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Bike maintenance and nutrition clinic
Jan 19, 2011 by Lewis Beasimer

Because of the snow we got a week ago last Monday, Coach was uncertain we could ride the trails. Even though I wanted to ride, Saturday morning was drizzly and nasty. I was thankful we were having a bike maintenance and nutrition clinic instead. The clinic was informative; I now have a longer list of items to purchase.

We are supposed to have a wintery mix tomorrow which can affect the trails. I hope this doesn’t prevent us from getting a ride in. I suspect we will be riding White Rock Lake again.

The last time we went to White Rock, I got lost. The team found me driving around the wrong side of the lake. Then, starting later than my team, I rode 29 miles on paved surface. Coach Alan and I rode two of my three laps together. I enjoyed riding with him and got lots of pointers. However riding past the arboretum on the first lap saddened me.

The last time I went to the arboretum the houses were decorated for Christmas. The over the top décor is enjoyed by visitors. My mom loved Christmas. I remembered the house’s décor on my last visit then thought my mom would really enjoy touring the homes. This thought process caught me off guard. If she were here, I know she would be worried for my safety, but would also be proud. I miss her very much.

Coach Alan speaking about bike chains

Randy with his cup holder

Honored Heroes
Dec 27, 2010 by Lewis Beasimer

On Wednesday the week before, TNT hosted an Honored Heroes dinner at Carrabba's Italian Grill. I’ve never been to Carrabba’s before, dinner was okay. The real highlight of the evening was meeting our honored heroes, Doug and Sam.

Sam signed up for Team in Training several years ago to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society, only to be diagnosed with blood cancer about a month after. He didn’t have much to say, and kept his speech short.

Then Doug got up to speak. Doug was diagnosed in 2000, and has been in remission several times. He mentioned wanting to participate in a marathon and has signed up to train with Team in Training a few times, but so far has fallen ill during each attempt. Doug said he’s doesn’t think of himself as a hero, but just an unlucky person. He went on to say, while getting a little emotional, the members of my team are the real heroes. We are the ones going out and doing something to give him and others like him hope and a reason to continue their fight.

Doug also has trained for MTB cycling events and gave us a word of advice. “Just keep peddling” he said before explaining the benefits of doing so. Doug’s story touched me, and on the following training session I could hear him say “Just keep peddling.”

I’m thankful for meeting Doug and Sam.

Doug and I

One end of the table

My new pedals arrived
Dec 02, 2010 by Lewis Beasimer

I've been having problems unclipping my shoes from my old pedals, so coach Alan urged me to purchase new ones. I did my research and selected Crank Brothers Candy sl pedals. Amazon had them priced about $20 less than I could have purchased them for locally. They weigh about half as much as the old ones, and were easy to install. I am just amazed at how much easier the Candy sl pedals are to get in and out of. As long as my new pedals last, this will be considered an excellent purchase.

BTW - I still need $237.53 by Dec 11, 2010, please show your support and help find a cure for blood cancers.

The old Shimano pedals

The new Candy SL pedals

Team In Training's Latest Challenge
Dec 01, 2010 by Lewis Beasimer

Once again, Team in Training has challenged each member of my team to raise a total of $1000 by December 11, 2010. This shouldn’t be difficult for me considering I only need to raise $237.53 in the next 10 days to meet their challenge. Your donation helps fund blood cancer cure research and is tax deductible. Please show your support by giving, liking my fund raising page, and sharing my link.


My front wheel

Training session at the L.B. Houston nature trail
Dec 01, 2010 by Lewis Beasimer

This past weekend we rode the L.B. Houston nature trail. Coach Alan said it was an easier trail to ride from the previous weekend. It’s mostly a flat trail with lots of twists and turns through a heavily wooded area. There were several hills and dips towards the end that I did my best to get through, but I’m just not skilled enough for combination scenarios. I just wasn’t effectively executing the hill climb, turn at the top, and decline or the dip, turn, dip sections. I’m still experiencing problems with my pedal clips too. My pedals will be replaced before my next session. I personnaly found this training session to be more difficult than the last.

Bike trail

Dip, turn, dip

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    "Good Luck, Babe!"

    Toni (Hope)

    Fri Nov 05 12:03:36 EDT 2010

    "Good Luck LT and happy belated birthday!"

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    Tue Feb 08 06:44:40 EST 2011

    "For the Mohawk!"

    Peggy Pasquinelly

    Tue Feb 08 12:26:08 EST 2011

    "Go Lewis"

    Cassandra Young

    Thu Dec 30 09:00:21 EST 2010

    "Dear Lewis, I hope it is not to late to receive this donation. I toally forgot about it. Good luck on your ride. I'm proud of you. Wish you were going to be at Jenny's on the 18th. Love You. Aunt Nancy & Uncle Jim"

    Nancy Carter

    Sat Dec 11 03:37:58 EST 2010

    "Good luck, Lewis!"

    Mike & Don

    Tue Nov 16 12:19:28 EST 2010



    Sat Nov 06 06:09:01 EDT 2010

    "Good luck!"

    Peggy (HB)

    Fri Nov 05 11:33:30 EDT 2010

    "Hope this helps, I Have been blessed, so I am able to bless others. Your doing a good thing, good luck, I am praying that you make the whole ride, the good Lord knows I couldn't!"


    Fri Nov 19 06:33:48 EST 2010

    "Good Luck"

    Ulli & Thomas

    Thu Nov 18 04:55:12 EST 2010

    "God Bless Lewis!"

    Cynthia Cary

    Thu Nov 18 04:22:42 EST 2010

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