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Race Weekend....It's Go Time!
Mar 22, 2018


Final Preps
Mar 20, 2018

Well, the final preparations are happening - packing, securing a ride, shaking my nerves. I'm thankful for the donations that keep rolling in, and I can't wait to share the story with all of you!!! My body is making me fall asleep at this point as tomorrow will be a long day of final touches!

Geaux Team!

The Countdown...
Mar 07, 2018

In just two weeks, I'll be doing the final preps for Hawaii....the final pack and unpack (i do that about four or five times at least). I'm $2,000 away from my goal, but I'm not concerned. I'm celebrating the news that I heard today that a friend's loved one just celebrated 2 years in remission from AML. That's awesome. THAT is a reason to celebrate. She was saved by a treatment funded by LLS, and THAT is getting us one step closer.

Advances Every Day
Feb 08, 2018

Wow, thanks to all of you, I am 52% funded for my event! Thank you!

So today I was talking to a colleague who is in remission from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, about a new study at Stanford University. This study involves a vaccine that is directly injected in the tumor and kills just he tumor and nothing else. It also recognizes other areas where tumors need to be attacked. This is less invasive and more directed to kill the cancer.

At the end of the article, I saw that the study was funded by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Donations made by YOU. How amazing is that? Donations like YOURS are getting us closer to making SOMEDAY TODAY! Let's keep moving FORWARD! 

Will 2018 Be THE Year?
Jan 04, 2018 by Jeanne Peneguy

Wow, 2018.... How quickly time has gone by. However, for those people that we are trying to help, these families waiting for a cure, time moves ever so slowly. Hours of chemo feel like days, days waiting to get test results feel like weeks, and weeks of hospital stays during those sick times feel like years. 

Did you ever think, though, that maybe just maybe, 2018 will be THE year. The year of the big breakthrough, the year that things turn around, the year that it all turns around? That is my hope, my dream for 2018. That is why I keep pushing, asking you to join my team of fundraisers, pushing our way to finding the cure for cancer. We keep saying we want to Make Someday Today - make this the year we stomp out cancer. 

So training for Lavaman has been slow to start. Slower rides on the trainer and very brief runs have been the name of the game. We had an unusual cold snap that's made it difficult to do too much, but it will get there. Things are falling in to place with my trip, and while the nerves are kicking in, I can't help but get really excited. It still doesn't feel real. 

I hope to have some stories of survivors to share with you soon. I have fallen behind on gathering them together, but hope to soon. 

Do you have a story to tell? If so, send it to me!


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    "Geaux get 'em, Jeanne! Sending love, hugs, and support to you and your team! Xoxo, Nell, Chris, and River "


    Thu Aug 17 05:56:12 EDT 2017

    "Geaux Jeanne!"

    Rita Williams

    Thu Aug 17 06:02:26 EDT 2017

    "Good luck! Enjoy this journey!"

    Meliss Singletary

    Wed Sep 06 10:41:46 EDT 2017

    "In memory of William Jenkins, multiple myeloma fighter."

    Kristi Naught

    Fri Oct 27 06:50:17 EDT 2017

    "Good luck! You'll do awesome! "


    Mon Nov 13 11:14:44 EST 2017

    "Thank you for all you do for LLS!!!! You go girl!!! Danny & Tracy"

    Danny & Tracy Denison

    Tue Nov 28 07:16:28 EST 2017

    "I am not doing this alone. This is for you, Jeff."

    Jeanne Peneguy

    Mon Dec 18 09:44:12 EST 2017

    "Good luck, love! You got this! Love, Casey and Vickie Parker"

    Casey Parker

    Fri Dec 29 12:15:11 EST 2017

    "Rooting for you always! Thank you for all that you do for cancer patients, victims, and survivors. - Mal & Ben"

    Mallory Vetsch

    Fri Feb 02 10:24:53 EST 2018

    "You are such an inspiration. You are going to rock this tri!!! Go Jeanne!!!!"

    Sherri Bickham

    Thu Feb 08 11:02:37 EST 2018

    "Thanks for your hard work!"

    Suzy Sharp

    Wed Feb 14 07:10:03 EST 2018

    "So very proud of you and your journey!"

    Felicia Morris

    Sat Feb 24 06:21:48 EST 2018

    "I believe in you Jeanne! You'll be awesome!"

    Juliet Brophy

    Wed Feb 28 12:35:02 EST 2018

    "You got this, girl!"

    Julie Agan

    Fri Mar 16 11:28:11 EDT 2018

    "Have fun!!"

    JC and Serg

    Mon Mar 19 09:39:49 EDT 2018

    "Good luck Jeanne! Enjoy the race! Thanks for continuing to fight the good fight!"

    Mauri Capello

    Tue Mar 20 06:47:04 EDT 2018

    "Good luck!"

    Sara Richmond

    Sun Mar 25 08:34:41 EDT 2018

    "Great cause Jeanne"

    Kelley Lambert

    Sun Mar 25 02:27:29 EDT 2018

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