Caroline Has Kicked AIDS' and Diabetes' Butts...Now It's Cancer's Turn

Running, giving, and why we do it
Feb 20, 2011

I'm running with the 2011 NYC Half Marathon Team in Training for a lot of reasons.

I'm running to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

I'm running in order to stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking lives and devastating countless others.

I'm running as my own way to defeat diabetes, and to prove that I'm tougher than Type 1 (exercise-induced lows be damned!).

I'm running because I was inspired by my friend Larry, and his love & enthusiasm for Team in Training.

I'm running as a way to bond with my five other teammates and brothers & sisters in Christ that make up the fabulous Team First Presbyterian Church.

I'm running because being sick sucks, no matter what you've got.

Most of all, I'm running to move forward. To move forward physically (hello, long runs!), to make progress on cancer research and move towards a cure, to keep the lives of those with blood cancers moving forward for years to come, and to show that we're all in this together in a spirit of STRENGTH.

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Supporter Comments

    "Rock it, half-marathon twin!"

    Jeff & Lisa Mather

    Wed Mar 02 07:12:34 EST 2011

    "Great Job Caroline. Mark and I wish you much joy and happiness."

    Jill Huguet

    Tue Apr 05 08:24:24 EDT 2011

    "If I were cancer, I know I would fear you. Since I'm not, your powers of control are considerably less. Sorry."

    Mark Driscoll

    Tue Mar 08 12:26:39 EST 2011

    "You are just absolutely amazing, Caroline!!!"

    Jess Park

    Sat Feb 26 09:16:07 EST 2011

    "Go, Caro, Go!"

    Anna Hade

    Thu Feb 17 03:42:03 EST 2011

    " go get 'em wonder woman!!"

    Katie Savin

    Tue Feb 01 07:00:55 EST 2011

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