you!), the whole point of me running this marathon is to find a cure for cancer, blood cancers to be more specific. By raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, we are seeding research to find a cure for all cancers as most medical breakthroughs in the field of cancer research has come from blood cancer research (chemotherapy, radiation, many drugs).

The Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco is ****23 days away!!!****

More importantly, my fundraising deadline is in (OMG) ****5 days**** away.

So, here's my last fundraiser: I'm raising money for each mile. It's going to work like a sponsorship. Each mile is worth $50 (because if I "sell" all 26 miles, then I will reach my fundraising goal of $5,000.00!!

Rules: Donate $50 here: https://tinyurl.com/runwithme AND tell me WHAT MILE and LINK to whatever you want (your blog, startup, your cause). I'll publish it anywhere and everywhere I can (my blogs, fundraising pages, thank you emails, twitter).

**To put this in perspective:

$50 = concert ticket or pair of shoes...


$50 could mean...Funding for a family support group with trained facilitator, or registration for 1 person to be a bone marrow donor.

1. Brian Papa https://www.twitter.com/bpapa

2. Maria Ogneva https://meetmojo.com

3. Sean Percival https://www.seanpercival.com

4. Matthew Knell https://sm4sc.com https://tagsmith.org

5. Kristen Turner

6. Michael Gruen

7. Kendra Kimball

8. Melissa Thiessen https://melitami.com

9. Robert Lee (in honor of his uncle)

10. Erica Meyer (in honor of her grandfather)

11. Ashley Gresh ardenashley.tumblr.com

12. Mark Brystowski (in honor of his father)

13. Erin Hicks/Lila French

14. Jeremy Kutner (in honor of Linda Kutner (Happy Birthday!)

15. Kieran Hawe https://twitter.com/khawe



18. Alan Kaufman (in honor/memory of his friend and neighbor, Leslie Kuizema)


20. Anthony Derosa https://soupsoup.tumblr.com

21. Karen Hartline https://twitter.com/khartline

22. Martha Pinson

23. Marianne Guarena https://twitter.com/beauty4you

24. Rita Hage-Boutros (in honor of Labebe Hage-Boutros)

25. Barrett Garese www.barrettgarese.com

26. Sharon Frye (in honor of all that have struggled with loss due to cancer)

26.2 Scott Iwata (my TNT mentor)

****I still encourage ANY amount of donation! I've received anywhere from $4 to $1000 as a donation, and let me tell you, EACH AND EVERY ONE COUNTS!!!

Also, If you want to sponsor a mile, and can only donate $25, I'm willing to split up the miles.

This is my last big push, I hope you can be a part of it!


P.S. You all have made this possible. Your support, encouragement, and donations make me get out of bed in the morning not just to run, but to live each day to the fullest, and to hope that when I have children, they won't know what the word "cancer" even means. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.



To do my part I'm taking on the challenge of training for and running the 2008 Nike Woman's Marathon in San Francisco on October 19th (3 weeks away!) as a way to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society with Team In Training (it's my first marathon ever!)

All of us on Team In Training are raising funds to help STOP leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. I am completing this event in honor of Brian August who won his fight against Leukemia. He is the real hero on my team, but I need YOUR support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!

As part of the Web 2.0 Community, I know the power of the Internet, and I know that even if you aren't able to donate even $5, that by passing this to ALL of your friends, followers, collegues, and family members, AND by blogging and twittering about this effort, we can reach my team's goal of raising $1 million dollars! I've set my personal goal at $10,000, but I know that many of you have over that many followers on Twitter alone, or maybe even that many readers on your blogs, so imagine if you asked every single person to donate $1, $2, or even $5!! We could put a serious dent in this effort to find a cure!

Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance LLS's mission, and PLEASE link to this in your blogs, and pass it around to your co-workers. I know many of you have started your own companies, and by donating on behalf of your company, it becomes a tax-deductable donation. Also, there are a TON of companies that match donations, so don't forget to ask!

I've started video-blogging, and posting photos and notes from my training efforts, so to keep up check back here, and check out my running blog: https://runwithme.tumblr.com

and FACEBOOK group


Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your support, I can't do this with out you!!!

xo, Michelle


Supporter Comments

    "Michelle, I have complete faith in you that you can do this! I support you 150%!"

