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Aug 16, 2010

As you may have heard, I've decided to train for my very first endurance event, the 2011 Walt Disney World Half Marathon, held on January 8, 2011. Fortunately, I'm not going about this alone; instead, I'll be training with others as a member of Team in Training (TNT), The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) endurance sports training program. TNT provides fantastic coaches, mentors and educational opportunities that will help me finish the 13.1 mile race.

Besides challenging myself to do something difficult (I've not even participated in a 5K race!) and uncommon, I'm also participating to help TNT raise money to help stop leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma from taking the lives of our friends and family members. Every four minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer and every ten minutes someone dies from these terrible diseases. In spite of these grim statistics, the survival rate has risen from 4% in 1960 to 85% in the past decade; this is in part a result of the funds LLS has raised to aid researchers who are continually in search of cures for these diseases.

My fundraising goal this season is $2,500. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support my participation in TNT and help advance the Society's mission. Contributions can be made safely and securely online via the form in the navigation at right. If you'd prefer to mail your payment, checks made payable to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society; please e-mail me at and I will provide you with my mailing address.

On behalf of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, I want to thank you in advance for your love and support!


Tim Weston


Supporter Comments

    "I couldn't be prouder of you, Tim! Kick butt as we try and kick cancer!!! Love you! <3 Stacy and Kaylie"

    Stacy Lynne Weston

    Thu Aug 19 09:40:40 EDT 2010

    "Tim, this is awesome!! I trained and fundraised with Team in Training for a half marathon 4 years ago and loved the experience. Best of luck!!"

    Jill Garabedian

    Fri Aug 20 02:42:49 EDT 2010

    "Go Uncle Tim!!!! I love you."

    Barry Weston

    Sun Dec 19 12:19:27 EST 2010

    "What a great cause for your first attempt at anything like this! Love Mom and Dad"

    Barry and Barbara Weston

    Thu Sep 09 08:32:42 EDT 2010

    "Great cause, Tim! Good luck! I'll share this with those I know that have lost family or friends to leukemia or lymphoma."

    Barbara Dietz

    Sat Aug 21 02:12:23 EDT 2010

    "Jess Clawson, @lady_aurora and I am walking 10 miles by the 27th of November! :)"

    Jess (Lady_Aurora)

    Tue Nov 16 11:19:05 EST 2010

    "thanks for setting something like this up, tim! im going to run 4 miles on thanksgiving morning. my twitter name is @RTdanielle09. good luck!"

    Danielle Speckman

    Wed Nov 17 08:59:12 EST 2010

    "Hope it helps! Good luck!"


    Wed Nov 17 07:07:27 EST 2010

    "I'll be running a virtual 5K on Thanksgiving morning! @runcourtrun"

    Courtney Franson

    Mon Nov 22 03:14:33 EST 2010

    "Congratulations on doing 10 miles in fine fashion, Tim! You'll have no problem tacking on a 5k five weeks from now. Being at Epcot at 4:00am on Jan 8th? Now THERE'S a problem! Keep up the good work!"

    Rick & Terry Roach

    Sat Dec 04 12:18:13 EST 2010

    "I ran the Nashville half for TNT in 2005 and loved every minute of it! I came in 8,701st and have never been so proud. Go Tim!!"

    Kristen & Andy Thompson

    Fri Dec 03 12:53:01 EST 2010

    "Good Luck, Tim"

    Bruce and Polly Weston

    Wed Jan 05 04:39:45 EST 2011

    "Go get'm Tim."

    Mark Huber

    Sun Oct 17 01:07:45 EDT 2010

    "Good luck Tim with the Marathon and your goal. I was made aware of this by Nicole Siscaretti :)"

    Brent Hannon @the4orce22

    Wed Nov 17 05:12:03 EST 2010

    "I plan on running 18 miles on the 27th but rounding up the donation to $25 :) My twitter name is @DisneyGirlinNJ Good luck with the race!"

    Jennifer L

    Wed Nov 17 10:09:01 EST 2010

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Jack Schofield $100.00
Joan Patterson $100.00
Barry and Barbara Weston $100.00
Don McClure $60.00
Alex Smith $55.00
Bruce and Polly Weston $50.00
Tom & Jan Weston $50.00
Billy Floreal $50.00
Rick & Terry Roach $50.00
Kristen & Andy Thompson $50.00
Eric Farman $50.00
Marrianne Hoyt $50.00
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Carlos Maldonado $33.00
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Crystal Reed $25.00
Mark Huber $25.00
Paula Young $25.00
Richard Boyer $25.00
Richard Naugle $25.00
Mark Vidovic $25.00
Richard Norman $25.00
jack&susan schofield $25.00
Lynn Cox $25.00
Erica Stephenson $25.00
Edward Fox $25.00
Judy Newcomer $25.00
Barbara Dietz $25.00
Barbara Dennen $20.00
Robin Dunlap $20.00
Cathy Waits $20.00
Elizabeth Panko $15.00
John Saccheri $15.00
Jess (Lady_Aurora) $15.00
Alan Atchison $15.00
Briana Amberger $15.00
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Dennis (oakmanner) $10.00
Jim DeMarco $10.00
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Gary Bunch $10.00
Cynthia Scholl $10.00
Lindsey Weston $10.00
James Conant $10.00
Danielle Speckman $9.00
Courtney Franson $8.00
Brent Hannon @the4orce22  
Brian White  
Joe and Tina Progar  
Kimberly Roach  
Jill Garabedian