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Mar 10, 2011

Hello friends and family,

Most people I know have been affected by cancer. Some have overcome the disease themselves, some have watched a loved one battle and survive, or sadly, they have lost or watched as a loved one lost that battle.

Watching someone fight cancer is a difficult journey, mostly because you wish there were some way that you could help. Our involvement in Team in Training has given us that chance to fight back against blood cancers. Many advances in cancer research have been made through funding by the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and Team in Training.

12-year-old Davis Lee is my honor patient for this event. Diagnosed at only 9-months old,Davis is now a 11-year survivor if Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. As I train, I keep any complaints of pain or fatigue in check by thinking of the struggles of cancer patients like Davis. There really is no comparison.

Please consider supporting me in this race for a cure. This will be my first triathlon, and the thought of a 1.5K swim scares the heck out of me, but whenever I think of complaining, I am reminded of why I need to keep going.

Thanks for all your support,



Supporter Comments

    "You show that triathlon who's the boss. :)"

    Tisha Temple

    Thu Jun 23 10:01:45 EDT 2011

    "Thank you!!"


    Sun May 22 01:07:15 EDT 2011

    "We are proud of you Kevin!!! Keep up the good work!!!"

    Kelly and Dan Robinson

    Fri Mar 25 12:16:13 EDT 2011

    "Kevin...we're so proud of you!! Know that there will be a few people cheering you on from above as well as from the sidelines!!"

    Ron and Susan Bousquet

    Mon Mar 21 09:14:24 EDT 2011

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