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“A cancer patient can’t take a day off so neither can I “
Feb 09, 2019
When I passed the 7 year mark on my running streak, I decided I needed to step up on my challenges. So I have decided to do the Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney. That means a 5K on Thursday, a 10K on Friday, a half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday. I’m training for a year to do this and of course, I’m not going to take a day off. Please help me raise money to fight cancer and help fund research and treatment programs.
My Fundraising Page
Jan 25, 2019



It takes more than one person to make up a team and that’s why I’m asking you to donate to my TNT fundraising page for TNT!


By participating as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) TNT, I am raising funds to help find cures and ensure access to treatments for blood cancer patients.


Your donation will help fund treatments that save lives every day; like immunotherapies that use a person’s own immune system to kill cancer. You may not know it, but every single donation helps save a life with breakthrough therapies such as these.


Patients need these cures and they need your support.


Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help get us all closer to a world without blood cancers.


Thank you!


Supporter Comments

    "God Bless and keep pushing or in your case running for a cure "

    John Ciccarelli

    Wed Jan 30 06:37:19 EST 2019

    "Go Pats!"

    Karl Kaufmann

    Sun Feb 03 08:17:25 EST 2019

    "Go Heels! And way to fight cancer Tim!!"

    Rosy Farrell

    Tue Feb 19 05:12:24 EST 2019

    "Go Team!"

    Jennifer Hugg

    Fri Apr 05 02:54:36 EDT 2019

    "My daddy, Richard H. Todd, passed from this life on April 16th, losing his battle with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and Bone Marrow Cancer. "

    Michele Bost

    Thu Apr 25 08:57:00 EDT 2019

    "Thanks, Tim for all you do to raise funds to find a cure for cancer."


    Fri Apr 26 02:45:41 EDT 2019

    "Thanks for all you do, Tim!"

    Susan Bales

    Fri May 03 08:20:45 EDT 2019

    "You're an inspiration Tim! Thanks for keeping on this path. In honor of Ally and Zach!"

    Denise Hartmann

    Wed May 15 09:50:27 EDT 2019

    "God Bless "

    John Ciccarelli

    Wed May 15 12:41:34 EDT 2019

    "Happy Birthday Ally. Hope you are having a happy 15th."

    Kathy Harris

    Sat May 25 07:03:55 EDT 2019

    "Go get em? McBeast!!... Ally is pretty spectacular! "

    Maitlland Danner

    Sat May 25 08:17:12 EDT 2019

    "Happy Birthday, Ally!!! Prayers continue for you daily♥️"

    Debra Hinson

    Sun May 26 10:54:53 EDT 2019

    "Happy Birthday Ally "


    Sun May 26 03:41:45 EDT 2019

    "I'm sponsoring Tim's run on July 2nd in memory of my mother on her 74th birthday. "

    Tracy Tripodi

    Thu Jun 13 10:42:13 EDT 2019

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