    Jonathan Dingman

    Thu May 08 12:11:06 EDT 2008

    "Go MDF!! See you at MashFlash next Fri!"

    Mark Drapeau

    Thu May 08 02:41:31 EDT 2008

    "Keep it up!"

    Ari Greenberg

    Thu May 08 11:52:38 EDT 2008

    "Thanks for working to support a great cause!"

    Lynn McGrath

    Thu May 15 11:08:04 EDT 2008

    "Kick tail my dear!"

    Sanford Dickert

    Sat May 17 07:13:39 EDT 2008

    "Every stride you make is a step towards a cure. "

    mike lewis

    Sun May 18 12:01:18 EDT 2008

    "You GO, girl!"

    Kevin Hicks

    Thu May 29 11:43:14 EDT 2008

    "Tear up the pavement!"

    Rusty Ward

    Fri May 30 09:19:41 EDT 2008

    "Good luck Michelle and good luck to LLS!"

    Chris Goggins

    Wed Jun 04 01:49:02 EDT 2008

    "Run like wind!"


    Fri Jun 13 09:48:52 EDT 2008

    "Good Luck Michelle!!! "

    Lora Scrignoli

    Sat Jun 14 05:56:26 EDT 2008

    "Michelle! What you're doing is so inspiring! And that letter by Brian completely touches anyones heart! I thought that I should donate, but Brains last few sentences were what made me put the thought into action! Good Luck with this marathon! And thanks for being such an inspiration and doing more than what's expected! :) Lots of Love! - Tammy"

    Tammy Kelly

    Sun Jun 15 08:22:37 EDT 2008

    "Go for it!!!"

    Daryl Blonder

    Fri Jul 04 01:53:14 EDT 2008

    "Go get 'em!"

    Nate Westheimer

    Wed Jul 09 11:17:43 EDT 2008

    "Best of luck, Michelle! Love, Lila"

    Lila French

    Fri Jul 11 03:47:36 EDT 2008

    "Michelle! Much love from the Westside Los Angeles TNT team! It's very inspiring to see someone from the Web world doing this. Keep up the good work! You'll have an AMAZING time, and I bet you'll be back for more once it's all over. "

    Marvin Tabangay

    Fri Jul 11 05:29:51 EDT 2008

    "You are doing a wonderful thing! Good Luck!"

    Courtney Camera

    Tue Aug 26 09:54:49 EDT 2008

    "Run, Michelle, Run!!! Good Luck! "

    Kenn Bell

    Wed Aug 27 07:49:50 EDT 2008

    "Proud to sponsor you Michelle. Keep doing good things."

    Stephanie Frasco

    Fri Sep 12 12:06:40 EDT 2008

    "Run DeForest run!"

    Brian Papa

    Sat Sep 20 01:08:06 EDT 2008

    "I'd like Mile #4, #5 or 6 please ;) This donation is in honor of you (of course), but also for sm4sc.com and tagsmith.org. Go get 'em! *hugs*"

    Matthew Knell

    Sun Sep 21 07:11:08 EDT 2008

    "I don't need a mile number, just happy to donate in honor of my grandfather! Good luck with the run!"

    Erica Meyer

    Sun Sep 21 08:04:04 EDT 2008

    "for mile 8 http://melitami.com"

    Melissa Thiessen

    Sun Sep 21 08:18:56 EDT 2008

    "You are so amazing to be doing this race! I am so excited for you! If you could please put me for mile 26 and dedicate it to all that have struggled with loss due to cancer or otherwise! Much love and have a great run!"

    Sharon Frye

    Sun Sep 21 09:59:34 EDT 2008

    "Mile 14 (because you'll just be over the halfway point!)"

    Jeremy Kutner (iwasbombed.com)

    Mon Sep 22 10:38:56 EDT 2008

    "I saw you at the begining and i'm sponosring your end! You are going to be spectacular! See you at the finish line!"

