My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jan 18, 2012


This is Don Armstrong. Welcome to my Team In Training home page. I am excited to tell you that I have signed up for another TNT event - Maraton de Madrid, ApriI 22, 2012. The dollars raised through TNT are making an impact on finding a cure for blood cancer , unfortunately we are not done. So I need your help! Please help me in the effort to creating a world without blood cancer.

I am thrilled to tell you that I am a blood cancer survivor! However, I did not- for one minute - think that I would be one of the 912,938 Americans living with, or in remission from Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma.

Here are some overwhelming blood cancer statistics:

  • Every four minutes someone new is diagnosed with blood cancer.
  • An estimated 137,260 individuals in the United States were diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma in 2010.
  • New cases of leukemia, lymphoma & myeloma accounted for approximately 9.0 percent of the 1,529,560 new cancer cases diagnosed in the United States in 2010.
  • Every 10 minutes, someone loses his or her fight with blood cancers.
  • Leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma caused the death of an estimated 54,020 individuals in 2010.
  • These blood cancers will account for approximately 9.5% of the deaths from cancer based on the estimated 569,490 total cancer related deaths.

These statistics are alarming & staggering!

My journey with blood cancer began with the surprising diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) on September 14, 2005. Needless to say, I was shocked, overwhelmed and frightened with this reality. This could not happen to me. I was young. My health was excellent. I was very active. But I soon learned that these diseases are very indiscriminate in whom they touch and it could happen to any of us.

Like so many individuals that are diagnosed with a blood cancer, there were signs and symptoms of my illness that only made sense after my diagnosis. I was filled with tremendous uncertainty as I faced my first hospital stay which started the day following my diagnosis. There were so many first time experiences that affected me. And of course, there was the chemo.

My first round of chemo was successful!!! And after 30 days at Harris hospital I was released in complete remission from the AML. However, my doctor determined that I needed a stem cell transplant to eliminate any future reoccurrence of leukemia. I had four additional rounds of chemo, which included another hospital stay, keeping me in remission while a donor was located.

On May 12, 2006, 8 months after my diagnosis, I was blessed with a stem cell transplant and a new start at life! My new 1st birthday! My new stem cells did exactly what they were supposed do.

Dr. Fay, at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, allowed me to begin working out on September 12, 2006. This significant day gave me back an important part of my life.

February 23, 2007 I completed my first post-stem cell transplant marathon at the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth, Texas. March 2007, I found the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training (TNT), and signed up for the 2007 San Diego marathon. The event was an incredible experience for me and set me on a path that has included numerous TNT events - 2007 Dublin Marathon, 2008 San Antonio Marathon, 2009 Rome Marathon, 2009 San Antonio Marathon, 2010 San Diego Rock n Roll marathon, 2010 Seattle half marathon and more.

I did not get involved with TNT to run marathons per say. I got involved to raise money to help find a cure for blood cancer. I got involved to help those that could not help themselves! Please join me in this effort.

TNT has raised over $1.2 billion since 1988, but it is still not enough. My goal is to raise $7,500. Please donate what you can to reach this goal. No dollar amount is too small. Every dollar counts. You can make a difference.

THANK YOU so much for joining me with your donation and making a difference! Your contributions will SAVE LIVES!

Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help advance the research for cures.

Thank you so very much. Together we can we can make a difference.



Supporter Comments

    "Don, We are so proud of you and the blessing you are to so many who are fighting this battle and who benefit from your courage and example!"

    Jeff and Denise Case

    Mon Dec 19 05:17:17 EST 2011

    "God bless you!"

    Judy Armstrong

    Wed Jan 18 03:05:38 EST 2012

    "You're an inspiration to all of us!"

    Carlo Capua

    Sun Jan 29 10:59:02 EST 2012

    "Don, I feel so blessed to have met you at the Hottest Half in 2008-I often think about you during my endurance events and want you to know that you are such an inspiration...even hundreds of miles away! Good luck with your Marathon, you will do great!! Tara Scroggin Kansas -Rock Chalk Jayhawk! :) "


    Sun Feb 26 12:15:20 EST 2012

    "Here's Celebrating Life! Thank you for your continued support of this cause! God Bless you with a long healthy life!"

    Frances Hauss

    Mon Jan 30 01:12:12 EST 2012

    "Be strong and keep up the good work for the society."

    Dad and Loretta

    Wed Jan 18 03:48:00 EST 2012

    "You are a hero and now an International TNT ROCK STAR!! Have a great run in Madrid and GO TEAM!"

    Jeff & Diane White

    Wed Apr 18 10:07:11 EDT 2012

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Margo & Jimmy Gary $20.00
Paula Ford $20.00
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Crystal Madrigal $10.00
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Don Armstrong