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This is us 9 years ago
Feb 05, 2012 by Sandra Burley

Just for fun. So you know it's our blog :) Next time I'll post a recent running photo of us.

Ups and Downs
Feb 05, 2012 by Sandra Burley

Just as I was really getting into running, I had to stop. Bronchitis. The anti-running illness. I was so geared up to go running this week, that I tried to ignore the tiredness, coughing, and other bronchial symptoms creeping up. Only when forced to go to a doctor and take antibiotics did I decide that I possibly shouldn't run this week.

However, this was a leap forward. I WANTED to run! Rob WANTED to run! We went from "had to" to "wanted to!"

Maybe we will actually become runners from this...

Maria: Photos
Jan 28, 2012 by Sandra Burley

Guest blogger
Jan 28, 2012 by Sandra Burley

For more information on Maria Costanzo Palmer and to read her fantastic blog please visit www.theracethatfoundme.com

Check it out, it's wonderful!

Guest Blog: Maria Costanzo Palmer
Jan 28, 2012 by Sandra Burley

Between my sophomore and junior years of college, I had an internship in Station Square in Pittsburgh. I was working one of the largest advertising agencies in the city. The internship was valuable, but it was one experience that really honed in my love for the nonprofit field and in particular cause-related fundraising.

I was given a very simple assignment from one of the partners find a way to get the firm some p.r. for working with Light the Night, the local fundraiser put onto benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. At first glance, I thought I was going to write a simple press release and send it within a couple minutes and be done. However, I ended up calling the local chapter and talked with the person who answered the phone. He told countless stories of people plagued by blood cancer and by the end of the conversation, I knew I had to do more.

I put on my thinking cap and kept pondering how life is such a gift. There I had it! The gift of life. The gift of life is what the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society was trying to give to its beneficiaries.

I walked out that day and was picked up by my father's secretary Lynne, who was barely 45 and had a less than easy life. She had been married 3 times to 3 abusive husbands and was a single mom. The good news was that she had just found the love of her life Steve, who was really a wonderful man and they were set to get married. When I got into the car, I told Lynne about my day and her first question was, "What is leukemia?"

I explained to her in the simplest terms that it was a blood disease and then she said, "Wow, that sounds like a very interesting project."

Interesting project it was. For the remainder of the summer, I got to interview people of all shapes and sizes about leukemia and lymphoma and what it had done to them. I met people whose siblings had passed before they were born, people who had children with leukemia, people fighting the disease themselves, but the most inspiring of all was a teenage girl not much younger than myself (at the time of course). She had written a book for kids with cancer about what to do when you hair falls out and how to be stylish. I was so inspired by her grace, her wit and her humor even in the face of death. At the end of the summer, I packaged up my project and sent my "gift of life" with all the stories to several places and went back to school.

About 3 months later, I received a call from my dad that Lynne had been admitted to the hospital and it was serious. After some testing, she had been diagnosed with leukemia, the very disease that she had never heard of 3 months ago. She endured a slew of tests, treatments and transplants, but unfortunately shortly after her wedding, she lost her battle. Although she is gone, she lives on in our memory and her story is a very powerful one as it goes to show you anyone can be affected by this disease. I ask you and urge you to donate to this worthwhile cause on behalf of two of the most wonderful people I've ever known Sandra and Rob. Please give generously as you could be helping to directly save someone else's life and this is truly priceless.


Maria Costanzo Palmer

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