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May 28, 2016



Dear Friends and Family, 

Back in June 2015 I signed up for a 100 mile bike ride which was supposed to happen this past Oct. 3 but wouldn't you know it, Hurricane Juaquin cancelled the ride!  Well, I collected the money which of course still went to LLS but I never did my ride.  I feel like I need to complete a big activity for all the people that donated so far, for the people that will donate and for the people and their families who are fighting this disease, so I signed up for the San Diego Marathon which June 5th, next weekend!


I have done 3 other Team in Training events but when I did it in the past to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, I was just trying to do something good in the world and make a difference.  But now it's personal.  In October of 2014, my best friend, Betsy, found out she had Leukemia.  She was always in perfect health and then one day she woke up to a nightmare.  I have watched her fight this battle with such strength and grace, but sadly she has gone to heaven! We have been friends for 23 years and I feel like I let her down.  I want to keep collecting so I can make a difference in someone else's life. 

Please help me help others who are battling this horrible disease and make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help get us all closer to a world without blood cancers and perhaps a world without cancer period!

Thank you so much!  Karyn


Supporter Comments

    "In honor of Lisa Mintz's & your friend Betsy. Good luck"


    Fri Jun 03 12:24:38 EDT 2016

    "In loving memory of my dearest friend Betsy, who blessed me with her beautiful friendship for 23 years! I will always love you and cherish the wonderful times we shared. Good luck Karyn ... may we find a cure for this horrible disease."

    Ann Bienstock Kronenfeld

    Thu Jun 02 10:53:38 EDT 2016

    "Betsy, you are my hero! I miss you already!"

    Karyn Feder

    Thu Jun 02 08:50:03 EDT 2016

    "Karyn, you're doing quite a mitzvah in honor of Betsy and so many others who have battled this horrible disease. I know Betsy is smiling down on you and will be with you as you ride to bring awareness to others. Keep Betsy in your heart and she'll always be close to you. Our close family friend, Mitch, also lost his battle to this disease years back. Good luck and be safe "for crying out loud"!!!"

    Tricia Smookler

    Thu Jun 02 05:36:06 EDT 2016

    "In loving memory of Betsy Blank. always in our hearts❤️"

    Audrey Liebman

    Tue May 31 05:25:05 EDT 2016

    "Go Karyn !! Betsy will be with you the whole way!!"

    Karen Collins

    Tue May 31 09:20:46 EDT 2016

    "In Memory of your dear friend, Betsy From the Palughi Family"

    The Palughi Family

    Sun May 29 04:25:35 EDT 2016

    "So sorry to hear about your friend, Betsy's passing. It's wonderful that you're running in her memory and to raise money for cancer. Much good luck and safe travels! Love you, Karen & Caity"

    Karen Cook

    Sat May 28 05:50:52 EDT 2016

    "Good Luck Karyn!"

    Katrina Blasi

    Sat May 28 06:59:09 EDT 2016

    "Dedicated to the struggles of Betsy Blank, who fought so hard to continue living her beautiful life. May our quest and desire for a cure out run the devestation of the disease. "

    ilayne goldstein

    Fri May 27 10:19:51 EDT 2016

    "Good luck Karyn!! xoxo"

    Lisa Mintz

    Fri May 27 09:19:36 EDT 2016

    "Dear Betsy, how we were BLESSED with an ENORMOUS friendship which spanned half our lives!! In Honor of you I dontate another $81.00 which symbolizes your age 54 and 27 yrs WONDERFUL years of friendship! LOVE YOU FOREVER BB 27 BFF! Your Gracela "

    Grace Matranga

    Thu May 26 09:46:33 EDT 2016

    "Hope this helps.. You are a great friend and Betsy was lucky to have you."

    Ronda Lewis

    Thu May 26 08:51:08 EDT 2016

    "In memory of my dear cousin Betsy - Amazing job Karyn!"

    Harlin Blank

    Thu May 26 10:59:07 EDT 2016

    "Boop, you are my hero!"

