My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Mar 27, 2012

Hi everyone and welcome to my fundraising page!

I am running my THIRD marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC on October 28th, and I have decided to run this marathon for all those that I have loved and lost to cancer as well as give thanks to all the members of the military that I owe so much to...especially, my father, Sergeant Major Mario Cianchetta!

I am running and raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society with their Team In Training program. The funds raised will go towards finding a cure. While this may be my third marathon, giving back is very important to me, and I am lucky that I am able to complete an endurance event such as a marathon with such a supportive group behind me. While I am putting in the long training runs, running mile after mile, I will be thinking of all those that are fighting their own battle...the battle for their lives. I know many that are fighting today, many that are survivors and have beat their cancer, and many that I have loved and lost to cancer. Cancer is cancer, and it doesn't discriminate, and while I am raising funds for blood cancer, it is all the same. We must find a cure...and I will run mile after mile, until we do. 26.2 miles to be exact for this trip to the dance...

I'm running for my Aunt Rita, who we lost to breast cancer many years ago, and my dear friend, Ruth, who passed away too soon to lung cancer, more than a year ago.

I also have decided to dedicate this marathon to all the members of the military, but especially my father, Sergeant Major Mario Cianchetta, our family friend, 1st Sergeant Genero Gabbe (both Marine Corps) and my Army cousins, Jamie and Anthony Santiago, and there are so many countless others. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me!

Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help advance the research for cures. Don't think of your donation as just giving money, but think of it as your way of supporting me as I go for another 26.2 miles. Thank you so much in advance for your kind donation...your support truly means a lot to me, and you will be in my thoughts as I run on race day.

If your company matches your donation (you may not be aware of this), don't hesitate to ask me about matching gifts. Your donation can turn into even more, and it's really easy to do! Ask me more about it!

Please pass my fundraising link along to your friends and family...every dollar really does make a difference.

When you make a donation, think of all those that you have loved and lost to well as this being a way for you to say thank you to those that have served our country. As a runner, you know this is one of the best ways I could honor and remember all those that have made an impact in my life.

Thanks again...and GO TEAM!


Supporter Comments

    "Lets go MARGO! Xoxo"

    Nicole Bucci

    Sat Oct 27 07:13:55 EDT 2012

    "Good luck tomorrow!!"

    Chris and Megan Keefer

    Fri Oct 26 09:34:20 EDT 2012

    "Good Luck Margo!! ❤"

    Colleen Burns

    Fri Oct 26 12:30:26 EDT 2012

    "Good luck, Margarita."

    Lt. Col. Christopher Rust & Family

    Sat Sep 15 01:58:11 EDT 2012

    "Hey Margo, keep on running!"

    Oddo Ink -

    Tue Sep 04 09:58:55 EDT 2012

    "P.R. in D.C. "

    Coach Les

    Tue Sep 04 06:44:49 EDT 2012

    "GO MARGO! GO TEAM!!!! and after this GO GOOFY!!!!"

    Noreen Korsak

    Tue Sep 04 05:31:08 EDT 2012

    "GO MARGO!"

    Brandon Costa

    Tue Sep 04 05:28:48 EDT 2012

    "Good luck !"

    Antonio Garcia

    Thu May 17 09:57:53 EDT 2012

    "Thank you Margarita for running in memory of my mom. Love ya!"

    Elena Brynkiewicz

    Tue May 08 06:14:00 EDT 2012

    "Margo, you are awesome! Go Team! I see people in my office everday that you are helping, not to mention those family and friends that we all know. Thank you."

    Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, D.M.D.

    Tue May 01 02:57:07 EDT 2012

    "You can do 26.2!!! Enjoy every mile of MCM and once you step on that bridge and take a deep breath! You will love that feeling of beating the bridge. Cheers to your 1st TNT event my alcoholic beverage! :)"


    Sun Apr 22 07:43:59 EDT 2012

    "Keep Smiling Every Step Of The Way!"

    Dr W & Acculine Orthodontics

    Fri Apr 20 06:40:24 EDT 2012

    "GO TEAM!!! "

    Lora Strum

    Tue Apr 03 01:03:36 EDT 2012

    ""GO" for the great "CAUSE"! My heartfelt gratitude for ALL those who served and are serving in the military & made this nation SAFE & FREE! "

    Dolores Loew

    Sat Oct 20 10:29:13 EDT 2012

    "Margarita, you are an inspiration and continue to make us all proud. May God guard you and keep you healthy on your run. May he care for your body and keep your feet and legs strong and without injury. May he give you the courage to push harder and further than your first instincts want and help you to strike the balance between rest and reach. While the way is long and sometimes treacherous and you may often grow exhausted and sometimes want to quit you have a finish line to cross; run to get there! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU & WE'LL SEE YA IN WASHINGTON!!! A SALUTE & THANK YOU TO ALL OUR HEROES AND SHEROES & THEIR FAMILIES FOR THEIR COMMITMENT & SACRIFICES. "

    Maria Gabbe

    Fri Oct 26 01:18:27 EDT 2012

    "GO MARGO!!!! Your 3rd Marathon, that is awesome! Look forward to one day running one with you "

    Kimberly Schwartz & Family

    Thu May 10 08:39:54 EDT 2012

    "Best of luck on your run, its people like you that make a difference in so many lives. Keep up the great work."

    Linda Sharples

    Thu Oct 25 06:27:04 EDT 2012

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