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$#!+ Just Got Real
Sep 05, 2013 by Dannielle McNeilly


Labor Day weekend I made the grande mistake of drinking too much. I know, I know. But its LDW. Libations all around AND I'm west indian. You gotta cut me some slack. No? Ok. Fine. Whatever.

So I barely ran last week due to an unfortunate event. No worries, all is well. As mentioned last week I got in a solid 17.2 miles. Boom. Carry on as usual with my normal running M.O. Calendar comes creeping into my gmail inbox late Monday night. Read read read. Click on the attached file pertaining to my event..

Pardon the accent but...


I didn't know whether I should be excited that my race is approaching or be depressed that my social life was just blown to smithereens.

Run run run run run. I'm learning the importance of sleep at this point in training. Them long runs are LONG and my weekdays wont be that pleasant being that I'm returning back to my M-F 9-6 schedule. Work fatigue + running fatigue. <sarcasm> Makes for a great combination </sarcasm>

But honestly, I'm geeked. It lets me know how far I've come. How much I have to go. How hard I've worked. I'm so proud of myself I can't quite verbalize. I'm completing a bucket list item in 6 weeks. And thanks to the support of my friends and family I couldn't be happier.

And the countdown begins...

Are we there yet? No? Ok...
Aug 30, 2013 by Dannielle McNeilly

That's what goes through my head with these runs. Today a timed run of 2 hours and 45 minutes. I figured I'd hit 17 miles judging from last week's pace. Planned a route as exciting as it could be.

Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, & back to Brooklyn. One word: Tiring

It's super hard to run/ plan routes knowing that not many places are unfamiliar and taking the risk of running new territory can be a hit or miss because it can be super crappy for pedestrians. Taking a chance of running in Queens is big enough a challenge on the regular with their retarded streets, much less running through it to get to the county of Kings. Major Meh. But it got done. I took a small break at 5 Pointz to take a few pics. Thanks to Bridge Runners I actually learned about this spot. Lookie!

So I start.. run run run run.. fuel at 5.5.... run some more.... refuel at 11. 5. I didnt realize that i had run another 6. Yes, it sounds completely asinine not realizing that. If you run or ran as much as I did, you kinda zone out and suddenly you look at your watch and be like holy crap. 11 miles.. better refuel. Ok- maybe I should be putting gas in the tank earlier but honestly, I feel ok. Hitting mile 13 feels like tee-rash. Let's just blame that on the fact i ran half a marathon and I have another half to go when I know I'd rather be (insert much more pleasant less strenuous activity). But funnily enough before I hit 14 i was back on the good foot (no pun intended) and kept trucking.

The last 3 were seemingly a blur as I readjusted my route on the way back home for sake of convenience. I was able to accomplish *drumroll*

17.2 Miles

I expect my legs to just flip me the bird via middle toe and walk away. I was tired, and tight. But I felt accomplished having run my longest distance yet. Stretch. Buy a bag of ice. Sit in tub for 15. Ice baths are (un)welcomed but after this run I really just did it in a natural flow of movements. No hesitation getting into the tub either. Pretty dope.

In other news,

Fundraising ensues.. Ill post on that later because I dont feel like typing more.

7 MORE WEEKS. We are getting there folks. We are getting there.

Til next run


And I run... I run so far away....
Aug 24, 2013 by Dannielle McNeilly

Writing live from Union Square. A couple of years ago there (like 2 literally) it was a struggle to get some wifi but I have full bars and a girl is chillin. Bought a bottle of water and 3 cupcakes. And my mac is at 91 %. Life is good. Can't really complain.

More than halfway through training. Distance increasing every week, partially to my dismay but it's pretty exciting to be able to run these distances and not pass out. Granted I have been making sure I do what I need to do so that that doesn't happen including hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, adequate sleep and fuel before and during my run. It's hard, I won't lie. I am pushing my upper limits of distance. The most I have ever ran was 17 miles and I am getting up there now. Pretty excited. At the same time my dream of finishing sub 4 hours for the marathon is a little intimidating. Honestly hoping that my 9:23 pace increases at the race instead of staying where it is now. Only time will tell...

I will say this about these upper levels of distance running. Monotony makes it so damn difficult. I started switching up my running routes so I aint losing my mind. Which is fine, because we all know that a major part of running distance is mental. That part is fine. My legs tho... dear lord... I catch winds at odd miles like 7 and 11 but generally speaking, after 13 my legs feel like at any minute they may just walk away from me. Needless to say ice baths might just become a weekly thing.

Anyhow, training continues. Yall be well. Dont forget to donate.


NYC Summer Streets
Aug 17, 2013 by Dannielle McNeilly

3 Weekends out of the summer, the City of New York has graciously shut down a part of park ave so folks can walk, bike, run, skate etc etc. This stretches from City Hall all the way to 72nd Street. Pretty cool first time around. I use that term loosely as on the return trip it becomes rather monotnonous. Today however was a little bit better being equipped with music, my new watch, a loop around the central park reservoir andddddddddd took some unintentional pics! See below. I fortunately (?) ran into my photographer friend Mike circa mile 10. I look decent surprisingly. Last thing I truly care for is pictures of me during/ post runs. Ive looked far better. hahaha.

Well, let me share them.

This was caught at the light.

These are all in motion. Pretty dope.

Anddddddddddd I made it to the NYRR Facebook page! Well, My back did.

You know, I was exhausted after todays run. Ive taken to poor eating/ hydration mannerisms. I need to switch that up with great expediency but considering i didnt pass out I suppose I can say Im in decent shape. I truly wonder who imma get thru 12 more miles. God's grace for sure. Let's see where I am in the next month and half.

Happy training folks.

It's that time again...
Aug 13, 2013 by Dannielle McNeilly


So tomorrow by 5PM I will have legally bound myself (as well as surrendered credit card information) to raising $3200 for LLS. I slacked off, and this is my fault but Im not gonna wallow in that. I've been working dilligently trying to put my feelers out to who can help me. Emails, texts, phone calls, letters. You name it, im on it. Promo vid on deck next. Time to harass people individually. Seems like thats an "easy" way to get things done. I even plan to sign up to a corporate team for help. (Thanks Linda!) Not to say im giving up, but Ill take help any way I can get it.

Training is getting more intense. Runs are getting longer. Bought a new "toy" to help. A watch.

Pardon the Nike propaganda, I have brand bias. Sue me.

I really hope my friends support. Seems like it falls on deaf ears at times but I will not give up. I will raise this money. I will run in chicago and all will fall into place.

Y'all readers, be well. I must count sheep. Gnite.

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    "Go get em roadrunner!"

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    "The way your running is set up... go get 'em tiger! - JeJa "

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    "Keep running with purpose. Love you proud of you "

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    "Do work Vexxy"

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    Sun Sep 08 11:59:03 EDT 2013

    "Go Danni!!!! Soooo proud of you, you got this! XOXO"

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    "Better see you in the Chi! "

    Tchedly Desire

    Tue Sep 03 11:49:22 EDT 2013

    "May god give you the strength to keep on running and I pray they some day there will be a cure."

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    Mon Sep 02 12:17:20 EDT 2013

    "Money $ well $pent - worthy cause."

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    "To my dearest friend Danny.. Don't stop... Believing! Lol"

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    "Best of luck! "

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    "Get it Vex! El Presidente supports the movement. -Breeze "


    Mon Jul 29 11:05:20 EDT 2013

    "Because good people and running FTW!"


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    "Keep up the good work sis! Meep meep"

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