    Karyn Feder

    Tue May 24 09:45:47 EDT 2016

    "Karyn- Keep going. Betsy would be proud! -Charlie"

    Charles Tesler

    Tue May 24 03:38:43 EDT 2016

    "I am so sorry for your loss. Stay strong and know you are doing an amazing thing for a great cause."

    Laurie Kominsky

    Sat May 21 02:02:33 EDT 2016

    "WE MUST NEVER QUIT!! Trivia winner!"

    Gary Kawka

    Sun Apr 24 07:22:37 EDT 2016

    "Good luck Karyn!"

    Karen DeBernardis

    Sat Apr 09 05:14:41 EDT 2016

    "Thank you for doing what I dream about doing."

    Daniel Paterna

    Fri Nov 06 12:07:56 EST 2015

    "Great work"

    marc werner

    Thu Nov 05 10:52:15 EST 2015

    "You're such an inspiration! Great work with this!"

    Laura Ochoa

    Thu Oct 22 05:22:30 EDT 2015

    "Good luck on your ride, Karyn! You have done an amazing job training and we hope you have fun while you're out there! Congratulations on your fundraising efforts!"

    Kate Polles and Emily Lazarte

    Sun Aug 30 05:18:13 EDT 2015

    "Go Karyn!"

    Sharada Sukheja

    Thu Aug 27 10:09:25 EDT 2015

    "Go Karyn!!!!! You're gonna kick ass!"

    Grace DiPaolo

    Thu Aug 27 11:07:10 EDT 2015

    "Good luck Karyn in your race. We'll be cheering you on from afar!"

    Peter Warren

    Wed Aug 26 01:21:40 EDT 2015

    "Betsy, keep up the fight. You are doing an amazing job of kicking cancer in the butt. I'm very proud of you!"

    Karyn Feder

    Wed Aug 05 07:33:38 EDT 2015

    "This is a selfless honorable challenge you have undertaken. Although exhausting at times to come out of your comfort zone to recruit donors, know that your efforts are admirable. Life is full of adversity, but courage and perseverance will lead the way. I'm in awe of you. KEEP GOING STRONG! When the time time comes to ride 100 miles, I'm glad I'll be riding alongside my friend who raised money to help others beat the odds. Thank you for doing this, may Betsy be free and clear soon."

    Lisa Leonardo

    Wed Aug 05 01:42:45 EDT 2015

    "We're so proud of you, Karyn! Love, Caryn and Marshall and Family"

    Caryn Alter

    Sun Aug 02 10:07:00 EDT 2015

    "Terrific cause. Hope your friend is on her way to recovery."

    Laurie Kominsky

    Sun Aug 02 07:32:24 EDT 2015

    "Thanks for riding for a great cause"

    Barbara Simon

    Fri Jul 31 07:02:24 EDT 2015

    "You are an inspiration Karyn!"

    Lori Nasrallah

    Thu Jul 30 07:14:41 EDT 2015

    "You're doing a great mitzvah Karyn and I know how hard it is raising awareness and funds for this important organization. Good luck in your quest! I will pray for Betsy and wish her well. Good luck, Tricia Smookler"

    Tricia Smookler

    Wed Jul 29 12:17:45 EDT 2015

    "Hi Karyn - good luck on the 100 mile, and have fun while you at it. I will be thinking of you :) All the best to Betsy. "

    Juana Cruz

    Mon Jul 27 08:42:22 EDT 2015

    "Hi Karyn, Good luck with your ride. I'm sure you'll do great! We appreciate what you are doing! My brother had leukemia. Thankfully he has been in remission for about 20 years now. DeAnn Adler"

    DeAnn Adler

    Sun Jul 26 08:40:44 EDT 2015

    "Good luck with your ride, Karyn. Thanks for helping to make our world cancer free."

    Linda Cook

    Sat Jul 25 11:42:14 EDT 2015

    "With MUCH LOVE for our DEAR FRIEND BB!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!! Xoxox Love the 3G's"

    Grace Matranga

    Sat Jul 25 09:20:42 EDT 2015

    "You got this!"

