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Thank you!
Mar 18, 2013 by Cathy Huang

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I cannot say those words enough. Yesterday was the NYC Half Marathon and it was exhilrating to run through Times Square and the Battery Park Underpass Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. Hearing the live music and strangers cheering for you as you run pass them is an experience I will never forget. The support from all of you was also a huge motivating factor for me as I was thinking of your money and encouraging words.

I was five minutes short from my goal of finishing in two hours, but I did shave thirteen minutes from my last half-marathon. Our coaches had told us to run the first third of the race with our head, meaning be disciplined and go at an easier pace. The second third of the race is when you run with you legs and use what you learned from training to go at a faster race pace. The last third of the race is when you run with your heart. When you start to feel like you can’t run anymore or feeling the aches in your legs, think about why you’re running and who your efforts are supporting. You guys were all on my mind when I finished the race and I cannot thank you enough for being part of my race.

Thank you for helping me to raise $2,045.25 (does not include pending corporate match), which will go towards finding a cure and improving treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, and myeloma. Through the NYC Half-Marathon, Team In Training was able to raise over $900,000 and this amount was only as of Saturday night! By now, the total may be closer to $1 million. These last few months, I heard stories from cancer patients and survivors about the improvements of drug treatments so I know this money is going towards good use. Thank you for helping to make better treatments possible and reducing the number of people dying from cancer.

And the countdown begins!
Mar 05, 2013 by Cathy Huang

The NYC Half Marathon is exactly two weeks away and I think my nerves are getting to me. This past Saturday was the last long run before the half marathon and it was definitely not my best performance. I ran 12 miles with the TNT Brooklyn crew and I have to admit, those last three miles were really though. Partly because I didn't consume enough calories and partly because mother nature was calling, the last three miles felt like I was burning on nothing. There were a few points where I really wanted to stop but kept pushing myself through. I will definitely take that as a learning experience and consume more calories during my run so I don't burn out.

I also just found out that my iPod has been giving me the wrong time and distance throughout my training. All this time I thought I've been running between 8 - 8:30 min pace, but when I used my cell phone (with mapmyrun app), I realized I'm closer to 8:45-9:00 min pace. I think I still can finish the race in less than 2 hours, but I will need to have better self discipline and check myself in order to reach that goal. With the event less than two weeks away, I am trying really hard to stick to the training schedule.

Thank you all again for donating to me and supporting my efforts. To my annonymous donors out there - I can't thank you personally but I am truly grateful for your contributions.

Happy New Year!
Feb 11, 2013 by Cathy Huang

Happy New Year everyone!

This may seem like a late message for the non-Asian population, but yesterday marks the first day of Lunar New Year. Lunar New Year is my favorite holiday. I always look forward to reunion dinner on New Year's Eve, not only for the 10+ course meal, but also to be able to spend that time with family. We always watch the celebration and performance on CCTV while we eat dinner. Once it's close to midnight, we would go to the temple to wish for a happy new year. This weekend was no different, my twin sister came home from Maryland to have dinner with us and I was really happy to be able to have that time with her. After joining Team In Training, I realize how often I take family time for granted. Life is too short to hold on to grudges or arguments. Let's continue to live life happily and cherish the time with our loved ones.

I also want to thank you all for your generosity and helping me exceed my fundraising goal. When I was running in Prospect Park on Saturday, I watched many families sled down the snowy hills in the park. I didn't have my phone on me or I would've snapped a photo because it made me really happy to see such happy faces on a cold snowstorm. I was also thinking of my generous donors who keep me committed to my training. Thank you for being part of my training efforts and for helping others in need.

Happy Holidays!
Dec 21, 2012 by Cathy Huang

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thank you all for your generous donations! Your contributions are a continuous reminder that I am committing to this cause, the training schedule, and the half-marathon! Your comments are also very encouraging and I will do my best to not disappoint you. This will be a journey that we will go through together and I will update my progress along the way.