    Scott Iwata

    Mon Sep 22 10:39:54 EDT 2008

    "Good luck Michelle! I'll be cheering for you on the east coast ; ) "

    Rita Hage-Boutros

    Tue Sep 23 01:04:21 EDT 2008

    "I admire you for raising all this money for a cause. Can't wait to see the pics of you crossing the finish line! I would like to sponsor mile 2. My link is http://meetmojo.com"

    Maria Ogneva

    Thu Sep 25 07:17:26 EDT 2008

    "Michelle--You're a rock star and I'm happy to support you financially and by cheering you on at the event. Keep your head up during training! Can't wait to see you in SF again. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help... K"

    Karen Hartline

    Sun Oct 05 02:54:41 EDT 2008

    "Good luck in the race!! Hope this helps - Put me down for Mile 11!! Congrats on the outstanding fundraising. Cheers - Ash (ardenashley.tumblr.com)"

    Ashley Gresh

    Sun Oct 05 03:20:02 EDT 2008

    "I gave 15 before but I have little more money now. I want to sponsor the 11th mile in honor of my father, because that it how old I was when he was diagnosed with lymphoma. Thank god, he is happy and healthy today, and he has always been a shining example to me of the strength one needs when facing hardship. if you could link to my blog also (markyb.tumblr.com) that would also be cool."

    mark brystowski

    Sun Oct 05 03:35:57 EDT 2008

    "You better freakin' win. ;-)"

    Michael E. Gruen

    Mon Oct 13 08:07:10 EDT 2008

    "So cool to see you over the fundraising line -- see you after you cross the finish line!"

    Tim and Rae

    Fri Oct 17 11:53:52 EDT 2008

    "Yay! "

    Jonathan Dingman

    Thu May 07 10:55:10 EDT 2009

    "you go girlie! "

    Mark Drapeau

    Mon May 11 03:17:37 EDT 2009

    "Jeanine, Thank you for being part of the cause. I have participated in Team in Training before and cannot begin to tell you what a meaningful and rewarding experience it was. My brother was a Lymphoma survivor , but recently passed from a long battle with complications related to spinal cord injury. Thank you for being an inspiration! �So many of our DREAMS at first seem Impossible, then they seem Improbable, and then when we Summon the Will, they soon become Inevitable.� Christopher Reeve"

    Mark Drapeau

    Fri May 29 07:17:32 EDT 2009

    "so proud of you...good luck!"

    Jonathan Dingman

    Tue Jul 21 07:02:22 EDT 2009

    "Go Jeanine!"

    Mark Drapeau

    Sun Sep 20 02:48:28 EDT 2009

    "Good Luck Jeanine! We'll be cheering you on from afar."

    Mark Drapeau

    Tue Sep 22 09:44:37 EDT 2009

    "Congrats, lady!!! This should bring you to your goal! You are gonna kick booty this Sunday! I"ll be there to run-along on the otherside of the St. John's... xox"

    Mark Drapeau

    Thu Oct 01 12:35:13 EDT 2009

    "A very noble cause. Best of luck with the race - I'm sure that you'll rock it!"

    Art Okada

    Wed Jan 19 01:54:39 EST 2011

    "you can do this girl!"

    Art Okada

    Wed Jan 19 11:44:24 EST 2011

    "Eye of the tiger!"

    Art Okada

    Sun Jan 23 02:43:32 EST 2011

    "Git 'r dun"

    Charlie O'Donnell

    Mon Feb 07 04:15:53 EST 2011

    "Wishing you all the best Mark on your first Triathlon!!"

    Art Okada

    Thu Feb 10 04:40:17 EST 2011

    "keep up the good work mark!"

    Art Okada

    Sun Apr 10 01:43:52 EDT 2011

    "Dan you are a pretty amazing guy. Always living life to the fullest and never giving up. Amelia you are awesome keep up the good work and if you ever need a running buddy ask someone else. Just kidding im in for some short runs. haha "

    Mon May 16 07:35:29 EDT 2011

    "You can do it!, we'll walk tomorrow and get ready for January together. A lot of great research is being done and you are helping to further it. Go. DAN!!! "

    Sat Oct 20 11:29:19 EDT 2012

    "Good Luck!!"

    Wed Feb 22 12:03:33 EST 2012

    "We're so proud of you, Naseem. Thank you for doing this for so many!"

    Sun Jan 29 08:19:44 EST 2012

    "Good job Reggie! Train hard!"