    Dina Lindner

    Fri Jul 24 10:45:44 EDT 2015

    "Betsey, Keep up the good fight!"

    Emily Sabbatino

    Fri Jul 24 08:49:09 EDT 2015

    "Go Betsy! You're doing great! We're all there pushing with you!"

    Ruth Chadsey

    Mon Jul 13 10:41:11 EDT 2015

    "I am honored to be Betys' sister and to have a close up view of a very courageous woman. Thanks a million to all the wonderful friends and family who have been present consistently throughout this journey. "

    Eileen Blank

    Sun Jul 12 10:03:51 EDT 2015

    "Good luck on your ride! Be safe and enjoy the ride!"

    Sondra Caplan

    Fri Jul 10 01:04:30 EDT 2015

    "For Betsy and in memory of my dear husband."

    Marsha R.

    Wed Jul 08 04:23:35 EDT 2015

    "Best of luck to you. Jacquie "


    Wed Jul 08 11:26:09 EDT 2015

    "Karyn: Sending positive thoughts to you and Betsy. Dale & Andy"

    Dale and Andy

    Mon Jul 06 12:49:19 EDT 2015

    "Wishing Betsy a quick road to recovery! Karyn, we are proud to be part of your team. You are an awesome athlete, and an awesome friend. xoxo Nancy, Tom, Josh and Jake"

    Nancy Kover

    Sun Jul 05 08:10:20 EDT 2015

    "Thanks for raising money for this important cause- good luck with the ride!"

    Jan Gottlieb

    Sat Jul 04 12:28:55 EDT 2015

    "good luck karyn, and best wishes for betsy's speedy reccovery"

    karen collins

    Sat Jul 04 08:48:35 EDT 2015

    "For your friend Betsy and all the others fighting the good fight. And for your dedication to helping."


    Fri Jul 03 04:27:11 EDT 2015

    "Noble cause Karyn. Best of luck."

    Jack Meagher

    Fri Jul 03 02:24:41 EDT 2015

    "Here's to creating a future with no cancer and only good health for everyone!"

    Ross Alter

    Fri Jul 03 01:53:37 EDT 2015

    "I am truly honored by what you are doing. Heartfelt you go girl!!!! Sincerely Betsy B. "

    Betsy Blank

    Tue Jun 16 07:52:31 EDT 2015

    "Great cause Karyn. I'm proud of people like you who care enough to make a difference. Go Betsy! "

    Michael Sable

    Sun Jun 07 02:48:14 EDT 2015

    "Thank you for supporting this cause. "

    Linda Kamilar

    Sun Jun 07 02:15:41 EDT 2015

    "Stay strong, Betsy!"

    Nancy Schwartz

    Sun Jun 07 09:54:09 EDT 2015

    "In Honor of Betsy's soon to be complete recovery."

    Claire Sable

    Sat Jun 06 04:08:37 EDT 2015

    "Your are an amazing person and your doing this race comes to no suprise. Betsy would be so greatful you continue to fight for her and others even after her race is completed! I'm blessed to call you my friend! I will be there in spirit as you cross the finish line! Love you FFF! "


    Fri Jun 03 04:18:21 EDT 2016

    "You're in my thoughts! Rest in peace"

    Sue Menoscal

    Tue Jun 21 10:21:54 EDT 2016

    "Betsy,love you and miss you. Go Karyn, go!!"

    Staci Block

    Sat Jun 04 01:34:46 EDT 2016

    "Run Karyn run!!!!.. "

    Dale and Andy Heffler

    Fri Jun 03 09:46:29 EDT 2016

    "Betsy was a dear friend who shall live in my heart forever!"

    Barbara Buxbaum

    Fri Jun 03 10:59:52 EDT 2016

    "So sorry for your loss, Karyn. I am sure you are doing your friend so proud!"

    Amanda and Mike Curto

    Fri Jun 03 09:18:15 EDT 2016

    "Great cause Karyn, enjoy your ride, we'll be with you in spirit !!"

    Emilia and Mark Napoleon

    Mon Oct 19 04:34:28 EDT 2015

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