Purple and Green Toenails Here I Come!

Purple and Green Toenails Here I Come!
Dec 01, 2009 by Aimee Siegler

Hiking to Save Lives

This year I'm training to participate in the Yosemite Hike for Discovery as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training. All of us on Team In Training are raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. I am completing this event in honor of all individuals who are battling blood cancers. These people are the real heroes on our team, and we need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure! I am completing this event in memory of my father, Michael Raymond, who lost his battle with leukemia in 2006. I am also completing this event in memory of Joan Nemerson Sergy, Charles Turner, Catherine Zimmerman, John Derbyshire, Jr. and Larry Fox, and in honor of Alice Zeichner and Claire Bloom.

My father was an active supporter of the Leukemia Society, and later the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, including involvement in local LLS boards, and managing and participating in fundraising events, including what may have been the first "Gelatin Jump" to raise money for the cause.

Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance LLS's mission.

"What does a $25, $50 or $100 donation buy?"

A donation of $25 provides patients and their loved ones with FREE booklets that contain up-to-date information on their disease and help them make informed decisions about their treatment options.

A donation of $50 makes possible a Family Support group with a trained facilitator where comfort can be found and experiences can be shared among patients and family members.

A donation of $100 helps supply laboratory researchers with supplies and materials critical to carrying out their search for cures.

This will be my 5th Team in Training event - 3 marathons and 1 triathlon - and I'll be earning my "crown" for completing 3 kinds of events - please help me reach my goal! What about those purple and green toenails? I promise to share the picture when I have them decorated for the hike!

Until April 15, make a donation online of $50 or more and you will be entered in a drawing to win a 2GB IPod Shuffle. For each $25 over $50, you'll get an additional entry.

I will be blogging through the season - please visit my blog. I will be posting there throughout the season as I train and fundraise my way to $7,500. Thanks for your support!


Supporter Comments

    "Thanks for helping fight this deadly disease, Aimee."

    Leslie Evenson

    Thu Dec 03 12:12:33 EST 2009

    "I work for Herzing University in the Accounting Dept. and had a brother-in-law die from a rare form of Lymphoma. I wanted to help. Best of luck in the hike. I'm proud of you."

    Marlene Udovich

    Wed Mar 10 01:48:06 EST 2010

    "Best Of Luck!"

    Ian Sergy

    Fri Mar 12 08:46:43 EST 2010

    "I lost my Dad to Multiple Myeloma when I was just a Junior in High School. I really appreciate your cause."

    The Cooper Family

    Sat Mar 27 11:02:12 EDT 2010

    "Have a great hike, Aimee! I would absolutely love if we made it to the same event one of these years. Both you and your father are an inspiration for me. He had a great heart and I have no doubt he is still very proud of you! My mom said something today I'd like to share because I thought of you... The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Good luck in your training! "

    Susanne Bull

    Fri Apr 02 01:28:50 EDT 2010

    "Hi Aimee! I'm glad I could help. My roommate after college died of Leukemia. RJ"

    RJ Carr

    Tue May 18 06:00:31 EDT 2010

My Fundraising Total

Raised: $5,584.50 | Goal: $7,500.00
74 %

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Michael Raymond

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