I have been trying to commit to the training schedule that Team In Training coaches laid out for us. I went for my first group training session last Saturday and it was nice to meet other people who are participating in this great cause. It is supposed to snow this Saturday and even if it does, training will not be cancelled! I will go slow to make sure I don't slip on the wet floor or get injured. My goal for the NYC Half Marathon is to finish under two hours, with a pace of 9 minutes or less. I'm currently at around 10 minutes per mile, so I will definitely need to stick to my training - even when I go on vacation in January.

During this festive time, it's important to remind ourselves of what we are blessed with. Too often do we get caught up in the negativity and fail to appreciate the things that are important in live. I am really grateful to have supporters like you. I wish you all a wonderful time with your family, friends, and loved ones as your celebrate the holidays. I hope that the new year will bring all of you much joy, good health, and love. Thank you for caring about cancer and my efforts to raise funds for LLS.



Let's Beat Cancer!
Dec 21, 2012

Cancer is an ugly word that we are all familiar with. Millions of people face the daily battle of cancer - with their family and friends forced to watch the painful effects on the sideline.

For those of us fortunate enough to not have cancer in our lives, whether directly or indirectly through family and friends, we can do something to help those affected. I will be running in the NYC Half Marathon with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training. The money raised will help find cures and better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgin's disease, and myeloma. I am improving the quality of my life by participating in this event, and with your support, I can help improve the quality of life for patients and their families as well.

My fundraising goal may seem ambitious, but if you think about it, it's only a little over $150 for every mile I run. If three people endorse me for every mile I run, that would be the equivalence of how much you would spend at a dinner or drinks at a bar or a night out. With your help, I can reach this goal. You can learn more about Team in Training here.

Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help advance the research for cures.

One Race. One Goal.

Fundraising goal: $2,000

NYC Half Marathon - March 17, 2013


Supporter Comments

    "Congratulations on the Birthday Celebration Cathy. The best way to celebrate is, like you said, with a higher cause. I'm very happy to see you are doing this for the cancer society and you are so young! I don't even remember what I was doing when I was 23. :) Anway, have fun and enjoy it!"

    Jason Chen

    Tue Nov 27 05:57:32 EST 2012

    "Happy Birthday Cathy! May you run like the wind in your Half Marathon."

    Stephanie Chang

    Tue Nov 27 05:59:01 EST 2012

    "Happy birthday Cathy. Stay awesome"

    Larry Wong

    Fri Nov 30 12:25:23 EST 2012

    "Good luck! Keep running!"

    Toby Shum

    Fri Nov 30 12:51:54 EST 2012

    "Add Oil, Add Salt"


    Fri Nov 30 02:41:09 EST 2012

    "加油亲爱的, 生日快乐! "


    Sat Dec 01 04:17:44 EST 2012

    "Cathy, Hope you have a great birthday tomorrow. Keep on doing the things that you do because that makes you a great person that you are already. "

    Analucia Castillo

    Mon Dec 03 11:00:40 EST 2012

    "Happy Birthday Cathy!"

    Gilbert Leal

    Tue Dec 04 09:01:14 EST 2012

    "Happy Birthday from me, Jasmine, and Charlie!"

    Tony Lau

    Tue Dec 04 08:15:23 EST 2012

    "Happy belated b-day present? Best of luck! :)"

    Frances Mui

    Thu Dec 20 05:22:44 EST 2012

    "Go Cathy!!!"

    Lavina Chan

    Mon Dec 24 02:45:15 EST 2012

    "Happy belated birthday Cathy! Hope all that TRX pays off."

    Nishit Sharma

    Thu Feb 07 10:29:09 EST 2013

    "wait to go, Cathy. Good luck running in this weather!"

    Getty Chin

    Fri Feb 08 04:46:50 EST 2013

    "Make me proud out there!"


    Sun Feb 10 12:01:16 EST 2013

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