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And the winners are!!
Sep 01, 2014 by Gabrielle Torres

Thank you so very much to everyone who participated in my fundraising auction and raffle! I think I'm going to be super close to my goal after everyone pays up! I am also super excited to let you all know that Pablo was able to get a last minute bib transfer, so he will be running the marathon with me! Ok, not with me, in front of me since his goal is a 3:30 marathon and mine is a 5...I guess it's time we start running again!


But first things first...drum roll please....the winner of the BECK earring raffle is: Lorraine! Congratulations!! I will be mail them out to you in the next few days when I am back in Virginia.

The raffle was done with and you can see the results here:


The auction has also closed and all winner will be notified via email. But that is not the end! As I mentioned on the auction site, all participants are entered into raffles. Winners will be selected  once I am back home and notified via email.


Thanks again for all your support! 

FUNdraising Auction & Raffle!
Aug 20, 2014

It's here!! 


My awesome FUNdraising Auction & Raffle are both live and open until Aug 31!


Auction: Check it out at

The auction has all kinds of fun items like this Handana & Bolder Band combo:


Or this awesome GRID Foam Roller


And this great Lorna Jane Active set

And of course, these beautiful BECK earrings

And much more:


Don't forget the awesome BECK Earring Raffle: $5 for 1 entry, bonus entries for donations of $20 or more. More details:

Raffle: BECK Dutch Caribbean Earrings
Aug 22, 2014

I can always tell when I miss home, because those are the days I plan my outfits around my beautiful handmade BECK earrings.BECK Dutch Caribbean is a jewelry line founded by my friend Becky and inspired by our home island, Curaçao.

BECK’s jewelry provides a unique representation of island lifestyle. BECK is currently available on islands like Aruba, St Maarten, Santorini, Mykonos, Cooper Island, and of course Curaçao. Becky tries to give her clients a variety of options, from dazzling Swarovski crystals to understated semiprecious stones, ensuring a sense of uniqueness and individuality- a crucial concept in small island​ scenarios.

Becky2“I love being able to represent Curaçao through my passion of jewelry design. Through BECK I aim to create a ​Dutch​ ​Caribbean lifestyle ​​that​ ​can be transported and simulated anywhere in the world, ​ ​that extends from island life to city lights.”

Becky definitely does that for me, transporting me back to our beautiful slice of paradise every time I wear my gorgeous earrings. I am lucky enough to own two pairs: a light and a dark blue pair. BECK earrings come in many colors, but those ocean colors always tug at my heart.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 5.05.04 PM

In case you missed it, I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon in October as part of Team in Training, after claiming 8 years ago that I would never run a marathon again. Never say never!

Becky has been awesome enough to donate two pairs of earrings to my Team in Training auction. One lucky raffle winner will be able to win their very own “Take Me To The Ocean” blue pair of BECK earrings. And another lucky person can win a gorgeous pair of pinkish BECKs at the auction (both pictured below).


The auction opens August 20 and will include a lot of other fun items. The raffle opens TODAY and all auction and raffle proceeds benefit the Leukemia  & Lymphoma Society.

TNT_LogoBetween now and August 31 any $5 donation gets you 1 raffle entry with bonus entries for donations of $20 or more:

$5 for 1 raffle entry

$20 for 5 entries

$30 for 10 entries

$40 for 15 entries

$50 for 20 entries

The raffle is open to residents of the US, Curacao, Aruba and the Netherlands. Family and friends in other countries, if you are interested in the raffle, let me know and I can see about shipping it to your country.

Donate at my Team In Training fundraising site:
You can also send me a check or give me cash (or until Aug 22 you can give a check or cash to my parents if you're in Curacao).

Thank you!
Aug 03, 2014

I am 3 weeks from Ironman Louisville and after today's 20-mile run I will have reached the taper, a time when workouts decrease and we let our body recover and restore before the race. I am super excited about the Ironman because it will be a major milestone, but I am also excited to have some more time to spend with my awesome Team in Training Team. We are  12 weeks from the Marine Corps Marathon and are all settling in to double digit workouts.


I'm super excited about all the donations I have recieved from companies for my upcoming Team in Training auction. I'll have the final list posted soon and the auction and raffle go live August 20!


I'm also humbled by all the support I have gotten from my friends and family. All of your donations motivate me to get out there and get the training done!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Training Update & Thirty-One Fundraiser!
Jul 20, 2014

The Marine Corps Marathon is 14 weeks away and I am so excited! While I had to skip my Team run this weekend due to a headcold, I still went out in the afternoon for a 9.5 mile run and felt pretty good. I felt strong and I felt like I could keep going for miles. Those are the best runs!