    Tue Jan 17 06:56:18 EST 2012

    "Frank - I apologize for being a little late on my donation! I support you all the way! Praying they find a cure and praying for your health & wellness! God bless you & your beautiful family!!!"

    Mon Oct 31 08:25:55 EDT 2011

    "Frank, our thoughts and prayers are with you, Nicole and family. Good Luck on your walk this weekend and keep the faith. Love, Tom and Eileen"

    Melissa Thiessen

    Tue Oct 25 11:31:55 EDT 2011

    "wish you well"

    Sat Oct 22 06:53:10 EDT 2011

    "Proud of you for supporting this and your Mom. I to wish the best of luck reaching your goal. I know you will complete the walk. "

    Thu Oct 20 09:02:37 EDT 2011

    "Stay and Live Strong. Every day is precious. Always fight to overcome"

    Wed Oct 19 02:28:25 EDT 2011

    "Good luck in reaching your goal. "

    Tue Oct 11 03:17:23 EDT 2011

    "Allie, i hope i am not too late. God speed to you and all those who, so generously give their time and efforts to further the cause for a cure for all cancers. Lindsey speaks so highly of you and your talents, your bag design is beautiful! (auntie peggy)"


    Fri Sep 23 11:59:19 EDT 2011

    "Always thinking and praying for you Kyle...so proud of you. "

    Courtney Camera

    Thu Aug 11 11:00:28 EDT 2011

    "Good luck Jen!- I will be praying for you on the swimming part. LOL"

    Charlie O'Donnell

    Fri Aug 05 09:39:05 EDT 2011

    "Jenna: Good Luck! Let's do it for the ole man! Randy Roody"

    Charlie O'Donnell

    Mon Jul 11 09:46:57 EDT 2011

    "Whoo GURL! Good Luck!! You'll do great! I'll be sportin' my tote bag aaalll over Michigan. When people ask me about it, I'll hold my pretend cigarette and say "This was designed by independent Brooklyn designer and Marathon runner, Allie Weiss, Have you HEARD of her!?!?" and then exhale from my pretend cigarette. So cool."


    Sun Jul 10 01:53:28 EDT 2011

    "We did a fundraiser at the Grill Next Door in Haverhill. Thankyou to everyone who participated"

    Art Okada

    Tue Jun 07 10:31:03 EDT 2011

    "Go Nas Go!"

    Sat Jul 21 06:50:47 EDT 2012

    "Molly, we are so very proud of you and 2 months from now, we will be with you at the finish line celebrating! Luv u, Mom & Dad"

    Nick Miller

    Thu Mar 29 10:33:15 EDT 2012

    "Merry Christmas Dan-good luck-you can do it!!!"

    Sun Dec 23 07:38:16 EST 2012

    "Good Luck, Dan "

    Thu Dec 20 02:32:06 EST 2012

    "Good luck Dan!"

    Sun Dec 16 09:12:41 EST 2012

    "In honor of all those who lost their life to this disease"

    Sun Oct 21 06:20:48 EDT 2012

    "Keep up your great work!"

    Karen Hartline

    Mon Oct 08 09:08:11 EDT 2012

    "I better get a nice baby gift."

    Karen Hartline

    Thu Oct 04 09:17:15 EDT 2012

    "Good job!"

    Thu Sep 06 12:49:12 EDT 2012

    "Good job!"


    Thu Sep 06 12:46:50 EDT 2012

    "If anyone can do it, you can!"

    Karen Hartline

    Tue Aug 14 03:45:11 EDT 2012

    "Great job, Naseem! Good luck and have an excellent marathon. Be safe and don't get injured! We'll celebrate with car bombs after. "

    Fri Aug 10 03:04:59 EDT 2012

    "You are doing an amazing thing!! "

    Fri May 04 05:04:13 EDT 2012

    "Good luck!!!"

    Fri Apr 13 04:25:32 EDT 2012

    "Good luck - you rock!"

    Ashley Gresh

    Mon Mar 19 09:31:03 EDT 2012

    "Go Dan!"

    Tue Dec 18 09:48:00 EST 2012

    "Your the brother I never had, and you never let me down...I'll never let you down either....never"

    Tue Oct 25 07:09:31 EDT 2011

    "Love to you and your Mom, Grandma"

    Tue Sep 27 12:51:17 EDT 2011

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