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Apr 27, 2012


If you are like me, you make many charitable contributions throughout the year. I am asking you to consider possibly making another donation. There is a good chance many of you know someone who has had cancer. I know I do. I hope you will support the Team In Training program with Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and me.

I will be putting in many miles to train for the marathon and then running more miles during the marathon. The marathon is one of the toughest races, but it only lasts up to 6 hours (most courses close after 6 hours). People with cancer experience conditions far worse than a marathon and for much longer.

I am running to help fund research to find new treatments and cures for leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other cancers, and provide critical education, services and support to patients and families battling these cancers. I am willing to put the time and effort into the training, but I need your help.

Would you please contribute? Any amount is large enough and greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Supporter Comments

    "Thanks, Louis for supporting this charity effort."

    Jim Craig

    Mon Apr 23 11:55:05 EDT 2012

    "Keep up the good work! You're doing awesome. -Amy"

    Amy Schneider

    Tue May 08 12:30:23 EDT 2012

    "Great job Louis!!!"

    Amiee Gautreaux

    Sun Apr 01 09:31:07 EDT 2012

    "Good luck Louis!"

    Steven Phillips

    Thu Mar 22 09:04:46 EDT 2012

    "All the best"

    Shaun, Ophelia & Boys

    Tue May 15 02:11:11 EDT 2012

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James Lane $100.00
Tania Johnson $100.00
Hal Todd $100.00
Shane McCullough $100.00
John Ykema $100.00
Stephen Hewitt $100.00
Hubert Chan $52.00
Charles Smith, DMD, PA $50.00
John Barlow $50.00
Tony Olson $50.00
Charles Dale $50.00
Shaun, Ophelia & Boys $50.00
Robert Weihing $50.00
Bruce Mustain $50.00
Mona Rose $50.00
Samuel Vega Cotto $50.00
Blair Ritchey $50.00
John Anderson $50.00
Douglas Jones $50.00
Beacon Insurance Services... $50.00
Sylvia Ciampa $50.00
Laurie Knowles $50.00
Laurie Knowles $50.00
Brian Lang $50.00
Richard Barlow $50.00
Kathleen Vaughn $50.00
Karen Ekey $50.00
Nicholas Richards $50.00
DeJuan Miller $35.00
Nicholas Richards $30.00
Gary Jennings $26.00
Marc Kennedy $25.00
Jimmy Taylor $25.00
Dave Mako $25.00
Jessica Lykens $25.00
Sharon Bentz $25.00
Ernie Brown $25.00
J. Noel Marion $25.00
Steve Nobles $25.00
Douglas Leasure $25.00
Amy Schneider $25.00
Jack Withey $25.00
Bekah Dirkse $25.00
Jason Buda $25.00
Donald Cox $25.00
Donald Cox $25.00
Tim Chadwick $25.00
Carla Welborn $25.00
Brad Trumbaturi $25.00
John Kelleher $25.00
Amiee Gautreaux $25.00
Nancy Green $25.00
Ronald Krivan $25.00
Kevin Byrne $25.00
Steven Phillips $25.00
Aaron Holland $25.00
Mary Adams $25.00
DeJuan Miller $25.00
Gregg Lyle $25.00
Stephen Jowers $25.00
Donald Rohan $25.00
Robert Gannon $25.00
Leon Sarpy $20.00
Glenn Hodges $20.00
C. J. Mullaney $20.00
Morris Bosarge $20.00
Cynthia Krause $20.00
Linda Ethridge $10.00
William Migley $10.00
Scott Cooper $10.00
Jim Craig  
Jennifer Childs