But not all runs are like that....

Just 2 weeks ago I went out for a 16-miler and if you're friends with me on Facebook, you know it went horribly. The thing I had to remind myself of is that we all have bad days, but that the bad days are nothing but stepping stones...and giving up, no matter how tired I feel, is not an option!

I am after all not doing this just for me. I'm doing this for my mentees, my team and for all of those people with leukemia, lymphoma and other blood cancers. I'm doing this because I want to help the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society find cures, but I also want to inspire those fighting these diseases to never give up!

With 14 weeks left, I am also excited to have reached ~25% of my fundraising goal. This week, Jenn (my neighbor who is also doing Marine Corps as a member of TNT) and I are having a Thirty-One Fundraiser. Alexa, our hostess is going to be donating her commission to our fundraising efforts, so what are you waiting for! Check it out, buy some fun totes, lunch boxes, wallets and storage bins and help us meet our fundraising goals and fight blood cancers!

Thirty-One Fundraiser:

If Thirty-One is not your style, I'm always happy with donations or you might be interested in some of the items I'll have at my Online Auction Aug 20-Sept 3. Some of the items include: an OrangeMud Transition Towel, Skora Fit shoes, a bike flat kit with storage bag, a Handana and I'll be raffling off two of my favorite books; Racing Weight and Nourish!

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Supporter Comments

    "Way to go GABI!"

    Angela Norcross

    Tue Sep 02 06:49:59 EDT 2014

    "You are so focused on children, Gabi. We are happy to help you reach your goal."

    Lonna Harkrader

    Wed Aug 27 12:08:31 EDT 2014

    "Succes met je run! Ik bewonder je doorzettingsvermogen! Brasa, Gidi"

    Gidi Edery-Winkel

    Wed Aug 27 05:32:35 EDT 2014

    "The very best to you! So proud of you! "

    Jeannice Scheper

    Sun Aug 24 12:25:15 EDT 2014

    "Good luck, Gabi! I have no doubt that this is just but one more step in your path to further greatness. I am so proud of you, and I hope that race day is everything you hope it to be. But know, that regardless of what happens the day of, you will finish an official Iron Woman, but completing this training is a far greater challenge and accomplishment. Now you just need to pull everything together. Pablo and Kyle will be there the whole way. And extra points if you beat Pablo. I am so happy to have met you, and thank you for inspiring me on my own journeys."

    Susie Lemmer

    Sun Aug 17 06:42:31 EDT 2014

    ""Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible". Positive, Faith & Believe... You can do this!!! Good luck cousin. Very proud of you!! "

    Nalini Scheper

    Fri Aug 15 03:52:08 EDT 2014

    "Keep up the strong work. I'm so proud of you! "

    Sarah Owen

    Sun Aug 03 10:40:28 EDT 2014

    "Yay, Gabi! You go! I am super impressed with your training for IM Louisville and you inspire me to keep training for another tri as well. Keep us updated about your progress and the race :) Great cause with team in training!"

    Denina Hospodsky

    Thu Jul 24 08:55:34 EDT 2014

    "GO GABBY!!!!!"

    Ali E

    Fri May 23 04:46:49 EDT 2014

    "You and Pablo are constantly making me feel like a couch potato! You guys are great, constantly searching for ways to better yourself and the world. Keep on moving! "

    Erika Bonnevie

    Wed Aug 27 08:25:43 EDT 2014

    "Go Gabi!"

    Stephanie Hasham

    Wed Jun 25 09:30:14 EDT 2014

    "Very good cause! I'll see you out on the course!"

    Catherine Scott

    Mon Jun 16 05:49:57 EDT 2014

    "Happy monday!"


    Mon May 05 02:46:27 EDT 2014

    "You rock lady! Always an inspiration, keep on keepin' on!"

    Michaela Idhammar

    Thu May 01 05:15:44 EDT 2014

    "After Louisville, this run will be a walk in the park for you! :) You're doing a wonderful thing by linking yourself to such a charity. God bless all those who have been affected and I pray for a cure. "

    Niklaus Pleisch

    Tue Sep 02 09:09:30 EDT 2014

    "SO proud of you, Gabi!!! You and Pablo are a powerhouse couple, and there is truly nothing that will get in your way! Rock on, girl!!"

    Nikie Sarris

    Mon Sep 01 10:09:40 EDT 2014

    "For the towel and a little extra. "

    Catharine Myung

    Mon Sep 01 09:51:24 EDT 2014

    "Love what you're doing...Thank you Gabi...keep it up"

    Brenda Beaujon

    Sun Jun 29 08:16:51 EDT 2014

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